I can't believe it has taken me three children turning eight to realize that two doughnuts on a plate make the number eight.  Happy birthday, Tom!



We are all thankful for each other this year.  With the loss of my mom in January I'm trying really hard to keep my focus on the family that's left.

We had dinner for five this year so I wanted to keep it simple.  Everyone listed their must have and everyone helped make something.  Allan did the turkey:
We didn't spatchcock this year but we are not leaving that technique out of our toolbox since it worked well last year.  This year he seared it in a 500 degree oven and turned the bird.  It was delicious!

Alex made the mashed potatoes and opened the cranberry sauce cans:
He was also responsible for eating at least three pounds of those potatoes.  He's almost six one and he sure does eat like it.

David made the pineapple stuffing and it turned out great.  That was gone by yesterday's lunch and he made a full batch. 
Tom helped with the pumpkin pie.  We used a store bought crust and he poured the filling into the shell and then spread the whipped cream.  And like many males I've met in my life (not including you, honey) he took full credit for a minimum of effort.
That left the gravy for me.  The drippings were blackened from the high temperature so I only added a bit and used chicken broth to make up the difference.  Funny story-that's my mom's gravy boat and she laughingly told how she and my dad went years without a gravy boat because early on in their marriage she got mad at my dad (for being late?) and threw the thing at him then spent years explaining why she didn't have one before replacing it.  Now I have two so I can throw one at any time.  Consider yourself warned. 
I finished the main parts of a sweater for my sister and am sending it to her to try on for length before I do the ribbing on the sleeves and body.  I am so sick of this grey yarn and these cables I'm not going to mind if she takes awhile to get it back to me.





He carried this limb a half a mile!


Scissorbill: David Naming the President-Elect

Scissorbill: David Naming the President-Elect


Quaker - Instant Oatmeal Raisins & Spice, 2 packet (43)300644842028
Yogurt - Greek, Apricot - Chobani, 5.3 oz.140183118015
Add Food  4408271950043
Quaker Low Sugar Oatmeal - Maple & Brown Sugar, 2 Packet24048485808
Oranges - Orange, 1 c621501012
Add Food  302634958020
We finished Whole30 and successfully added in the old foods with the exception of added sugar.  We are not buying foods with added sugar and trying to limit the consumption of such foods outside the house.  Allan swapped his oatmeal for the low sugar version which luckily doesn't contain artificial sweeteners and I quit the coffeemate habit! Here's the comparison of Allan's old breakfast listed as breakfast and his new breakfast which I put under lunch.  That's half the sugar and just as filling.  I pack him a salad for lunch and we eat meat and two servings of vegetables with dinner.  I had a hard time finding salad dressing that isn't mostly sugar but settled on a brand called Drew's because I got tired of making homemade dressing all the time. 



My blog app keeps crashing so I haven't updated lately.  This fall Tom learned to acolyte.  David and I went on a hike with his den at Valley falls and Tom joined us since Alex and Allan were at a baseball game. And Alex and his buddy Sam were on the same baseball team for the first time so I snapped this picture of them at the altar in church before their game last week and it turned out nice. And as you see below Allan and I finished 30 days of no grains, no dairy, no sugar (other than fruit), no legumes, no alcohol and we are both feeling good.  


Quick Trip

I had a very quick trip home last weekend. I  flew in Friday and left Sunday but I got to spend all day Saturday with my sister and see my nephew's high school football game and have lunch with my favorite aunt and my grandma.  I needed that! 


Culinary Arts

Alex's computer programming course was canceled at the last minute so he opted to take Culinary Arts.  This morning he chastised me for slicing a lime the wrong way and I told him to have at it.  Tom the early riser got a treat!



For David!
*Oops this is David catching.  He did get a hit that game according to my scouts. 



Here's Alex and his best friend finally on the same team after 7 years. Yesterday Alex pitched and Sam caught. 
Yesterday ended in a tie. Today they won!

David starts fall baseball soon too and Tom will be playing soccer. I have a half marathon next weekend and Allan has been running more regularly as well.