We had a busy July! Alex and David both played baseball.  Unfortunately for Alex he hurt his elbow pitching and had an MRI that shows damage to his UCL and growth plate, this is the famous Tommy John ligament, so he's out for two months at a minimum.  David is doing well in the summer league with Allan as one of the coaches.

David spent his first (almost a full) week away from home at Boy Scout Camp.  He had a great time.  He wasn't so sure about going so Allan and I made a deal with him that we'd visit him on Tuesday after two nights to make sure he was having fun (and he'd be allowed to come home with us no questions asked) and when we followed through he wanted to stay.  That was a real risk but it worked out for everyone involved! On family night he was grinning like a cheshire cat as he told us of all the fun things he got to do.  It was not right around here without him.

Alex volunteered at bible school and Tom attended his last year as a child remaining at the…

Bubble Run

Dave, Tom, and I ran the Bubble Run yesterday.  It was a 5K with four colored bubble stations.  It was a blast.

Clear the Roads

Alex has  his learner's permit!  He passed the written test and now he can drive with a parent in the vehicle.  The look on his face at the DMV is priceless.  It says, "Mom, I can't believe you are taking my picture here!"  He did a couple of circles around the parking lot with me yesterday.  It was enough for me to conclude that Allan will be his primary instructor.  Yikes.


I'm making kombucha in my closet.  It's a fermented tea that needs a culture, black tea, sugar, warm temperature and 7-10 days to make.  There are various health claims about this ancient beverage but I just like the taste.  It's sour and carbonated which is great for a former soda addict.  The yeast and bacteria consume most of the sugar and caffeine so it can be enjoyed by all. You can buy it in many grocery stores and even Walgreens near me but it's crazy expensive $3-4 per bottle and if you know me you know I've figured out how much the homemade version costs.  It's just 7 cents per bottle and each time you brew you double your starter so you can share with a friend.  I can't wait until mine is ready.


We bought this waterslide for Alex's 8th birthday party.  If we'd have known at the time we'd still be using it eight years later I would have been thrilled.  I've been down that thing a time or two myself it's fun.

Elizabeth Park

David and Tom and I went to Elizabeth Park in West Hartford for a picnic after church today.  It's so beautiful.  Allan and Alex went to Keene, NH for a baseball tournament.


I can't believe it's June.  I spent Memorial Day weekend in Minneapolis with my sister.  We had so much fun.  We walked 15 miles on Saturday and 10 on Sunday.  We went on a food tour, had a drink at the famous Guthrie theatre and walked through Minehaha park and saw the waterfall.  We also snuck cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory in our purses and ate it during a movie.  I also had my first Uber experience and it was great.  I really enjoyed hanging out with Allison and we plan to go again next year.

Alex is done with high school ball and already practicing with his summer league.  There are several tournaments all over New England to look forward to.

David is finishing up little league and looking forward to summer Boy Scout camp where he'll spend a week away and then a two week band day camp here in town.

Tom's soccer is over and he is looking forward to a summer of sleeping in, eating lots of meat, and reading Big Nate books.

Allan took the boys to see the Gu…

Day On/Day Off

I had Tuesday off.  I got so much done!
6:30 Made lunches (4) ate breakfast, let dogs out, started laundry
7:00 Woke David and Tom and chased them around to make sure they got ready in time
7:45 Dropped Tom off at running club, circled back to make sure David got on the bus, rebooted laundry
8:00 Paid bills, balanced checkbook, made doctor's appointment, folded first load
9:00 ran 3 miles and walked an extra one so I can look good in the fitbit weekly challenge
10:00 folded second load of laundry, got out the ladder and dusted the ledge above our front door, dusted the living room and office area, vacuumed, folded third load of laundry, walked dogs
2:00 grocery store, bank, washed and cut fruit for running club party
3:30 Rocky's Running Club end of year celebration with Tom
5:00 dinner prep
5:30 picked Alex up at school, dinner, folded fourth load of laundry
6:15 went to beginner band concert
8:30 put boys to bed and walked a couple of laps around the neighborhood so Allan c…