New Driver

Alex took the test for his license at the driving school on Wednesday and passed and he could get his license on Thursday so as of Thursday at 4:00pm we have a new driver in the house.  Poor Allan had to call the insurance company.  Let's just say our rates have gone up.

We let him take the car to the gym on Thursday evening and I cried.  I'm not ready to let him go.  He's ready.  And I have to do it.  It's just hard.

Peppery Beef & Vegetables

I used to make this when Allan and I were first married and we lived in Ohio.  One time I accidentally swapped the black and cayenne measurements.  Ouch.  I have the urge to purge and I just cleaned out our pantry and didn't have to throw out any expired food.  There is a bottle of barbecue sauce unopened that I can use up quickly and some ghee that I have six months to finish but I was thrilled to know we didn't waste anything.  The fridge was another story.  I have a sauce problem.  Maraschino cherries that are best by 2014.  I cleaned everything out and decided to stick with simple meals that use ingredients that I keep on hand and use regularly.  Here's a start:

 From Better Homes & Gardens New Dieters Cookbook.

Peppery Beef & Vegetables4ounces spaghettini1/2cup water3tablespoons reduced-sodium soy sauce2teaspoons cornstarch1/2teaspoon ground black pepper1/8teaspoon ground red pepperNonstick cooking spray1cup fresh or frozen pea pods, halved crosswise1/2cup c…


I can't believe I haven't posted since October!

My excuse is I've been working full time.  I have a new appreciation for Allan now that I've had three months of doing what he has done for years.  I get up at 5:30 and am out the door with David at 6:10. We get to the bus stop at 6:30 and wait up to 20 minutes for the bus to come or it comes right away.  You never know.  Then I'm at work five minutes later and since his bus stop is halfway between work and home I just work until 3:30 so I can pick him up on time.  We get home and I'm exhausted but I get supper on the table, walk the dogs, sometimes assist Allan with taking Alex to work out or to a driver's ed class or we split up when one of the other boys has an activity and it's back to bed to do it all over again.  Weekends are spent cleaning the house, doing laundry, catching up on household paperwork, meal planning and shopping.  But luckily for me I'm back to my twenty hours starting tomorrow! …

Lobster & Chicken

Our church has an annual Lobster & Chicken fundraiser dinner.  This is Alex's third or fourth year helping out.  Not bad for a kid that doesn't even like lobster!

G. Roll

She watches me get ready in the morning and reminds me to wear lipstick.  She watches me get ready at night and reminds me to drink a glass of water to, "flush out" my "system." but I ignore her advice to not wear underwear to bed to, "let myself breathe."




I won this sweet grill by putting my name on raffle tickets that were attached to the pet meds I spent an arm and a leg on in June.  We just bought a new grill last fall so Allan sold this one on Craigslist.


We had a great time in Ocean City.  We rented the same 2 bedroom condo that we rented two years ago.  We ate like pigs and burned it off walking all over.  This year we rented a boat and the boys did a little fishing.  We also rented bikes since all three of them are old enough to ride on the roads.  We didn't bike on the boardwalk because that seemed a little too chaotic so we used the bike lane on West Ave and then found a dirt trail along the bayside and checked out the birds including egrets and an osprey nest. Arlene sold us her car so Allan went home with them and then drove it back.  As soon as Alex gets a job (applications sent...) and earns enough money he plans to buy it from us. We are coordinating Financial Peace University at our church next month and have really been taking the lessons to heart.  We want our kids to be able to pay cash for vacations and not be burdened by debt like we once were.  It was nice taking a vacation and not have it follow us home in the wa…