Here's Alex and his best friend finally on the same team after 7 years. Yesterday Alex pitched and Sam caught. 
Yesterday ended in a tie. Today they won!

David starts fall baseball soon too and Tom will be playing soccer. I have a half marathon next weekend and Allan has been running more regularly as well. 


Six Years' Growth

First Day

Alex is in tenth grade returning to the high school.  David is in fifth which is now at the same elementary school and Tom is in third grade. I think David would have preferred going to the intermediate school like Alex did but it's nice having two at the same school.  


Banana Nut Bread

My mom would be so proud of me!



We went a little more dramatic this time.  


Winner, Winner

Alex and I ran a race on Saturday and he ended up taking first for his age group!


I Can Row a Boat, Canoe?

We rented a double kayak, a single kayak and a canoe and paddled down the Farmington river today. It was fun! We played musical boats so we all got a chance to try both. Next time we all vote kayak.  


Six Feet

Alex is officially six feet tall!


David and Tom wanted to have a lemonade stand. I suggested they offer free water and sell Gatorade and granola bars on the rails to trail. They made $10 each! 



Digger passed puppy kindergarten! Then he tried to eat his certificate.  


Cohen Crash

Our town cemetery has nice wide paths and people walk, jog, learn to drive there. 

I took David and Tom there to ride their bikes while I ran yesterday and that was our last visit for a few years. 

They decided to race to the headstone that said Cohen. And Tom somehow crashed into it.  Fortunately for me (and the Cohen family) there was not a single mark on the stone.  And no witnesses. 



When we adopted Bailey the website would often have two dogs that came from the same home and some of them were considered "bonded pairs" and they'd have to be adopted together. I didn't get what that meant until now. Digger and Bailey are a bonded pair. 



I can't wait for our Father's Day dinner tonight! 
Strawberry rhubarb pie with freshly picked berries. 
And fatty ribeyes with crash hot potatoes made with rosemary from Allan's garden.