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Can you wish twins on someone? I was on the phone with linens n things and the nice young lady was checking on a rug for me. At bedtime-I'm a multitasker. Alex started wailing in the background and the nice young lady was laughing at me. I hope she has twins and when one cries the other one cries too!

Book Club

I went to a book club last night. And I had a glass of wine. And I felt like an adult again-yay!

Poor Allan feebly asked me as I was leaving, "What time will you be home?"

It was after eleven!

Freecycle Score Sheet

A box of kids' books/tapes
Two quilt patterns
Cloth diaper pail (didn't stink-told self if it did I would leave it there)
Box of Rescue Heroes
Desk (this was DROPPED off at my house within an hour of emailing the offerer!)
large piece of granite countertop (perfect for rolling pastry, which I may attempt when both boys have moved out)

Losses (really gains since it's nice that someone can use them):
Dining room table with 3 chairs
Stack of kids' magazines
Dog costume
Boys' hiking boots
Boys' sneakers
Maternity overalls (I would have looked better in the dog costume)

Nobody wanted:
Baby formula check
Bag of McDonalds toys
Styrofoam cooler
Pregnancy books
Miscellaneous fiction books

Non Freecycle gains:
coffee & end tables found at the dump by Allan (I'm so proud of this, I may never give them up-two are in our living room and one is serving as my nightstand)
Airhockey table found on side of road with free-works! sign (had to return it because it DIDN'T w…

Frugal Victory

It's a bad sign that the kid has lost his lunchbox already. I went to the Disney store and got him a "sweet" Pirates of the Caribbean lunchbox and backpack (his junior backpack doesn't fit everything very well) for $11.25 on clearance. They would have cost $29 a month ago. At this rate I should have bought a Little mermaid lunchbox and backpack and told Alex that he'd have to use those if he lost his own again.

Marital Rule #38

I'm not responsible for anything that I do in your dreams.

It Pays to Ask

Allan: It smells like pee in Alex's room, did you wash his sheets (after he peed the bed)?
Me: Yes....
Allan: It really stinks by his bureau
Me: Alex, did you pee on your dresser?
Alex (silent up until this point): No, but I peed three times in my garbage can.

2 Down 24 to Go



I have one gallon of breastmilk in the freezer. Stored in 2-4 ounce bottles. David cries when I use my pump, he sees it as competition. I tell him, "it's for the future you!" but he doesn't believe me.

I'll Have To Sue Them!

McDonalds considers selling breakfast all day. It will mean a twenty pound weight gain for the Scissorbill!

Sept 20th

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a very special birthday today. His name is Jim and he's 68 years old. Join me now in singing "Happy Birthday" to Jim.


Me: (to Alex after school as he's getting ready to meet his neighborhood friends to play) You should put shorts on
Alex: I can't
Me: Why?
Alex: Because the pit of doom makes my legs get dirty!

Blow Out

He finally pooped. After a week. And I had to change him in the chuch parking lot out of the back of my SUV. Just as people were arriving for the late service.

The Advantage of Having a Big Brother That Can Read


Second Child Syndrome

Alex's weight record:
date pounds ounces
06/15/01 8 15
06/19/01 8 10
06/26/01 9 5
07/03/01 10 6
07/10/01 11 3
07/17/01 12 1
07/24/01 12 9
07/31/01 13 5
08/07/01 13 12

David's weight record:
8/6/06 8 lb 6 oz
8/9/06 don't remember
8/not sure/06 10 lb ? oz
9/7/06 11 lb 1 oz

Baby Nugget


Sleep Whore

So I just fed Alex a big lunch and bribed him (with the TV) to let the dog in and out and overfed David and rocked him to sleep all so I could get a precious nap. I'll do almost anything for a nap. I've considered setting them all in the middle of the floor with a Bj's sized bag of chocolate chips...I wonder how long that would buy me.

I love the internet!

In the past hour I've received an email from Alex's soccer coach accepting my offer to coordinate the snacks for the soccer games, emailed the team with a plea for help, gave away our old dining room table, pledged to save old magazines for a first grade teacher in our district, accepted a soccer snack offer, made a pledge to support a woman from my church in a fundraising walk for her granddaughter who has cancer (Alex's age, very sad), exchanged about 5 emails with Allan, sent my mom a gift, logged a bottle of pumped milk into excel, and balanced the checkbook. What did people DO before computers?????

The Electronic Leash

Or, how I keep track of my boy in the 'hood.

Word Verification

Am I the only person out there that is word verification challenged? You know, those mangled little letters that websites ask you to type to verify that you're a living, breathing human being worthy of having an opinion and posting a comment on a blog for example? I have a hard time with them. They should at least tell you what part you got wrong so you can get better.

Not that any of you would know about word verification because nobody ever seems to want to comment here! I should turn it off so I get junk comments because then at least I'd GET comments (hint, hint) C'mon, comments are the precious little gems that keep bloggers going-do you want me to go away for 6 months again?


Alex was asking to take Karate lessons all summer long. I found a program that is once a week (most were twice a week and I didn't want to commit to that) and at 6pm. Allan agreed to take him and we thought it would be a great activity for the two of them. Allan had a late meeting yesterday so he couldn't take Alex to the first class. I was shocked at how strict the 'Sensei' was!

If you're late to class-you have to drop and give him twenty pushups. If you have to go to the bathroom during class you have to drop and give him twenty when you return because you're supposed to go to the bathroom before class. Alex seemed to like it and wants to go back but I'm afraid he'll be doing pushups every day because Allan usually has trouble getting home from work on time. Or, anywhere on time but that's a whole different subject!

Maybe the discipline is good for him. He was supposed to be watching two other kids sparring but he was making faces at himse…

One Month

David is one month old! He weighs 11 lb 1 oz and is 23.5 inches long, at 100th percentile for his age. Alex weighed 12 lb 1 oz at this age. Here's his monthly picture with beanie baby for comparison.

The Neurotic Parent's Wishlist

The Bumper Bonnet and the The (extra wide) Shopping Cart Cover and at least one Attach-a-wipe (antibacterial and antifungal wipes sold separately). Because protecting your baby from life's little bumps, bruises and germs is what being a parent is all about!

The Ring Bearer

Finally gets his glass of juice!

Cloth Diapers

I am loving these cloth diapers. People think I'm crazy but they are imagining pins and soaking wet diapers against baby's skin and dunking poopy diapers in the toilet. But between Fuzzi Bunz microfleece dry diapers, Cottonbabies one size microterry inserts that absorb as much as disposables and the fact that David poops once every 4 days-it's so easy!

Emergency Breakfast

It's pretty sad when you have to use an emergency breakfast on the second day of school. Slacker!


David smiled today! Mostly at Alex, but Mom and Dad got a few too.

I'm Back!

After a lengthy absence, I'm back to blogging. My life is just too exciting not to share with the world!