Bath Schedule

We have two boys to bathe and put to bed. Alex needs a bath everyday, David needs one every 2-3 days. I want to figure out a schedule that divides this task equally among two parents with the following criteria:
*I want weekends off since I'll be working 12 hour shifts both days
*Allan needs Wednesdays off for photo club
*I need Thursdays off for book club
*I'd prefer to bathe two boys in one night and have the next night off while Allan prefers to do one per night with an occasional night off since he doesn't have time for twoper.
*Unfortunately, Nugget's way of bathing the boys is with his tongue and that just won't cut it.

Anyone who can come up with at schedule that is works gets a free one-year subscription to Scissorbill.


Aimee said…
why don't you take baths for both boys M,W,F, and Allan does Alex's bath T,Th,Sa,Su (he gets more days because he isn't bathing both). You get your needed days off and neither of you is doing too many days in a row.
scissorbill said…
Aimee wins. I reread that post and it sounds like one of those mathematical word problems that used to make my head spin when I was in school.

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