I heard the song Joey by Concrete Blonde on the radio today and I had a flashback to my freshman year of high school. My sister was a senior and it was her job to pick me up from school and bring me home (Minot has two separate campuses for grades 9-10 and 11-12). She would drive by my school in her ~10 year old mustard yellow Datsun pickup (AKA the Mustard Truck) and I'd have to jump in quickly because she refused to come to a complete stop. Then I'd have to listen to her sing "Joey" on all the way home. She hated me and I thought she was the greatest thing ever.

David loves to smile at Alex and I hope that their age differences will allow them to be friends their whole lives, not just when they become adults.

What kind of relationships did you have with your siblings while you were growing up and how are they different now?


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