Why I Don't Want Anything For Christmas

It all started in oh, I'd say February when I read a book called, "Not Buying It: My Year Without Spending." I started thinking about the unecessary spending that I do. I'm pretty frugal by nature so I usually get good deals on things but of course 40% off of something you don't need is still too much. David was due in August and my mom wanted to know what baby gear we needed. I took a good look and realized that we didn't need a thing. We have all the big items and clothes since Alex was born in the summer and he was also a boy. There are a few gadgets that we don't have but we're slowly outgrowing our 2000 square foot home and I mostly blame toys for this......anyway, to make a long story short we requested no gifts for David's birth. I think most people were relieved. And I don't regret it a bit.

Since it's October already I'm looking forward to the Christmas season. In the past, I've started racking my brain and browsing Amazon to come up with a Christmas list. Because, I've been so blessed that I don't have a list of things that I need, I need to go and actively search to come up with a list of wants. And I don't have to mention how much the spending and greed take away from the spirit of Christmas.

I like bath and beauty products but I if I took three baths a day for the next two years I'd still have products leftover. And my makeup bag looks like it belongs to someone who sells makeup, not someone who usually doesn't take the time to bother with anything more than lip balm. I like books but I've discovered our wonderful local library and a fabulous concept called interlibrary loan.

Soooooooo.......I don't want anything for Christmas. What I really enjoy is spending time with my family and friends and I look forward to that. I'm not crazy/crunchy enough to refuse my kids the joy of toys that they really don't need but I can say no for myself. So. Please. Don't. Get. Me. Anything.Really.


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