This Is The Best Age....

*He sleeps for 8 hours, has a quick feeding then sleeps for 4 more.
*He needs a nap one hour after he wakes up in the morning.
*He laughs when Nugget licks his fingers.
*He loves to kick in the bathtub.
*He's enamored with his big brother.
*He's not yet mobile.
*Giving him a better view of what I'm doing usually stops the cranking.
*He still poops just once a week.
*He can put himself to sleeep.
*He can spend 20 minutes chewing on his fists.
*He is just as happy with Mom or Dad or one of my friends holding him.
*He is not in any sports or after school activities and he doesn't care if there's nothing fun planned for a WHOLE day :)


Mother Goose said…
Ahhhh, what an adorable scrapbook page, exactly like you have there! Love it!! And he's soooooooo cute!! Kisses from Grandma

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