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From Kathy's Kitchen

There. Now leave me alone!

Cat! I'm a Kitty Cat!

Why, oh, why did I show this to Alex? I've seen it 8 times and it is still playing in my head.

John Deere Green



All my life I have dreamt of a fridge that has a water and ice dispenser in the door. I can't back down and not get one now. I also want a bottom-freezer since I think they're smart for tall people and I don't want to give up width and get a side-by-side. But since things can get lost in that big bottom freezer we'll need the kind with slide-out dividing drawers. And I reallly like the one hand crank adjustable shelves. And I want energy star. Of course, it will have to be reliable too. Unfortunately, nothing meets all of that criteria. So I think we're going to have to go with the Maytag which has a 13% history of problems/repair according to CR while most other fridges have 4-8%. Interestingly enough, Sub Zeros have a 28% history of problems and they cost between 4 and 14 grand. But I guess we're going with the Maytag. Truthfully, my major wants for this kitchen are hardwood flooring throughout our whole downstairs (with bowling alley polyurethane)…


We're going to look at appliances and hopefully pick out cabinets today. Allan very gently suggested that I put some decent clothes on so I that I might look like the sort of person that has the kind of money required for a kitchen remodel. "So we get attention from the salespeople" he said. I'm laughing and thinking-how poorly would I have to dress so that I get no attention from salespeople? Of course I'd have to have shoes and a shirt at a minimum so I won't get kicked out of the store...I don't have a single organic hemp nursing shirt, I promise!


After working all day I came home to a nice hot homemade lasagna and 1 kid in the bathtub. And it's not even my birthday!


There is a new study just released by the American Psychiatric Association about women and how they feel about their asses. The results are pretty interesting:
1. 5% of women surveyed feel their ass is too big.
2. 10% of women surveyed feel their ass is too small.
3. The remaining 85% say they don't care; they love
him; he's a good man and they would have married him anyway.

Ode to Diet Coke

Oh, how I love you, my sweet nectar, my cold refreshing Diet Coke. You're my morning eye opener, my afternoon slump fixer, my later in the afternoon pre-dinner making icy motivator. My guilty pleasure. I'm afraid one of these days at work I will hook up my breast pump and Diet Coke will come out!


Alex: "Mom, David startled me by yelling in my ear!"
Me: "What am I supposed to do about it?"
Alex: "Get him in a little trouble"

Better Than Sex Cake

My mom calls it Julie's cake, mostly because she refuses to admit that anything would be better than sex. Betty Crocker calls it Better-Than-Anything cake. I haven't had it since I was a kid so the jury is out until after dinner tonight. Maybe I need a side-by-side comparison!

Julie’s Cake
*Make German chocolate cake as directed into 9x13” pan. Using a fork, poke holes all over hot cake. Pour 1 can sweetened condensed milk over the top. Pour ½ jar Mrs. Richardson’s butterscotch caramel ice cream topping over cake. Cool. Spread with 8 oz Cool Whip and sprinkle with 3 crushed Heath or Skor candy bars. Store in refrigerator.

Call for Comments

We're remodeling our kitchen. And we're looking for ideas. What do you like/hate about your current kitchen and/or appliances and why. Extra credit given for complete sentences. Extra extra credit given for compelete sentences since nobody knows what the heck I meant.

Ho Hum

Did I mention that I hate school vacation week? I do!

Alex has a soccer clinic this week from 8:30-10am which is really just a tease for me because by the time I pick his friend up and drop the two of them off I feel like I blink my eyes and he's standing on our porch ringing the doorbell. On Monday morning I wanted to stand at the bus stop and cry in hopes that bus twenty would take pity on me and come and pick Alex up.

I went to the library three times today which has to be a record even for me. First I went to return and collect, then I was reminded of a DVD that Alex checked out that was due today so I ran home and got that and in the meantime collected Alex from his friend's. So when I went back to the library to return the DVD he saw a group of kids sledding and asked if he could do it too so we went home and had lunch and got his sled and snow gear and then we spent 2 1/2 hours there. Poor David went from my arms to another mom's arms (I had to give the old sled…

Shrimp on the Barbie

Here's one Arlene won't make!

½ cup olive oil
juice from ½ lemon
½ Tbsp Tabasco sauce
1 tsp garlic powder
½ tsp ketchup
1 tsp oregano
½ tsp salt
½ tsp pepper
¼ cup finely chopped fresh cilantro
1 pound cleaned raw shrimp with shells on

*Mix marinade and pour over shrimp. Marinate overnight. Thread shrimp onto pre-soaked wooden skewers and grill or broil approx. 3 minutes on each side.


It's a Sunday in FEBRUARY...the wife is at're charge of the boys...the kitchen is a disaster...the big boy is at a friend's...the little boy is roll up your sleeves and get to work...doing the taxes! Argh!

School Vacation Week

Starting at 3pm today, the entire state shuts down for school vacation week. No Sunday school, swimming, karate, etc. It will be like 5 snow days in a row for me. And I know better than to try to go to indoor playgrounds, musuems, malls or basically any other kid-friendly venue. Woe is me!

From Kathy's Kitchen

I started working on my own cookbook but it was only 67 pages and not very complete. My mom has this wooden Pandora's box of recipes that I've been itching to get my hands on ever since I started getting serious about cooking. She brought them to me on her recent visit. I'm about 3/4 done. Oh and, Mom, just ignore the drawing on the salads divider-Alex came home from school asking what a girl's wiener looks like. He's clearly being influenced at school, I've taught him the word vagina since he was old enough to say penis.

I'm hoping to order a copy to proofread by March 1st. We've already designed the cover, you can see it here.


Alex: "Remember when my uncle said they didn't have any more tuxedos in my size and I had to wear a ballerina suit! He teases a lot!"



Snow Day

Everybody loves snow days. Except moms!

For Valentine's Day

Cinderella Fantasy Crepes

3 Eggs, beaten
2/3 cup flour
½ tsp salt
1 cup milk
*Combine ingredients, beat until smooth, let stand 30 minutes. Pour ¼ cup batter onto hot lightly greased 8" skillet. Cook until underside is lightly browned.
¼ cup margarine
¼ cup green onions, sliced
2 cup mushrooms, sliced
3 Tbsp flour
½ tsp salt
dash of pepper
1 cup milk
2½ cups (10 oz) shredded cheddar cheese, divided
1½ cups chopped cooked chicken
*Preheat oven to 350. Sauté veggies in margarine. Blend in flour and seasonings. Gradually add milk and cook, stirring constantly, until thickened. Add 1½ cups of the cheese, stir until melted. Stir in chicken. Fill each crepe with 1/4 Cup filling, roll up and arrange in 9x13" baking dish. Bake for 20 minutes. Top with remaining cheese, continue baking until cheese is melted.

Sleep Update

He's doing better. Last night he had 5 minutes of boob at midnight and 5am. And the bed in his room is now being used to fold and store clean clothes.


Mom's lost wages taking a day off: $several hundred
Discount ticket to the aquarium: $21
Parking: $30
Legal Sea Foods lunch: $50
Stuffed penguin for the big boy and shark T shirt for the little boy: $33
Family day at the aquarium: priceless

Showmeyer's Chicken

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1/3 cup flour
salt & pepper
¼ cup brown sugar
2 Tbsp butter, melted
¼ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
¼ cup honey
1 clove garlic, minced
2 tsp minced fresh ginger
*Season flour with salt and pepper. Dredge chicken in flour mixture, shaking off excess. Heat 2 Tbsp butter in frying pan. Brown chicken on both sides. Meanwhile, mix rest of ingredients, pour over chicken in frying pan, cover and bake at 325 degrees for 45 minutes, turning breasts over halfway through cooking.

For All You Nurses Out There

Last weekend a patient was constipated and finally unloaded...his nurse said the turd was the size of a newborn baby.

This weekend a jerk doctor that yelled at me four years ago came in to do rounds and he had a booger on his mustache. Unfortunately for him, I hold a grudge and let him see his patients that way!

A cranky nurse that I work with was all pissed because she's the only one that ever stocks supplies on the weekend. She stocked up her med cart at the beginning of the shift (we don't even have meds in them anymore, they're in the pyxis of course, but we keep flushes and syringes in the old rolling carts so most of us don't use them at all) and then at the end of her shift she went and took everything back out. That's even pettier than the booger story.


David has been waking up about every 2-3 hours since before Christmas. We put him to bed in his crib and then when he wakes up between midnight and 1am I go in and feed him in the bed in his room and we both sleep there until morning. I would occasionally put him back in his crib and get back in bed with Allan but usually when I do that he's up less than two hours later.

Alex had the same problem as a baby and we 'Ferberized' him at 5-6 months. It took about 5 horrible nights of cutting the feedings cold-turkey and progressively checking on him but not picking him up and he was sleeping through the night consistently. But Alex had never slept for more than 2-3 hours at a time since birth and David had a period between October and November where he was occasionally sleeping all night and usually just waking up for one feeding. And, David is my last baby. So it has taken me longer to get to this point.

But I'm at my wit's end. I checked out Ferber's new b…

Dogs Just Drink It

Diluted with Dirty Bathwater

Mom, I figured out why you were using baby shampoo when you stayed with us. I noticed the adult shampoo in that shower was thin and watery and I asked Alex about it. He said he added some water to make more shampoo!


It's seven degrees outside! I'm cold and I'm in my nightgown sitting at the computer. Allan is out walking the dog on the trail.

I went to a cooking demonstration at my library last night. The chef made pasta puttanesca and a russian stout chocolate cake covered with chocolate ganache. I'm such a book freak that I didn't get in line to taste the cake at the end because it was 8:56 and I had only 4 minutes to check out books. I'm reading a really funny one that my sister sent me-Something Blue by Emily Giffen. And it has a prequel called Something Borrowed, but when I went to the shelf there was a gap next to Something Blue. I bet one of those bitches at the cooking demo beat me to it! And then since I left early I bet she ate my cake too!

6 Months

Grabs his toes, eats two meals a day, says Da-da-da, shakes head, loves 'baby-goes-up!'


a haircut
an eye exam with contact lens fitting
a dental cleaning/checkup
a pap smear
and my car needs an oil change
and it's annual state inspection
CPR recertification

6 Month Stats

David 16 lbs 11 oz, 28 1/4"
Alex 18 lbs, 29"
Allan 18 lbs 14 oz, 27 1/2"
Sarah 15 lbs, 27 1/2"
Nugget 47 lbs


We have at this very moment the agony of teeth coming in and the agony of teeth coming out!


Right now Allan is at the doctor with David for his 6 month checkup so I can leave in 2 minutes to go to my own doctor. I love a man that can take care of his kids for any length of time, through poopy diapers, potty training, church, and even doctor's appointments. Yet usually, all I do is complain that the house is a disaster when I get home. I don't give you enough credit, Bub.

Is It Just Me?

Peyton is a girl's name!



More Fun with Photobooth

Note new bed and nightstand, crow's feet, new haircut, baby with a new tooth poking it's way out...