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Cookie Bouquet


New This Week

It's a new week here at and I'm going to play a little game. I'll ask you for advice and I'll give you some advice. Don't be shy, post anonymously if you are scared, I want a response from each and every one of you at least once this week. And no fair emailing them!

Now some of you may have to look back about 34 years but what are some finger foods that your kids/nieces/nephews/friends/neighbors/hermaphrodite stepchildren enjoyed from around 9-18 months? Nothing that requires spooning please.

And my tip to you: If you go home with a foley catheter put a clothes hanger between your mattress and box spring with the triangle hidden and just the hook hanging out and you can hand the bag on the hook. If you don't know what a foley catheter is then consider yourself lucky.

The Patient

Alex broke his arm on Friday evening. He was playing with a big truck-leaning over it and pushing it while running behind it. He crashed and must have put his arms out in front of him to brace his fall. We took him to the Emergency Room. They took Xrays and he fractured both his radius and ulna and the radius was displaced 5 degrees according the the PA in the ER. They called the orthopedist and she said to splint it and have us come to her office Monday or Tuesday for a cast. I went to work on Saturday and saw the ortho and mentioned that it was my son that broke his arm so she pulled up his Xrays to both look at herself and show me. She said right away that the radius was displaced way more than 5 degrees and that the bone would have to be set. We reported this morning for a closed reduction in the OR and found out that he would need general anesthesia. He did great though and we're back at home catering to his every need. Here he is in our bed watching a DVD (yeah, th…


Alex had his second Tball practice today. He loves it but he needs a little work-the coach told him to cover first base. When the batter hit the ball Alex ran to second, glove in hand.

Fun with Photo Booth



I've been trying to deny it but it's true. David is crawling. I put him on the floor in his room and transferred a load of laundry and I heard a slap, slap sound and when I looked up he was scooting along the floor of the bathroom. He doesn't get up on his knees but pulls himself along like an army man. Where, oh where has the time gone?

Beef Burritos

3/4 lb shaved steak
1 1/2 cups corn kernels
1 can petite cut diced tomatoes
1/3 cup diced onion
1//3 cup chopped cilantro
4 8" flour tortillas
3 Tbsp red wine vinegar
1 Tbsp lime juice
1 tsp chili powder
1 Tbsp vegetable oil

*Mix lime juice and chili powder. Stir in steak; set aside. Meanwhile mix corn, onion, cilantro and drained tomatoes together. Add vinegar to the salsa. Warm tortillas in 350 degree oven or microwave for 20 seconds. Pan fry the steak until medium rare. Divide the steak among the tortillas and top with several spoonfuls of the salsa.


Today I'm going to the big fancy mall that's 30 miles away. The last time I was there was in January with my mom and I saw that Lego timer and I wanted it but I could not justify buying it when I had a perfectly good timer at home. I have lost my perfectly good timer! And Alex has a birthday party on Thursday and the birthday boy loves Legos. And I put those Williams Sonoma cookie sheets on my Mothers Day list but since I'm going to the big mall I'm going to just pick them up for myself. And since I'm going there I'm going to have Legal Sea Foods lunch. Oh, and while I'm there I guess I'll pick up a few new spring shirts for Allan to assuage the guilt of my spending spree. But I will NOT BUY ANYTHING AT SEPHORA BECAUSE I HAVE ENOUGH PRODUCTS.

Why I'm Up Early Today

Our bed is a boy magnet in the morning.

Hey, Dad

Just because you are dead now doesn't mean you were right then.


Chilis: cajun chicken sandwich, french fries, iced tea
Up Country: chicken parmesan over pasta, cranberry twist cocktail, blueberry pie to go that I LEFT THERE!
Hotel: continental barffast
Cafe Noche: shredded chicken burrito, iced tea
Cold Stone Creamery: Coffee Lovers Only ice cream in a waffle cone
Fandangles: Fried shrimp, fried haddock, mixed veg, baked potato
The Blueberry Muffin: mushroom omelette, bacon, blueberry muffin, blueberry coffee
Elvio's: Cheesesteak sandwich, potato chips, water
The Muddy Moose: Crockett's chicken, baked potato, baby carrots, Mike's hard lemonade, 1/3 paradise pie
The Blueberry Muffin: 2 eggs over easy, sausage, grits, blueberry muffin, orange juice, coffee
Einstein Bros: roast beef sandwich on challah, potato chips, diet coke, yogurt parfait

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David does not like to sleep in hotels. Alex does. Al…

Scissorbill Has Left the Office

We're off to the snowy/rainy/cold white mountains of lovely New Hampshire. Honestly, I don't care where we're going as long as it's not here. Yipee!

Electronic Medical Records (ElMer)

My employer has finally joined the 21st century. We have gone from hand-written medication administration records, hand graphed vital signs, and hand tallied intake and output totals to scanning barcodes on everything from the patient's wristband to each individual medication package to stool specimen labels. We have small hand held PDA-like computers, small dockable laptop-like computers and full sized computers on wheels or COWs.

And it has not been easy. They're offering a $15 an hour bonus to any extra hours worked in 4 or more hour blocks. I worked Tuesday and Thursday from 7-11 and then stayed late yesterday. I punched in at 0646 and out at 2130.

And my sweet, thoughtful husband called me Sunday morning and told me to come down to the main entrance to pick up a treat. He had brought me Cinnabon mini-buns. But the real treat was seeing the boys, even for a moment from their carseats. I'm thankful that when I'm gone from sun up to sun down they are with t…


*Alex exits the bathroom*
Me: "You forgot to wash your hands"
Alex: "Aw, Mom! I hate having private parts!"


At 2am I was thinking how blind I am and how dependent I am on glasses and contacts. If there was a fire in the middle of the night I'd have to put my glasses on before running into the kids' rooms. Or I wouldn't see them. I want to have LASIK.

Free Range Dog

I took the gates down on Tuesday morning.

For the last 2 1/2 years we've had Nugget fenced into our 300 sq ft kitchen/eat-in area. With three ugly, annoying baby gates. A couple of weeks ago Alex's friend broke the walk-through gate so we've just been leaning it in the doorway. And it would fall and rattle everyone's nerves at least three times a day.

The problem was that Nugget would eat the kids' toys. And when he was more of a puppy he ate a hole in our carpet. On Tuesday he ate through 2 legos and one soft baby toy. On Wednesday he had a stomachache. Actually, I put the bin of baby toys behind the baby jail where he can't get them and instructed Alex that any toys left out would be eaten and not replaced.

The flow of our house is so much better now that we almost don't need to redo the kitchen!


Dearest Allan, because I know you will read it here and because it is fresh in my head:

I have removed the following items from the diaper bag:
1. changing pad
2. spare outfit
3. extra extra diapers
4. spare socks
5. nursing coverup
6. jacket
7. burp cloth
The socks and outfit that were there wouldn't fit anyway.
If you need 1, 6, or 7; use blanket. If you need 3, stop by CVS, there's one on every corner. If you need 5, consult CNN, they'll want to hear about it. And if he shits down to his socks, it's at least April so he can have bare feet for awhile.

I've added:
A. pants
B. toys
C. extra baby food
D. sunblock
E. hooded sweatshirt

E plus A can easily replace 2 and supply a backup in case that very functional blanket gets dirty.

Oh, and I've handily segregated all things food and feeding to the outside pocket. I've considered getting rid of the empty bottle plus bottle of water because there is usually a bottle of water floating around in the car an…

The Birthday Party

Alex went to a birthday party after the Easter egg hunt. His friend's mom was nice enough to take Alex and another boy along with her own son. We picked him up at 6:30. All was well. Until I was talking to the other boy's mom who heard from the birthday boy's mom that 10 out of 12 of the boys had bad behavior at the party, were running all over, doing that one up-manship bad manners belching thing that boys do and worse when she spoke to them each individually the behavior did not improve. I wish she would have told me directly when I picked Alex up. I hope that is what I would have done. Here is his letter of apology. And since Alex really hates to write since he's not very good at it yet, the letter, a stern talking-to, and a major reminder before future birthday parties is punishment enough. Ya think?


Alex: "[laughingl David looks funny"
Allan: "Why?"
Alex: "He's making faces like that one scientist. The one with Lou Gehrig's disease"

Cabinet Elevations

click to enlarge
1: triple french doors with center door opening onto new, larger deck; small appliance garage on the right
2: as you stand at the stove you face the driveway, window moved to the left to afford a better view of the driveway; bigger appliance garage on the right.
3: island view, as you face the newly enlarged formal dining area, the island's other side will have a 12" overhang for two stools.
4: pantry-since we're extending our house's cantilever by 12" in the back we can put this pantry on the wall opposite elevation 1.


The egg hunt was a success! Fourteen boys. Next year I should stick with 10 and tell them they can only collect X number of eggs each. There were 3 boys that followed the pack and only got a few eggs. And of course the smart boys who've been to our egg hunt for the last 4 years knew to run off where no one had been and they collected many more. But fortunately the Easter bunny came and supplemented the candy in their buckets while they were eating cupcakes. David watched in awe from a combination of my hip, on my back in the backpack carrier, on Allan's back, on my friend Sue's hip, in the stroller and then finally retired to his crib for a nap.

Work was a joy as usual. Actually, I got pretty sick of people complaining about working on Easter. Not that I was happy to be working but I'd rather be there as a nurse than a patient! And of course, the complainers weren't upset about not being able to celebrate the resurrection or anything-no, they were upset a…

8 Months

Sits well!
Two teeth!
Yells when you don't share your food!
Blows raspberries!

Easter Basket Cupcakes


Coloring Eggs


Easter Egg Hunt

Every year since Alex was 22 months old we've had an Easter egg hunt at our house. The first year we placed the eggs in the yard and the kids were running into eachother and falling down and eventually with the help of the parents the eggs made it into the buckets.

Last year I hid over 200 eggs and the whole hunt took about 15 minutes. We also played an egg/spoon race, rabbit ring toss and pin the tail on the bunny.

This year there is 5 inches of snow on the ground, the party is tomorrow and the high temperature for today is 44 degrees. Oh, and did I mention that I've filled close to 400 eggs and made 18 bunny cookies on sticks? Plan B is to have his 3 closest friends over for an indoor egg hunt. Or should I just have the kids wear snowpants and gloves and hide the eggs in the snow? And serve hot chocolate and Peeps?

More Math for Moms

Which summer program can I enroll Alex in that will give me the maximum time away with minimum driving and minimum cost? I don't care if it is Barbie Doll Camp!

Math for Moms

1 load of sheets, towels or diapers + 2 loads of clothes x 4 days/week = no net change in the fullness of the hampers


Today is day two of TV-Free April. So far so good-we found a 10 sided die and created a legend of activities to do to correspond with the letters on the die. Such as:
*Play frisbee or ball with Nugget
*Mom or Dad will read you a story
*Pick up your books and put them on your bookshelf
*Call a relative
*Ride your bike to the circle (our neighborhood cul-de-sac)
*Do 10 push-ups
*Play with David
*Have a snack
*Spend 10 minutes on
My plan is to go computer free in May and fast food free in June. So this month instead of watching TV I'll gorge on fast food and computer. Next month all TV and fast food and in June all TV and computer. I have to keep my slow, steady weight gain going ya know.

Three Things

*I am in love with Fage Total Greek yogurt. With honey. I pay $1.79 apiece for them and I don't care. It's worth it.
*My Dad used to say that there was a Republican and a Democrat side in our church and I was 19 before I knew that this was not assigned seating.
*I did have to go in to work at 3 but it was worth it to be there to hear Billy Ruben paged overhead. I wonder if he's friends with Seymour Butts

The Gift

The phone rang at 5:54 this morning! That can usually only mean one thing: I'm not needed at work and it's my turn to be canceled. I was already in the shower with shampoo in my hair so I couldn't go back to bed (I'm in my thirties, people) and now I'm looking forward to church with the family and maybe breakfast out and a few loads of laundry and time for Allan to work on the taxes and then I might have to go into work at 3 but by then who cares I'll just get out of making dinner.

The possibility of getting canceled is what keeps me in nursing. You never know when that phone is going to ring.