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Why is it that the quiet click of our bedroom door being locked always wakes one or both of them up?!

Harry Potter

I had to stay up until midnight to do it but I finished Harry Potter! Rowling, you're a genius!

Scissorbill Saves the Day

My patient with a pneumothorax and chest tube was in X-ray. The radiologist called to tell me her lung is almost totally collapsed but that he thinks the tube is kinked at the skin. By the time she was back on the floor I had spoken with the general surgeon who had called the thoracic surgeon who had called me and told me to see what I could do.

I raced in and discovered that the tube was kinked just under the dressing. I fixed it and watched her oxygen saturation go from 87% to 95% and listened to her lungs and heard equal breath sounds bilaterally. I felt like a damn genius! Especially when the thoracic surgeon told me that I made his day because he wouldn't have to come in and fix the problem himself.

She's 2 months, He's 6 years


She's 99, He's 1


Minot To Do

Taco Johns
Old Dutch Dill Pickle potato chips
Mom's homemade tacos and green chili enchiladas
Grandma's homemade buns, cinnamon rolls and a bread making lesson
Pluck Mom & Grandma's eyebrows
take Alex, Jameson, Gage and Austin to the state fair
pictures with Grandma and her four grandsons
take Alex, Jameson and Gage to splashdown Dakota
visit Grandpa in the nursing home
sewing lessons with mom
utilize Mom's scrapbooking supplies to make some cards
list Mom's old scrapbooking dies on ebay
set up Mom's scrapbooking silhouette
hair cut from Janice
go to Jameson's Teeball game
tease Aunt Carol about her colonoscopy
visit Grandma Roll for probably the last time

Packing List

I'm stepping out for the next two weeks for a much needed vacation. Here's a picture for the other grandparents to enjoy while I'm gone. Alex's hand holding onto his must-not-forget items for when he visits them next month. David trying to squeeze his way in as usual.

Long Night

I was up until 11:30 reading after a late phone call from a friend (her son broke his arm!) sometime after midnight the power went out, waking us with the computer surge protector chirping loudly (luckily we knew just which button to push to shut the whole computer, printer and phone off in a flash thanks to David aka button pusher). Then we woke up to Nugget coughing loudly. Then we woke up to Alex status post scary dream which required getting into bed with us. Sometime after that Nugget woke us up by yipping and Allan had to run down to let him out. Then I remembered Nugget had eaten a Nerf ball (David's favorite toy in the whole wide world) earlier in the day and must have issues related to that. Allan removed the sleeping Alex and we settled in for another 45 minutes of sleep until Nugget was up again. Then sometime after 4 David did his usualy cry and fuss for a minute or so, give up and go back to sleep. So in 7 1/2 hours we were woken up six times! Pass the coffee!


I am addicted to fast food. I grew up eating it regularly, always when my Dad was working out of town, considered it a treat, etc. When I turned 16, I got myself a McJob which only endeared me more to the food. Now I take Alex through a drive-through at least once a week. Poor little David has already had two happy meals and he's not even a year old!

I've read Fast Food Nation, Supersize Me and now Chew on This trying to repulse myself.

I've decided that it may be too late for myself but I'm pledging to not take my kids to fast food places again. Instead we'll eat at home or have Subway, Boston Market, pizza, etc. It's probably not that much healthier but if I keep them from developing a fast food addiction it is worth it.

Mom-gas up your car and get ready to stay home after I put the boys to bed because all my Taco Johns runs will have to be in cognito. You have a lid for your trash can, right? I sound like a drunk!


Alex: "I want to go to MInot nooooooooww! Can't we leave early?"

To Do

*Transport Alex to Lego Engineering Camp
*Pick up overnight diapers for David (3rd day in a row he's woken up with a leak)
*Return Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets book and DVD (yay, Alex!)
*Locate a library in the consortium that has Prisoner of Azkaban book, pick up
*Wash, dry and FOLD at least 4 loads
*Begin packing for Minot!
*Get up to date with Quicken, no matter how bad it looks
*Transport & watch Alex at Track & Field

Math for Moms

Verizon cell phone service, family plan annual cost $735
average monthly minutes used: under 200 for both phones

Tracfone new phones plus two 800 minute cards annual cost $310
Tracfone new phones plus two 800 minute cards annual cost if I know Allan and he'll pick the most expensive phone $340

I love ND

I called the North Dakota state fair office yesterday to see if I could avoid their $5 handling fee on advanced tickets online by sending dear old Mom to pick them up and the lady I talked to was so helpful! She told me how much more the tickets would be at the gate ($1) and when I need to purchase them by and then also gave me detailed directions to the office including where in the building I'd find the booth (by the big glass windows next to the 4H office.) I really miss the friendliness of people in the midwest, the longer I'm away the more I notice it. Around here if you buy something at a store you are lucky to get a thank you and rarely ever do you get a smile. Maybe that's why I do most of my shopping online?!


The cream colored wood chip will be the cabinets around the perimeter of our kitchen, the cherry stained one will be the island and pantry. Which of the three countertop choices do you like-left, right upper or right lower?

11 Months

6 teeth
waves and says "bye-bye"
10th percentile for weight

Happy Birthday, Goose!


Math For Moms

School lunch: (at least what Alex eats) plain bagel, milk, sometimes jello, sometimes cookies $2.25

Packed lunch: cheese & pepperoni or peanut butter bagel, organic lowfat vanilla milk, small bag of potato chips, fruit $1.50
+minor hassle and potential for lost lunchbox

4th Picture

Well, I bought the boys cute 4th of July T-shirts and put them on them yesterday intending to take a cute picture to post here. But Alex got Dorito dust on his and David's diaper leaked during his nap. You'll have to take my word for it that they looked cute and patriotic!


David is weaned. He has lost interest over the last 8 weeks and as a final goodbye he bit me and left teeth marks. I wanted to nurse him for a year like I did with Alex but as he's shown us over and over, he's not Alex.

So now we're spending twenty cents an ounce on formula until he can be switched to whole milk. Too bad we won't be able to afford the home computer.

And I just bought myself seven new bras at!


I bought David's first can of powdered formula in May. I got another big can when I ran out of frozen breast milk. I had to buy another small can to use in ND and I got a free small can for Allan to bring to PA. I had a check to get $5 off one brand and I found a can with 20% more free so I bought that one to have on hand. So, from May to probably the end of August when he'll switch to whole milk I've spent $75 on formula! And this is 24 oz/ day at the most, using the cheapest brand and the cheapest form. If you exclusively formula fed a baby from day one using Similac ready-to-feed I bet you could send that kid to private school for a year for less money.

Family 4th Menu

scrambled eggs with diced ham & cheese
coffee & orange juice

grilled bratwurst on buns
green grapes
potato chips
half iced tea half lemonade

marinated steak tips
fresh watermelon
sugar snap peas
white dinner rolls
Mike's Light Hard Cranberry Lemonade, Sam Adams Summer Ale, milk

light mint chocolate chip ice cream in sugar cones


We're off to order our new cabinets Yay!

Daddy's Boy

I came home from work a week ago Sunday and David all but shunned me. He was in Allan's arms and greeted me with a smile but then turned and buried his face in Allan's chest.

Then on Friday Allan came home from work and I didn't hear him come in. What I did hear was the thump, thump, drag and "ah! ah! ah!" of David racing himself to the door, excited as can be that daddy was home.

And then yesterday morning I realized that he hadn't nursed in three days. And continued to refuse when I offered after I got home last night.

I don't have much but what I have, he clearly does not want.

Today when he realizes that I'm in charge of mixing the bottles and spooning the YoBaby he's just going to have to change his mind a little!


I sold a book on CD and didn't hear anything from the winning bidder for a week. I opened a dispute and got the payment along with the following note. I'm still laughing about it! Um, if you can't be around to pay right away then don't bid!