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Spelling Words


Show and Tell

I just ordered a 5x7 print of a picture of Alex touching a shark at an aquarium in the caribbean so he can bring it in on Monday for show and tell. When I was a kid I'd grab a neat looking stick or leaf on my way to school for show and tell and here we are worried about it three days before it happens! And knowing Allan he's going to make him practice his speech over the weekend.

As Promised

It looks pretty dark without the door and windows but you get the idea. No wonder there are so many light holes!

Photo Coming Soon

We have a few cabinets! Yesterday after the cabinet guys left I spent a few minutes admiring them: open, shut, repeat. Then Alex came home from school and he and his friend and I admired them: open, shut, repeat. Then Allan came home and he and I admired them: open, shut, repeat. And after my shower but before the guys return I'm going to go down and get another fix. I'll post a picture when we get some uppers.

Fish Tank

When I was a kid I had a fish tank. I would neglect it for approximately six weeks and then empty it down to an inch of water and freshen it up. It's a good thing goldfish are hearty. Last night I dreamt that I had neglected my tank for eighteen years. What do you think Freud would have to say about that?

HIgh Chair

Today we need to pick up new highchair, we've been using Alex's old one and it's been fine up until now. David can stand up in it. His entire mealtimes consist of us telling him no quite firmly and he just smiles, shakes his head no, sits down, pauses and stands up again. I don't remember Alex ever once standing up in the thing. Anyway, nowadays highchairs come with 5 point harnesses, meaning there are shoulder straps as well as a crotch strap. Our paltry little waist belt seems like it's for decoration only! What we really need is a high chair with a straight jacket attached.

Let the Record Reflect

Alex has finished the Order of the Phoenix


Was normal! Thank God!

Walls & Lights



I've been busy living in my bedroom lately so here are the latest updates:
*Alex lost recess today because he was goofing off in math class yesterday. I don't disagree that he should have been punished but taking away recess for him is like taking lunch away from a kid. He needs it!
*David has decided that eating is overrated, why eat when you can just drink your "Bah-Dull!"
*Allan is sneaking downstairs after supper and filling cracks with caulk and tweaking insulation since the builders just don't seem to be doing a good enough job.
*I ate almost all of my daily WW points this morning in one trip to McDonald's for breakfast even though I washed it down with a diet Coke.
*Nugget loves doggie daycare, and he is one tired pooch when he comes home.


The first step is recognizing you have a problem. I'm so addicted to Wendy's mandarin chicken salads that I took a short detour to get one on my way to pick up Alex from soccer practice and it made me late. I got there 2 minutes after the official end of practice to find a tearful Alex and his coach standing near the parking lot. It broke my heart! I almost didn't eat that salad. Almost.


I signed Nugget up for doggie daycare for this week and next because the pounding, hammering, sawing and strange men coming in and out of the house was making him a little crazy. They email pictures of all the dogs with a brief summary of the day's activities...I would have liked that when Alex was in daycare! I guess my $105 per week buys something.


I started Alex on a $2 weekly allowance. He was thrilled. He's planning on saving for a video game console which we've forbidden in the past. It's $130. I think if he can save that much he should be able to get whatever he likes. Except a lap dance. Thoughts?

Stay of Execution

For now we've decided to replace the struts and the worn tire and then find a local mechanic to do the rest later. It's at the Toyota dealer right now. If I separate the excitement of a shiny new car I think it's worth it to fix this one. It may not be worth much but it's worth a lot to us to not have an additional payment.

Do Not Resuscitate

Our ten year old Camry is on it's last legs. We just brought it in because the left strut had collapsed and was rubbing and wearing out the tire, and they recommend replacing both struts plus the axle boots are going and it still needs body work from when I hit it with our other car this summer. We've gotten 150,000 miles and have owned it outright for four years but it's time to cut our losses.

May I Have this Dance?


Cooking in My Bedroom

We have a microwave, a toaster oven, a small table and our frequently used shelf-stable food. Plus the highchair. In our bedroom.

And the refrigerator is in the garage.

And we're washing dishes in our bathroom and hosing off the highchair tray into the tub.

Makes for some interesting meals.

And the dog and his crate and food/water dishes are in Alex's room.

Good times.






Alex came home from school with the giftwrap/crap catalogues to sell for school. Rather than toss the whole thing in the recycling bin I'll provide the link here in case anyone feels like shopping online. In case your subscription to Real Difficult Simple is about to expire. School account #457.



Cub Scouts

Motivation for joining scouts-selling popcorn. Motivation for moving through the ranks-getting a knife (someday!)


I got to use a Jim Aiken one liner last week and it fit the situation so perfectly I grinned from ear to ear for several minutes. It was, "take your own inventory." Directed at Allan, who else?

A Man in Uniform




I don't know what they're doing out there-do you?




First Day of School


Works For Me Wednesday

Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer posted about brand loyalty today. I'll play too, here are my top 5 brands:

Dawn dish soap-I buy the cute bottles from Williams Sonoma, use up the crap ASAP and fill them with Dawn!
Hood ice cream sandwiches-the store brand has an awful bitter aftertaste
Crisco-I tried the store brand solid vegetable shortening one time and it just didn't seem to have enough trans fat for my family
Pampers baby wipes-poop on your hand one time is more than enough
Libbys canned pumpkin-generic isn't orangey enough

For good measure here are five things that I buy generic:

infant formula-it's equally inferior to mother's milk but without all the nasty marketing
toilet paper-our septic system prevents us from using the good stuff anyway, we might as well save a few nickels
flour, sugar, brown sugar-but I store it in only Tupperware
drugs-jus as good at relieving pain, allergies, softening the stool, etc.
dog biscuits-he'll go in his bed just as fast for a generic …

Goofy Sweater



Alex: (in response to a license plate labled 'Buddha') [laughing] "Buddha (pronounced like a Bostonian saying butter) he was the king of China a long time ago!"


This is post 386 on day 365 of this blog. And here I thought I had nothing to say.