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Ninja and Dragon


Halloween Lunch Menu

Chicken Bat Fingers
Ghost Puffs
Roasted Butternut Squash
Spider Cake

Free Taco

A local furnture chain held a promotion in April. If you bought furniture then and if the Red Sox won the World Series you'd get your furrniture for free. On our town email exchange list several people were bragging about getting free furniture. They loved my post:

The Red Sox won the World Series and all I got was a free taco.

Actually, I considered driving 20 miles to wait in line for a free taco between 2 and 5pm yesterday but (fortunately) I wasn't hungry at the time.




David took a step yesterday! He was pushing a toy shopping cart and it got ahead of him so he stepped over to it. Yay!

Speaking of shopping, here's an Alex quote. We were on the way to his school's specialist open house (music, gym, art etc)
Allan "Are we going to meet your shop teacher?"
Alex "I don't have a shop teacher! Everyone knows how to shop!"


Right after dinner (yum!) the doorbell rang. Alex opened it to find a bag of candy. He said we have been ghosted. Now we're supposed to ghost someone else. When I was a kid we would put small baskets of candy on the neighbor kids' doorsteps on the first day of May, ring the doorbell and run. One year my mom made little plastic canvas baskets for each kid. Ahhh, memories.

Back Home

We spent the weekend in a hotel. The floors are almost done but boy does it stink. I'm making a nice pork roast with carrots and potatoes for dinner. It's been a long time since we've had a home cooked meal. Maybe the smell of the roast will mask the urethane.

Alex bought a game boy yesterday. I sprung for a Harry Potter game. He told me it was the best day of his life.

David has a bad cold and slept very poorly in the hotel. He's down for the count now and I hope it lasts awhile.

Allan and I just picked out fabric for our window treatments and now he's headed off to work. Be home by 6:30 so you can enjoy our nice dinner dear.

Hey, Mom!

David wants to use his Halloween money to take his mom to the Lilac Blossom for lunch. :)

Harry Potter

He finished Half Blood Prince at 8:12 am and by 8:14 was asking for help getting Deathly Hallows off my bookshelf.


Pictures here.


Yes, I did lose the entire day to a migraine. I'm lucky enough to get auras so I can usually prevent the headache with a well timed imitrex but that didn't happen yesterday. I saw the spots at around 8:15, took the pill and when Allan was out making the bus drop and coffee collection I was bombarded. And since the imitrex didn't work and I was vomiting profusely I wasn't able to keep the second dose down. Oh, and the hardwood floor installers were here making almost as much noise as possible. But since I was more light sensitive and in need of a nearby toilet I didn't want to leave the house. My wonderful husband took the day off and supplied me with gatorade and chicken soup once I was ready.

But today is a better day. They finished putting in the floor and I took 5 loads of laundry to the laundromat. David crawled around the laundromat and a well-meaning but irritating lady told me that I really shouldn't let him do that because there are germs ever…



Just so you know, David, you can't really say "UH OH!" about something falling on the floor when you threw it.

Allan, Come Back!

So I had David in the stroller in the middle of the kitchen because there is no safe place to put him. Alex was upstairs eating macaroni and cheese. I was loading the dishwasher. With all of our bottles. They were all dirty. And one spoon that had baby food residue on it. Yes, he still eats baby food. It beats gas station pizza. Then Nugget started licking the spoon and got his collar stuck on the dishwasher rack. And got scared and ran away pulling the rack with him across the entire room in front of David. Who got hysterically scared and was bawling like crazy. So I rescued him and proceeded to reload the dishwasher. Then I discovered that the dishwasher doesn't work. It hasn't been hooked up even though the stove has. So I manage to handwash one bottle with David on my hip and then grab my dinner out of the microwave and join Alex. And that's when I noticed that Nugget not bearing weight on his front passenger paw. It's going to have to wait until t…


For our kitchen project we saved money on the following:
*good contractor, not the super fancy one with designer services 'included'
*no Wolf, Subzero or Viking products
*no double wall oven with separate cooktop
*no dishwasher or microwave drawers
*standard size, unstained hardwood
*we picked a sink we liked at a plumbing showroom and then got it through Home Depot and saved $200
*regular ventilation hood instead of one with an external blower
*standard Home Depot faucet

And splurged on the following:
*fancy moulding and entryway casing
*granite for the counters
*all plywood cabinets
*premium deck railing
*Andersen doors and windows
*marble tile backsplash
*instant hot water dispenser (Allan eats instant oatmeal EVERY. SINGLE. DAY)
*three coats of polyurethane on the floor

Now one of these days we'll actually get to use this kitchen!

Growing Up

Alex has such a big appetite that restaurant kid's meals are not enough for him. Too bad you can't get adult sized portions of macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets. Hopefully he will expand his palate soon.

And over the weekend he was on the computer and followed an ad to the Cheetos website where he created an account using his birthdate. I asked him why he did that when we told him to never give out information online and he said, "but lots of kids do it, it was just Cheetos" Any suggestions for parental control software?

Eyes Et Al

David had his eye appointment today, he's scheduled to have his tear duct probed on Nov 20th, not a big deal but he does have to have anesthesia. The left duct opened on it's own but it's becoming increasingly unlikely that the right one will ever open up without intervention.

Last night we came home from the bus stop, spent 20 minutes on cub scout requirements, dropped Alex off at soccer, picked Nugget up from daycare, collected Alex, ate gas station pizza in the car, changed in the school bathroom, went to cub scouts, went to vote and then came home and surprisingly bathed Alex before bed. I was asleep by 10pm.

Today we're getting the appliances hooked up and tomorrow they're putting in our new stair treads. I thought they were going to be done today so I spent most of the day out and about trying to avoid the sun since David had his pupils dilated and now I get to be out again tomorrow. It will probably rain.

Cutting Corners

Allan is in California and I'm single mothering all week. I've cut a few corners. We went to Pizza Hut for dinner because it's my favorite, I let Alex drink soda there, I forgot David's baby food so he had to survive on pizza and milk, nobody got a bath last night, Alex had Pop-Tarts for breakfast two days in a row and our bedroom looks like a bomb went off. I'm going to put David down for his nap and get my shit together.

Nugget's Gushy Gram

Smile if it's Your Birthday Tomorrow







For 8 out of the last 10 days I've woken up at 5:30am sneezing. Between 2 and 5 sneeezes. And I don't know why. We don't have any night blooming jasmine around here as far as I know. I'm surprised Allan hasn't moved out. You should hear him sigh.

Getting Somewhere

The island will be returned after the floors are done. The plumber is coming tomorrow to install the faucet and hook up the sink. Yay!





Outside Pictures


Not Walking

Alex walked at 10 1/2 months. David is 14 months and isn't there yet. When should I worry?


Alex: "when is my cub scouts sleepover?"
Me: "in two weeks"
Alex: "a night fort?!"
Me: "do you mean fortnight?"
Alex: "yeah"


I'm so tired of hanging out in my bedroom with David and Nugget underfoot. Allan is in PA for a family friend's funeral and I'm jealous! He was trying to tell me how his 22 hour whirlwind trip is not going to be any fun so I had to remind him that he'll get to have lunch with his dad and how I'd love to have lunch with my dad and then I realized that I'm so crabby I can't even stand myself. I'm actually looking forward to working this weekend.

Kitchen Update

Next week: finish carpentry (we're having several room openings cased), granite and sink installation
Oct 15-19: hardwood floors, triple french door installation, Allan's business trip, the kennel for Nugget, and a hotel with a pool for me and the boys
Oct 22-26: cabinet completion (moulding, island nailing), appliance installation, granite for the island
And as I'd hoped we should be pretty much done by Halloween. Perfect for all the gawking neighbors.


Our niece arrived yesterday! I'm not sure if the proud parents want details displayed on the internet so I'll hold back.

It's nice to have some more estrogen in the family! And now I have an excuse to look at the other side of Gymboree, Gap and the Childrens Place!

Did You Call Me?

The phone rang at 10:30pm last night. I thought my niece had arrived. But no, it was a North Dakota hick calling to see if I had called her because my number was on her cell phone. I had called her about a week ago because I misdialed my sister's cell phone number and Alex left a long detailed message describing all the different varieties of cub scout popcorn available for purchase. Then she called me back and I explained and apologized. I guess she doesn't get many calls. Listen, lady, if you call me again I'm going to put Alex on to sell you some popcorn!


David just answered the phone. He pulled the phone base off the desk and was pushing buttons when Allan happened to call. David pushed the right button an said, "Yesch!" Unfortunately he didn't let Allan say much before he started pushing other buttons.


I quit Teflon about a year ago when a friend told me that she killed her bird by overheating a pan. I figure if it kills birds I don't want to eat off of it. So I'm very excited about my new 18 piece Wolfgang Puck stainless steel cooking set ($99, Bjs). Because I can't really put my old pots and pans into my new kitchen cabinets, can I?