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Wii are Brothers


Leap Day

Happy Leap Day! We're supposed to celebrate by doing something that we've been putting off. I plan to tackle the pile of papers on our desk, catch up on shredding and gather books to donate from the basement. My life will be so uncluttered for spring!

What are you planning for today?

18 Month Stats

David: 24 lbs 6 oz 33.6"

Alex: 28 lbs 4 oz 35"
Dad: 27 lbs 11 oz 33"
Mom: N/A where N=neglected and A=abused

Nevermind About My Cholesterol

The Pioneer woman posted her recipe for apple dumplings and I'm going to make them even though it'll require an extra stop at the grocery store.


Fructosamine 1.38
Total cholesterol 195
HDL 62.8
LDL 116.0
triglycerides 81.0

I just had a life insurance physical. I like numbers. I'm not so sure I like these numbers though. My HDL, LDL and triglycerides are all good but that total cholesterol made me want to dial 911. They also tested my urine for beta blockers, thiazide diuretics, cotinine, marijuana and cocaine. Methinks they don't trust me!

Be Sure

David forced himself onto Allan's lap from the bed by shoving his head under Allan's left arm. Right after he put on his deodorant. Now David's head reeks of Sure regular scent and I can't wait to see what Allan smells like at the end of the day.

Music Class

David must have heard me complain about the cost of his music class after they sent me the renewal notice last night. Today he was clapping to every song and singing his own words. He enjoyed himself so much that I almost don't mind the $160 spring registration fee. Almost.

Double Click


Connecticut or Why I Now Have a Big Y Card

So we left Lancaster, PA at 10am on Friday morning. The roads were bad. We even fish tailed on the highway a bit. We thought about turning back. We decided to stick it out until we saw how I-78 was and it was a bit better. At that point we decided that if we had to stop we'd just knock on Linda & Bill's door. Things got better the further north we went but we knew seeing the statue of Liberty was out, in addition to being very cold it was very foggy. We pressed on to Mystic, CT. We arrived about 6pm, checked into our hotel and then headed to Mystic Pizza for a slice of heaven. I thought the pizza was good but not spectacular, Allan thought it was not as good as our local favorite, Alex thought it was bad and his school cafeteria makes better pizza and David ate it without complaint. We stopped at the Big Y grocery store mostly just to get their frequent shopper card because I had emailed the Mystic Aquarium to see if they offered any discounts on their outrageous…

Back to the Grind

Funny, I seem to have already used this title. But it couldn't be more fitting. Allan is downstairs eating his oatmeal, Alex is rushing around getting his backpack together, David is in his high chair eating his oatmeal with Nugget is at his side waiting for the food tossing to begin. I' the computer with a Diet Coke. But I am showered and ready and have a load of clothes in the washer. That counts for something, doesn't it?



Home Again

It feels so good to be home! Within minutes of being home David turned red in the face and had a massive poop. I can only hope the same thing will happen to me.


Allan & Alex have an owl friend. He hunts from the top of Alex's swing set at dusk. They both disliked my suggestion of the name Jeremy so Alex settled on Hoot. We're leaving for Pennsylvania today so I'll have to wait until next week to see him myself.


Our bank gives us points for using their debit card as a credit and also for using their regular credit card. I've been saving up our points and finally had enough to get a $50 Red Lobster gift card just in time for our trip to PA. There are no RL's near us and Allan's parents live very close to one.

Towards the end of January I was checking our point balance everyday. Once we finally hit enough I ordered the card hoping it would arrive in time.

It did, but I LOST IT! I opened it in the car and that is the last time I saw it. I've looked everywhere. I am sick to my stomach over it.

Allan said we'll go anyway but I can't do it. There's no way I'd enjoy it and it would probably make me even sicker than I am now to spend the money when I could have gotten it free.

Oh well, if this is the worst thing that happens to me this week I can consider myself damn lucky.

Mom Makes Out


Happy Belated Chinese New Year

And excuse me while I make some more fire for my dragon hat.

Snow Day VII

It's another snow day! I worked last evening from 7-11 and had to fight the beginnings of the blizzard on my way home. The phone range at 5:56 informing us of another snow day. I got myself up and fasted for a life insurance physical but the guy couldn't make it over so I'm up and at 'em, bright eyed and bushy tailed and very thrilled to be able to have a Diet Coke.

Second Term Comments


Knock Knock Knock

I'm upstairs and he's downstairs and the kids are in bed. So I can't yell. I'll knock on the floor once if I've run out of crackers, twice if I've run out of cheese and three times if I've run out of pepperoni. Because I didn't count and I hate to be out of proportion. Oh, and I'm lazy.

Drive Free

Here's a video worth six minutes of your time!

The Phone Rang

I'm on call today! Allan can usher without sending David to the nursery where he is always in tears by the time church is over. I love an unexpected day off.

It Must be Friday

And I must have had a half gallon of milk about to expire...


I finally finished these sticky, funky smelling dryer sheets and now I can go back to Bounce.


The school nurse tried to reach me for an hour and a half while I was happily chatting at David's playgroup this morning. Alex came into her office as white as a ghost or a sheet depending on which of the three messages she left me saying he felt like he had to throw up. I picked him up and he's now in his pajamas on the couch sipping ginger ale, eating oyster crackers, watching cartoons and wondering if I'm going to let him play with his friends later. I'm not.

I'm glad he's feeling better but obviously I still feel the need to baby him since he had to wait for me to come and get him.


Me: "Alex, finish your corn"
Alex: "But I'm full!"
Me: "Then I guess you won't be having dessert"
Alex: "I'll try to burp and make more room!"

18 Months

*Says Dada, Mama, Alex, No, Dog, and Uh-Oh
*Feeds himself
*Avid book reader, stair climber, organizer
*Has 12 teeth
*The life of the party

The Battle

It must be getting cold in here at night. Allan pulls the covers, leaving my right side cold. The end of the bed must have a vacuum, because they are constantly sliding down and I have to yank them up when my shoulders get cold. If I'm not fully conscious I'll just slide down to meet them which results in my feet hanging off the end of the bed and my nightgown migrating up around my waist. Maybe I'll just crank up the heat.

Thunder Thighs

This is my niece. Her top is even cuter than her bottom and I get to cuddle her in person in two weeks. I can't wait!

Audio Book

I was listening to my latest audio book, "Don't Look Down" by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer. The narrator said something about a character seductively tracing her bottom lip with the tip her tongue. As I did it myself in the rear view mirror I noticed Alex in the back seat doing the same thing!

Fickle Fan

Alex got his haircut yesterday and the stylist put some red and blue gel in his hair in honor of the superbowl. This morning when he found out the Pats had lost the game he wanted to wash his hair since the 'stinky Patriots' lost.

Snow Day

The phone rings at 5:47 am. I'm not working today, so it's not good news. It's a snow day. The message ends with, "have a nice day." Well, lady, you just ruined my day.

David and I have a routine. He usually sustains 7 minor injuries and 1 major (leaves a mark) one. Generally this is accomplished by sticking his fingers into small spaces, climbing up and standing on the coffee table or everyday falling down. He screams at Nugget 27 times. He poops his pants 2.4 times. He eats everything in sight at breakfast and next to nothing for lunch. I do three loads of laundry, pickup the house and plan supper. He takes a two hour nap. I recharge my batteries.

But today I'll probably be fighting with Alex about what he can or cannot do. No, you can't have a friend over. No, you can't play Wii, watch tv, go on the computer or play gameboy. And the next time you ask me what you can do I'm going to give you a chore.

I'd better go take an ex…