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You Can Go

You can go to San Jose and leave me with two kids and a dog for five days.
You can go to San Jose and tell me if I get bored the shower needs cleaning.
You can go to San Jose leaving the house a mess from the weekend.
You can go to San Jose where Spring has sprung and it's a balmy 55 degrees.
You can go to San Jose and eat in all my old favorite restaurants.

But don't expect that Lindt chocolate Easter bunny to be here when you get back!


Dear Fidelity,
Please stop sending your correspondence sealed in black plastic so my mailman thinks it's porn.

Yours, Scissorbill

G. Roll

Grandma Roll turns 100 tomorrow! I really wish I could be there. She's been such an important influence in my life. When I was a kid she used to tell me to drink a glass of water before bed to "clean out my system" and she'd encourage me to sleep without underwear to "let myself breathe" it's no wonder that I used to wet the bed!

A Wash

Turbo Tax 2007: $29.99
Tax owed per Turbo Tax: X

Professional CPA: $280
Tax owed per CPA: $X-370

Egg Dye

We had some seriously civilized egg dying at my house compared to my sisters'...

Library Book

Alex has library at school every Monday. He is supposed to bring the book home and return it the following Monday. Does it say something about his personality that he refuses to bring the book home because he's afraid he won't remember to return it?

News For David

Next week Daddy goes to San Jose. And the bottles go in the trash. Your last bottle will be on Sunday night. Bye, bye BAH UL!

Sign at the Bus Yard


Not in the Budget

We started serious budgeting in January and we've unlocked hundreds of dollars that where just sort of disappearing from the household. In fact, we've now paid off all of our debts except the house which feels so good. We are furiously saving for a new car.

Right now I can think of ten things to spend money on that are NOT IN THE BUDGET. In the past I would have bought all of the following plus without blinking an eye. Here they are:

*New scrubs. It's been over a year and I've been picking up quite a few 7-11p shifts during the week.
*A new sonicare toothbrush. Ours are older than Alex and not quite right.
*Brandy the song from the 70s on iTunes. "Brandy, you're a fine girl what a good wife you would be..."
*Clearance winter work shirts for Allan. His elbows are getting white.
*General Grevious Lego set for Alex. He loves lego lately.
*Johnson's for adults body wash and lotion. I got a sample in my Easter basket and I love the scent.
*The Furminat…


Today Allan and I are going to simultaneously die and leave our kids without guardians. At least that is what it feels like because we're meeting with a lawyer to draw up our will. We've been delinquent for over six years because every time I start to think about making a will I get sick to my stomach. I hate the process but I know I'll sleep better at night once it's done. Anybody want any of my stuff? My wedding ring will go to Alex and my diamond earrings and opal earrings to David.

I Spent My Easter with These Clowns


Married to a Nurse

You can tell Allan is married to a nurse. We're both off today (a rarity!) and he's downstairs with the boys. He wants to go outside to clean up for the egg hunt so he just yelled up to me, "Ma'am! I'd like to give you report."

I better go jump in so I can give him report later...right around nap time.

Coloring Eggs


The First Easter Egg Hunt

Can't Get Up

My mom sent us these fantastic Northern Nights 500 thread count sheets and I love them! The only problem is that I was in even more of a hurry to get to bed last night and I had the hardest time getting up this morning.

Bedtime Story


The Spanker

When I was in high school I worked for a hotel chain reservation center. We would frequently get calls from a man we called the spanker because he'd ask you to look up Manhattan, NY which took a very long time to load and then he'd ask you whether you spanked your children or if you had no kids he'd ask if you were spanked as a child. The questions would get more and more personal and finally once he wouldn't listen to our redirection we were allowed to hang up on him. Well, one day he called me and I knew right away that it was him. Right after he said Manhattan I asked him if he was going to ask me if I was spanked as a child. He became flustered and asked me why I would ask him that. I proceeded to tell him that someone had been calling and 'harassing our agents' with questions about spanking. He hung up on me. I was pretty proud of myself until my supervisor came over and pulled me into the back room to write me up. To this day I am sure it was the…

I Love This One

Grandma Arlene gave Alex a children's bible and we read a story or two every night. Last night we read the miracle of the loaves and fishes. I stopped there and was ready to close the book when Alex saw that the story of Jesus walking on water was next. He said, "I love this one, can't we please read one more?" I usually automatically to say no when he begs for something but this time I had to give in!


I hate getting my hair cut so much that I have to schedule my next appointment before I leave or I won't get it done. Then six months go by and my hair looks like crap and I just wait until I'm in Minot and have Janice clean it up. And I'm only in Minot once a year in the summer.


I hate getting my hair cut so much that I have to schedule my next appointment before I leave or I won't get it done. Then six months or more go by and my hair looks like crap and I just wait until I'm in Minot and have Janice clean it up. And I'm only in Minot once a year in the summer.

Well tonight at 7, I'm getting it done! Maybe tomorrow I'll tackle my eyebrows.

Check Rhinoceros Light

The check engine light has been on in Allan's car for several weeks. It looks more like a rhinoceros' head than an engine in my opinion but I guess I'm not really familiar with engines. He took it for repairs last week. The mechanic came out with two handfuls of acorns that some crazy squirrel had stuffed up the air filter most likely last fall when we were parking outside. So after de-acorning and several hundred dollars worth of assorted maintenance the light was off and all was good. Saturday night on my way home from work-you guessed it-rhinoceros light again! We're hoping the light will burn out before we have our annual inspection in August because with the light on it won't pass.

I Hope Your Weekend Was As Good As Mine


Have a Nice Weekend


Domestic Bliss

Means having a tub of Cool Whip in the freezer and at least four boxes of Jello in the pantry at all times!

Thousand Word Thursday


Hey, Allison-Would You?


Mom's Chicken Cacciatore

3 Tbsp oil
3 pounds chicken pieces
1 cup chopped onion
2 cloves garlic, minced
2-14 ounce cans diced tomatoes
15 ounce can tomato sauce
1-½ tsp salt
¼ tsp pepper
½ tsp allspice
2 bay leaves
½ tsp thyme
2 tbsp brown sugar
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper

*Brown chicken in oil. Remove from pan. Add onion and garlic, browning lightly. Add remainder of ingredients, replace chicken. Simmer uncovered for one hour, turning after thirty minutes. Serve sauce over cooked fettuccine or ziti noodles.

Snow Dog


Hard 2 Find Eggs

I got these some of these eggs at Target to make our annual Easter egg hunt more challenging. This will be the 6th egg hunt at our house for three of the boys and they're getting pretty good!

13 Years Ago

Thirteen years ago it was the spring of 1995. I was a year out of high school, attending Minot State University, majoring in medical technology and celebrating my very first 4.0 average. I was living in the dorms but affording my parents visitation rights since they lived in the same town. I lived across the street from Taco Johns. I was working at Promark telemarketing and getting my feelings hurt repeatedly by the people I was meant to be harassing over the phone. My last relationship was a summer fling with a guy that I had gone to elementary school with and it fizzled when he went back to college in Washington state. I was planning on transferring to NDSU in Fargo the following year, probably to add some excitement to my boring life. Little did I know how much my boring life was about to change when my sister would set me up on a blind date with a 25 year old Lieutenant in the Air Force...


Thanks to whoever coined the "spring forward fall back" phrase or I'd be totally confused.

Pinewood Derby

Alex won his cub scout pack's Pinewood Derby! He was so proud of himself. He said, "I guess my life isn't always dull!" It pays to have an engineer as a dad. He goes to regionals next month. More pictures here.

Rhode Island Lighthouse Coffee

Normally I'm not a fan of treasure hunt ice cream. But how can you go wrong with Hood coffee ice cream studded with espresso filled chocolate penises?


I've been saving the Sunday paper coupons for about 6 weeks without clipping any of them. I spent about a half an hour with the CVS ad planning these trips which I made while Alex was at a birthday party. I got all this for $12.83 legally! Some CVSers are much better and would call me an amateur but I refuse to buy anything that I won't actually use within a few months.

Trip One $8.86
Venus Embrace $9.99, $4 coupon, earned $6 extra care bucks
Listerine $2.99, $1 coupon
Pantene shampoo $2.88, $2 coupon

Trip Two $3.97
Charmin $5.99, $1 coupon
Starbursts $1.99
Colgate $2.99, earned $2.99 extra care bucks
Used $6 extra care bucks from trip one

Trip Three FREE
Pantene conditioner $2.88, $2 coupon
Olay body wash $3.99, $2 coupon
Used $2.99 extra care bucks from trip two

Busy Week



From a college cost calculator:

"Assuming a 6% annual increase in total college tuition costs and an 8% annual return on investment, by the year 2019, a four-year, public, in-state degree for Alex will cost $153,956.87. Considering the future value of your present savings and expected funding from outside sources, you will still need to come up with $142,306.87 between now and September of 2019. To do so you will need to deposit $671.32 to Alex's college fund each month from now until Alex starts college."

"Assuming a 6% annual increase in total college tuition costs and an 8% annual return on investment, by the year 2024, a four-year, public, in-state degree for David will cost $206,029.02. Considering the future value of your present savings and expected funding from outside sources, you will still need to come up with $202,599.02 between now and September of 2024. To do so you will need to deposit $519.76 to David's college fund each month from now until Davi…

Mister Helpful


Dear Ovaries

First off, I'm sorry about all the fertility drugs. But if you hadn't been so lazy to begin with I wouldn't have had to use them. Next, thank you for David. He was a welcome surprise after we'd given up. But that's not what I'm here to discuss. If you think I didn't notice the single dark hair growing out of my chin you are sorely mistaken. If you think I'm too stupid to realize that you are responsible you are again mistaken. I've seen enough post-menopausal women with beards to know the truth. I may be done having children but I'm certainly not ready for you to slip into early retirement. So knock it off! You've turned me into an obsessive compulsive chin rubber. And I don't like it one bit.

States (While I Wait for the Cable Guy)

Thanks for the link, Kristi!

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

I need to get cracking if I want to make 50 by 50.

Nap Time

I spent the first 21 or so years of my life believing that when my mom & dad went hand in hand off to their bedroom for a nap in the afternoon that they were really napping.