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I took this last weekend off and by 11am on Saturday I realized that I was feeling better which is wonderful. We went to Alex's Pinewood Derby regionals where he took first place in his district for Tigers. He got a nice trophy but it wasn't one of the big ones so he was a bit disappointed. Allan and I spent the rest of the weekend coaching him on being a good sport! Yesterday was our town's annual road race. Alex ran the entire 2K with Allan right beside him and then Allan went on to run the 5K by himself. Our friends came in from NH to run the race and then spent the rest of the afternoon at our house. After a nice nap for David and I we had dinner at the Lilac Blossom and I think the tangerine beef is responsible for me feeling almost energetic today. While we didn't get a lot accomplished we spent a lot of time together as a family which is rare around here.

I'm Pregnant.

There. I've said it. That's why I've totally sucked as a wife, mother and blogger. Due around Thanksgiving. And, no, it wasn't planned but yes we're happy.


Here he is!

David's Words

Dogget (other dog)
Bottle (sounds more like bah pool)
Choo choo
Poo (means diaper, butt or penis)
Bye bye
Uh oh
I want down
I want that
Nigh Nights

Alex says "What a big vocabulary you have for a baby like you!"


I've been clipping coupons for years. I get excited when I can save $1 on something I would have bought anyway. Yesterday Allan used a $400 coupon on our new car so now he's the coupon king. Four hundred dollars off!!!

New Car

New to us anyway! It's a 2003 Accord.


It's time to get rid of our 1997 Camry. The blue book value is $998 and it needs a new clutch at a minimum. I'm proud that we've kept it so long and kind of sad to let it go. Perhaps our new car will be from this millenium!

#1 Fan


Molluscum Part Deux

We figured out how Alex got molluscum. Or how he is probably spreading it like wildfire. Armpit farts. He has his hand under his shirt farting all the time. If the wikipedia pictures of it weren't enough to make you sick, this should be.

A Little Guilt

It's amazing what a little guilt can get you to do. I'm dragging myself and David to the children's museum to meet his playgroup today because the poor boy has been neglected all week and I used to do fun things with Alex and his playgroup all the time. You better have fun, buddy, because when we get home it's back to second child status!

When Mom is Sick

Alex eats hot lunch at school whether he likes it or not.
David wears disposable diapers.
The house is a mess.
The drawers are empty but there are unfolded clean clothes in baskets lined up on our bedroom floor.
Nugget is ignored even more than usual.
Dad steps up to the plate!


Alex has molluscum on his back and under one arm.

April 15


Wonder Woman's Nipple

I had a patient with at least 15 assorted large tattoos all over his chest, back and arms. I had the pleasure of giving him his insulin shot right smack dab in the middle of Wonder Woman's bare nipple. I was sorry I couldn't get Olive Oil in the nude straddling a spinach can but we generally don't inject insulin into the forearms.

It's Been Awhile

Sorry, I seem to have nothing to say. The weather has been nice lately and David absolutely loves playing outside. Alex had his first soccer game and his team won. I was able to get out of work early on Saturday so I could take Alex to his school play. It was two hours long! He had fun though. And my dear, sweet husband bought me flowers for no reason!

Gross Out Party

Alex went to a birthday party with a gross out theme. The invitation said 'it snot a party without you' and had a picture of a nose dripping with green snot. He came home with a barf bag full of gummy boogers, a trash can cup, gross out stickers and a barrel of slime. Right up his alley.

Frantic or Why Thomas Gets No Nerds

Yesterday after making David nap in the car while we waited outside a roller rink during Alex's friend's half day of school birthday party and then rushing to Payless to get cleats for the first day of soccer and rushing home and making Alex make his own supper while I folded the three loads of laundry I did that morning with a cranky David on my hip I broke into a future birthday boy's box of candy to get David off my hip for a few minutes so I could finish the laundry, rush Alex and James (so James' dad could do the pickup) to soccer, rush home in time to transfer David to Allan and grab an apple on my way to work so I could work an extra four hour shift to help pay the IRS I felt very overwhelmed and frantic and I promised myself I'd talk Allan into getting his vasectomy sooner rather than later. Because this is already more than I can handle.

Le Scrub

Allan: "That's actually kind of obscene!"

So Happy that Daddy is Running Again



Friday evening, at the library parking lot during a rendezvous to transfer the boys from Me to Allan after he got back from San Jose so he could take Alex to cub scouts and I could go drink wine with the neighbors.

Allan: "Oh, David is already in his pajamas"
Alex: "No he's not! He's been in his pajamas all day long!"

I can't get away with anything around here!


That's how much we've earned in college reward savings since we opened our Upromise account when Alex was three months old. Not bad for buying things we would have bought anyway. Like the $7 I earned for using Proflowers to send G. Roll birthday flowers. Five hundred dollars might buy a textbook in 2019.


He's coming home today! And the next time his company requires him to travel I'm going to insist that they hire Mary Poppins to come and help me out. God bless single mothers.


Yesterday we were eating macaroni and cheese for dinner (aren't I fancy while Allan's away?) and David just picked at his. I gave him some yogurt and he was picking at that while I heated up a leftover slice of pizza for myself. He started screaming, "THAT!" repeatedly. I split the slice in half and offered him the smaller piece but he said no and continued pointing and yelling that. He wanted the bigger half, not the smaller half. And he scarfed it down!

Alex is mad at me because somehow I promised him the ears off of Allan's Easter bunny and when he woke up yesterday the ears were mysteriously gone. He's lost another tooth so I told him I didn't think he'd be able to eat the ears so I'm giving him the butt.

Asian Scurvy Anemia

I'm suffering from a rare form of ASA and it can only be cured by tangerine beef at the Lilac Blossom. Hurry home, honey!

Three Times

Allan managed to wake me up three times yesterday. The first was at 5am when he was getting ready to leave for the airport. Since I was up so early I took a nap when David napped but Allan had set the dryer buzzer on while he did laundry on Sunday so the dryer woke me up. I had just fallen asleep again when he called to tell me he had landed in San Jose. I guess it's payback for the time that I called him at 5am his time because I had forgotten about the time change.