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I Wanna Be a DNR


My Mom & I took the boys to the aquarium today. We took the subway so Jameson could experience public transportation and got stuck in an absolute downpour. They look exactly how I feel. Especially since they woke us up at five thirty this morning.


Jameson survived his first plane trip with the help of a new Game Boy. And I survived my first flat tire in downtown Boston. Triple A is good for more than just discount movie tickets!

Fruit Economics

We were invited to a pool party yesterday and I decided to bring a fruit platter. The pre-made ones at the grocery store were $18.99 and included two sections of cantaloupe, a section of watermelon, a section of grapes and a fruit dip. I made this one for $18 even and had a huge bowl of fruit leftover for my family. But don't call me frugal yet, this was the first time I've used this $35 Pampered Chef platter and I think I've had it for two years. The bottom layer is freezable and if you flip it over it has indentations for deviled eggs. I'm scared of deviled eggs.

Last Day of School


I'm Afraid Of:

Teflon-I use stainless steel or cast iron pans.
Plastic, especially plastic water bottles. I refuse to buy plastic jugs of milk which means I can only buy by the half gallon.
Standing too close to the microwave. I don't care what anyone says.
Bleached tea bags and coffee filters.
Ketchup. I won't even put 1 teaspoon in my Mom's shrimp marinade recipe.
Fumes-new car, paint, cleaning products, glue, gas. But I have been known to enjoy Sharpie in moderation.


The last baseball game of the season, class play Alex in yellow, hailstorm today, David asleep at supper after having no nap and yes, he still eats baby food.


A trip down the highway is a real hoot with David in the car. He loves to announce all the trucks. Except he can't exactly say truck so he calls them phucks. Alex can't stop laughing.

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast

The all night screaming is getting a bit better. He was up three times last night but Nugget was also up three times. Three deep sleep interrupting separate times, of course. We invested in this gate which is too tall for the goldfish escaping the bowl maneuver that he is so fond of. All the traditional baby products worked for Alex-single belt high chair, regular baby gate, etc. David is clearly a different kid.

Oh, David!

Allan put David in his crib on Wednesday night to see just how he was managing to climb out. He flings himself head first over the top and crawls down. Not exactly safe. So we rearranged his room, baby proofed the closet and put the crib mattress on the floor. And the first night Allan laid down with him. David would start breathing heavily, Allan would wait a few minutes then try to sneak out. David would wake up, start screaming bloody murder and beat Allan to the door. Finally after an hour and a half David was asleep. Until one o'clock. He came running down the hall screaming. After two hours of trying to get him asleep we gave in and put him in bed with us. For his nap yesterday I laid on the floor with him and he was so exhausted that it worked. Last night was a complete repeat of the first and I ended up sleeping with him in the big bed in his room. Allan had to take Alex to school so I just put him in his room with a gate in the door so I could shower. When h…

Tall Enough to Climb Out of His Crib



Yesterday there was a young deer in front of our house. Nugget was barking like crazy but keeping his distance. I opened the front door and Nugget suddenly took off and chased the deer into the woods. He was protecting me! It's been three and a half years since we got him and he's finally useful for something other than crumb cleanup.


In the last several weeks we've had one unexpected expense after another. June is the month of our anniversary, Alex's birthday and Father's day so we've maxed out on gift giving. Then we had our fireplace tiled. Then our air conditioner died. Then both boys outgrew their shoes. And they both needed summer clothes. Then my prepaid cell phone ran out of minutes. Then my annual professional liability insurance came due, then I had to register Alex for baseball camp, Harry Potter camp and Fall soccer. Then Allan is working on an outdoor painting project and had to drop a bomb at Home Depot. Then our freezer died and I still haven't seen the $150 check from the appliance store. Then we got the excise tax bill for our new car. Then Allan decided to resume lawn fertilization service. Then we got a letter from the mortgage company reporting an escrow shortage and we can either pay up or our monthly payment will go up. And now Nugget needs a good grooming but …


I'm thirty two years old. Why is it that I haven't learned that when I'm wide awake at 6:45 I should get up rather than fall back asleep repeatedly and end up having to drag my groggy ass out of bed at 7:45?



Father's Day

I had a very relaxed day, mine is dead you see so there is no pressure to find the perfect gift and visit or make phone calls.


I dreamt one of my old neighbors asked me if I'm still doing catering. And apparently I am.


We ate dinner at Chili's tonight. A couple with a baby around David's age sat nearby. They had a high chair cover, a bib, a Tiny diner which is a washable placemat, a sippy cup, cheerios, a toddler book and at least three toys for their child. We had a small wooden train that Allan hastily grabbed out of the car on the way in.

Farmland with David

I took David to Farmland today. He loved the animals, especially the cows. He brushed the baby cows, fed the goats, patted the chickens and waved to the ducks. He kept calling the goats dogs. He didn't even mind when a baby goat tried to eat his hat. I guess growing up with Nugget has been good for David. Pictures here.

The Mint Chocolate Puddle

I noticed a puddle of green beneath our freezer this morning. Mint chocolate chip ice cream had melted onto the floor. The freezer temperature was 49 degrees. We can't figure out why. The fridge temp was 44, too warm but not as catasrophic as the freezer. Luckily it is still under warranty and the place that sold it is giving us $150 toward replacing the food. I had not yet done the weekly shopping and didn't buy much last week so I think we'll actually make money on the deal. My crazy husband was trying to convince me to save some of it but there is no way I'm eating it. We have ice packs in the fridge from the downstairs freezer and when we took the energy saver feature off it seems to be cooling again, it is now 37 degrees.

It's also 98 degrees and humid out and I told Alex I'd take him to his school carnival today. We zipped in and out and now it is very definitely nap time.


By 4pm today I had done absolutely nothing other than take care of David and pick Alex up from the bus. Then I kicked it into high gear and flew around the house, cleaning, folding laundry and putting stuff away. My house is happy again. And I can relax again.

Parker House Rolls



Air fare has gone up so much that we just can't afford to fly the entire family home to ND for a visit this summer. And that really sucks because we only go once a year.Roundtrip tickets are over $700. So I'm going alone. And I'm really excited to be by myself for an entire flight. I'm not bringing a single toy, diaper or sippy cup. I leave on a Thursday evening and come back on the following Monday so it's a short trip. But I'll be able to go to Taco Johns at least three times which should hold me for a few weeks.

Sunday School Picture



Where did I put the half a dozen pairs of ugly stretchy knit shorts that I bought to wear after David was born because I'm going to need them soon...


You might be able to hide your drinking problem from your spouse, your boss, your friends but check into the hospital for a couple of days and we'll figure it out!

Twelve Years

Allan & I got married 12 years ago today. I came home to a dozen red roses, six HUGE chocolate covered strawberries, Alex singing the Happy Anniversary song and David dumping Obsession for men all over the bathroom floor. It smells like an Anniversary in here, boy howdy.