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Leg Update

Alex has been in the long cast for 5 weeks. His X-ray yesterday looked good, he'll need another 2 weeks in the long cast and then he can switch to "a short cast or a boot, probably a short cast." He's doing amazingly well on the crutches and still uses the wheelchair for hallway trips at school. Allan takes him to school in the morning and I pick him up in the afternoon. It looks like he'll be back to normal before the baby arrives.

If You Build It They Will Come

This is a yard of 'fill' or SAND in a depression in our front yard. Also known as $228.75 worth of fill or SAND. And we need a yard of loam to go on top. And loam is more expensive than fill. In other words, we'll end up spending more on this depression than we spent on Allan's new wedding ring. Since we got it from a company called Dr. Mulch and it's to treat depression I wonder if we can use our healthcare flexible spending account to pay for it.


I'm in need of a laundry bailout. Allan, because I failed to wash enough clothes through the week you'll have to do at least four loads over the weekend.

David 3 Mom 1

He's asleep on the floor of his bedroom. In 45 minutes I'll have to wake him up to go get Alex. Ahh, 45 sweet, sweet minutes.


My Mom had a Grey's Anatomy Premiere party last night. She made a turkey dinner with all the trimmings and an apple cake. My apple cake. I like Grey's. I like turkey. I love mashed potatoes and gravy. Especially her gravy. I would have brought Pioneer Woman's butternut squash puree and a pumpkin pie. Too bad she lives so far away.

No Nap Day 3

David didn't nap on Tuesday which was unusual. When he didn't nap yesterday either and was totally fine by bedtime I became very concerned. Today I waited until 20 minutes ago to put him down and he's playing in his room with no signs of fatigue. It's not fair! I have a friend with two boys and they both had a hard time transitioning to full day kindergarten because they still needed their naps. I will insist that he spend an hour in his room in the afternoon because whether he needs a nap or not I need a break.


I hope the kids don't figure this out: when they both wake up early and get in bed with us and basically kick me out of bed I get up and make waffles for breakfast.

2,190 Days

I figured out how to get my Mom to extend her Thanksgiving trip by 4 days. I bought tickets to the Vince Gill and Amy Grant Christmas Concert. Now if I could just figure out how to get her to stay until the baby starts kindergarten I'll be set.

This Just In

"David poops diaper. Let's go"

And the best part? He said it to Allan, mwah ha ha ha ha!!!!

Let the Panic Begin

I have ten weeks until my due date. Ack!

Thank You

Thanks to the lady behind me in the grocery line for pointing out that David had taken a dark chocolate candy bar off the shelf, opened it and was eating it while I loaded groceries on the belt. If I hadn't caught him in time there is no way he'd be napping right now!

Upgraded Language Chip

David is talking in full sentences now. This morning he said, "Where's hat? I want find hat!" And we are ever so pleased that he can pronounce truck the right way. And Alex is now Addis instead of Ice. He'll soon have the ability to express the jealousy that will come when the baby is born :)

Sleep Apnea

Allan spent Tuesday night in a sleep lab. It was a horrible night, he felt like he got no sleep whatsoever and just as he did fall asleep they woke him up and sent him home. He had to take Wednesday off and just as he feels like he's recovered today he got the call that he meets the criteria for sleep apnea and has to spend another night in the sleep lab getting fitted with CPAP. Interesting.


I let Alex get this cereal even though I usually say no to regular Cocoa Puffs. The vanilla pieces look like Kix so they must be more nutritious, right?

Jiffy Lube Guy

I've been laughing at the Jiffy Lube guy all day today. I gave him $25.10 for my $23.10 oil change (I had a coupon) and when he realized there was only one $1 bill in his drawer and no quarters he got confused and flustered. I suggested that I give him $3 more and he give me a $5 and he got even more confused and flustered. He finally agreed and handed it over but kept eyeing me suspiciously and I could tell that he didn't understand. So when I chuckled about this for the last time this evening I realized that he would probably laugh at me all day if he knew that I don't even know how to check my car's oil.


We've officially decided to name the baby Thomas James. I gave my Grandma the go-ahead to cross stitch his name on his Christmas stocking-that's almost as official as signing the birth certificate.

When I was little my parents had a friend named Tom Love. He's still my Mom's friend. One day he came over to our house and I was busily making paper bacon. Long strips with brown marker squiggles on them. I gave Tom some bacon. He ate it. And kept eating it, as fast as I could churn it out. I still think that is the coolest thing. When I messed up a recipe for peppery steak stir fry and used 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne and an 1/8 teaspoon of black pepper instead of vice versa as a newly married bride my husband coughed, choked and wouldn't eat it. But deep in my heart I knew that Tom Love would have.

How I Got the Weekend Off

I called in sick on Saturday, David was sick, running 103 degree fevers and requiring constant holding. I couldn't leave Allan alone with the two of them. He was a bit better by Saturday night and I knew I had to go to work to preserve my paid time off for my maternity leave. But when they called at 6 am to see if I wanted to be cancelled today I just couldn't pass it up. I took Alex to church and Sunday school and then we all went to Costco and Home Depot. When we got back Allan fixed our dryer vent and David and I took a nap. We've been taking turns all afternoon. I had David while Allan cleaned up, he had him while I made dinner, he bathed and pajammied them while I did the dishes and now we're both beat. My next paycheck will suffer but it was worth it to have a full weekend off.


David is a bit obsessed with bugs. Any black spot anywhere is a bug. I especially love it when he points to food that I've made and announces, "Dats bugs!" Outside, he gets positively giddy when he spots an actual bug. He bends at the waist like only pot-bellied toddlers can and stares, squeals and repeats, "bugs!"

Yesterday he was stung by a bee. After much crying, Benadryl cream, a chewable Motrin and a cup of juice he looked at me earnestly and said, "Ouch, bug." I'm a little afraid to take him outside today.

The Difference

Here's a difference between Allan and I: when I open iTunes and it tells me a new version is available I think to myself, "why would I want to stop what I'm doing to download something new when the old one works just fine?" When he gets that message he can't click 'download' fast enough!


This kid is really trying my patience. Alex had a doctor's appointment this morning and while David was semi-well-behaved at the appointment (he ran away from me, down the hall and into the Edward Jones office but only once) when we got to Alex's school he wanted to walk but refused to hold my hand and I didn't need another Edward Jones moment so I picked him up. He screamed, kicked, hit, etc. while the secretary wrote out Alex's tardy slip, while the vice principal offered to carry Alex's crutches to his classroom so I wouldn't do it and disrupt half the school, while I buckled him into his car seat, the whole ride home, while I unbuckled him, while I carried him into the house and for an additional ten minutes in our entryway. I feel like I've been attacked by a dementor. I'd better go find some chocolate.

Why Didn't I Think of That?

It's pancake and waffle batter in an aerosol can.

You are My Sunshine

Thank you to whoever sent this to me! It was a nice surprise and since there was no identification I've been wondering who it could be from :)


If you were at Target today and heard a blood curdling toddler tantrum followed by a flash of black and green it was David and I. He was screaming because I wouldn't let him ride the choo-choo and I was carrying his flailing body out of the store just as fast as my fat ass could move. When is he going to figure out that I'm not going to give in?

Worth It

Alex had his cast signed by an Air Force Thunderbird pilot at an air show this weekend. He's decided that breaking his leg is now 'worth it.'

First Day of School

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Painful Appointment

Alex had an orthopedist appointment yesterday after school. In downtown Lowell. I hate downtown Lowell and have ever since I turned the wrong way on a one-way street. So around noon, David and I drove up there to figure out where the office is and where we could potentially park. It took 45 minutes. We found the building but circled the block four times to find the parking lot. Of course, at 3:45 the lot was full and we ended up parking two blocks away in metered parking. On a cobblestone street. Have you ever tried to push a wheelchair on a cobblestone street? While carrying 28 pounds of toddler and a pregnant belly? And balancing a pair of crutches that for some reason would not fit under the wheelchair as usual. Oh, and it is a child's wheelchair and I'm six feet tall so it requires a very uncomfortable crouch. Alex can usually maneuver himself but not over cobblestone. So we get into the very old, very tight building with no automatic doors and he has his Xray…

Sharpening Pencils

Damn, I wish I hadn't been so cheap and bought the unsharpened pencils for school. Because now we're T minus 12 hours and I have 20 left to sharpen. His list specifically said sharpened. And it was underlined. And I'm a rule follower. And he's in bed so he can't help.


I wish I had a fancy cell phone instead of a prepaid phone so I could have this as my ringtone.


The Ferris wheel warned that it was not recommended for those with injuries including broken bones or pregnant women.

David at the Keyboard

I couldn't figure out why our home page will not load. Then I realized that David changed it to:
and for some reason that url does not exist.


How the hell did that happen? Today we're taking David to see the real, live Thomas the Tank engine. I wonder if he's handicap accessible. Allan and I can think of a million other things to get done on our first day off together since July 4th but this is David's birthday present.

As for the rest of the week I have my glucose tolerance test, Alex's first day of school and his first followup appointment with the orthopedist. He'll probably be getting a new cast, the current one seems a bit loose at the top already. Then next week David starts music class and library story time again. We're heading into fall at full speed.