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Halloween 08

Originally uploaded by jsslotter Clone Trooper. Skunk.

Brought to You by Barney

While both boys are watching Barney (?) I'm up here uploading pictures of Allan and I to see what our baby will look like. Hello, lady, go clean your house. Get ready for the trick or treaters. Something.
Anyway, here's what it looks like. Make your own here:


For once I'm caught up on laundry and behind on Grey's Anatomy.

Pumpkin Carving



Originally uploaded by jsslotter I think somewhere deep down, Alex feels he helped the Phillies win.

Bumper Sticker

I got the first one. Because I'm much cooler now than I used to be.

Dear Earth

I'm sorry about the disposable diapers. I'm just. So. Tired.


This turnip seems to be going through puberty on my kitchen counter.

My Mom's Drug of Choice

At least half of my Mom's recipes call for Nature's Seasoning. And her famous pork roast would not be the same without it. They stopped carrying it at my two local grocery stores so she just sent me three big bottles. Mmmm, the pork was delicious last night. Thanks, Mom!


What a weekend. A nurse that I know was accused of sexually assaulting a patient. He was arrested. His name and address were listed on the front page of the paper. He's on unpaid leave and will be arraigned today. It's her word against his. I don't know him well enough to decide if I think he's guilty but he worked on our unit for over a year with no problems. It feels like a witch hunt and I can't imagine how this will affect his future even if he is innocent.

Mini Van Mama

The time has come.
It's the '05 Odyssey with all the bells and whistles except DVD. It does have rear backup sensors so Nugget the wonder dog will be safe. He becomes remarkably stupid around cars, running in front and chasing his tail and doing who knows what in the rear.
And as for the Pilot, we were hoping for $8K as a trade-in which is reasonable according to NADA but they insulted us with an offer of $5,700. The first dealer we saw did offer eight but wouldn't budge on the price of the van. So we are going to try to sell it ourselves. Wish us luck!


Allan has the three of us booked to look at seven different vans today. And the Pilot looks fantastic. There is one on our list that has a DVD player in the back and I almost want to rule it out for that reason. I know myself, I'd start out by saying it was for long trips only. Then one of them (David) would be throwing a tantrum on the way to the grocery store and I'd cave in and pretty soon the damn thing would be on every single time we had kids in the car. Hopefully we'll find what we are looking for and get the price we want on a regular one. They're all 2005 or 2006, two have leather, one is the 'touring' edition which gets better gas mileage on the highway because it shuts off cylinders and the mileages range from 15-58K. I'm referring to Mr. Engineer's handy spreadsheet that we are bringing along. Fun, fun, fun.

On another note, who else but a Mommy blogger would know that two years ago yesterday she made pumpkin muffins with her five year…


We're having the Pilot detailed today, inside and out. In hopes that the $250 we are spending will convince the dealer that it's worth full blue book value as a trade on this:

2005 Honda Odyssey
and we're fully prepared to go in and drive a hard bargain because we are in no hurry and I doubt car dealers are doing much business these days.

Guest Teacher

After school yesterday Alex told me there was "one thing bad" about his day. They had a guest teacher. When I was a kid we called them subs. He told me three things about this guest teacher:

*she looked like a man with a wig
*she gave them way too much work
*she asked a good kid if there was something wrong with his hearing

And yes, I clarified that this 'good kid' was not Alex.


We took a trip to the Lego store today to pick up some Christmas gifts for Alex. It's on the upper floor of the mall, out of the way. And let me add that I'll believe that the economy is in trouble when I can find a decent parking spot at this mall. I picked up this little keychain for Alex's stocking and when I went to pay couldn't find it so I grabbed another one. When I got to the car after I had loaded David and the big bag I went to fold up the stroller and found the other keychain in the basket. I was too exhausted to consider bringing it back, especially since he's too young to understand so I'm going to mail it to them. After Alex sees it on our counter so he can appreciate my integrity of course!


It took a good solid week but we finally have both boys sleeping well in the same room. And we're working together on the bedtime routine. We used to take turns and we had a great system but I found that we get the job done faster and easier if we each take a boy. Once they're bathed and in bed, Alex gets to read while we finish up with David, David gets a story and then the whole family joins in for prayer. We say:

Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep. May angels watch me through the night and wake me with the morning light.

David says the sleep, keep, night and light part followed by a very dramatic, "AMEN!" After kisses and hugs they take turns choosing the music and go to sleep after a short chit chat. For several days David would notice when Alex fell asleep and then wake him up by screaming, "ADDIS!" but fortunately we are over that. And now that Alex can maneuver himself into and out of the shower and will soon be witho…

Walking Cast

It's a fancy striped blue and black cast and it goes up to the knee but the knee can bend all the way. And it came just in time, last night the cast protector failed in the bathtub and the green cast got soaked. He had puddles on the floor from the bathroom to his bedroom and by this morning said his skin felt like cream cheese. When the cast came off it looked like cream cheese too.

Last Year

As busy and crazy as life is around here now, I reread a post from a year ago. Things were pretty crazy then with all of Alex's fall activities, David not yet walking and our home renovation. Looking back, I'm enjoying the freedom the broken leg has provided (Cub Scouts, that's it!) David learned to walk just fine at 15 months and I love love love my new kitchen. Looking ahead, things should calm down for us in about 2015.


Alex: Nugget had really bad gas yesterday so I was spraying 'fresh linen' air freshener. He told me it smelled so bad that he'd rather smell dog farts. Like father, like son.

David: We call him 'stink bug' and he insists that it's 'hot stink bug.' Indeed.

Tom: Gets the hiccups every day.

Time For a Change



Allan really thinks we need a mini van. He took me to a dealer and I drove a loaded 2004 Sienna. And here's what sold me:
leather seats
you push a button on the remote and the kids' door opens
they get in and you push a button on the dash and it closes
it has a similar hatch back door to our Pilot which is difficult to close but on the Sienna you pull a strap and it closes itself
the seats fold down and sink flat into the floor allowing you to carry a 4x8' piece of plywood
So I've decided that even though it's ugly I'm going to embrace the van because it will make my life easier. But as soon as I'm out of the Mommy phase I'm getting a Harley.

We want to sell the Pilot on our own and find a private party van 2004 or newer so it may take awhile but honestly, neither one of us feels like getting raped by a car dealer right now.


Originally uploaded by jsslotter

On the eve of his fourth birthday. Notice the fading of the nose, the lightening of the fur around his mouth. Unfortunately he still acts like a crazy puppy most of the time.

The Truth

I'd rather drive my 2003 Honda Pilot with 99K miles and probably a large order's worth of french fries hidden under the seats than a brand new Honda Odyssey mini van with all the bells and whistles. I'm proud to be a mom of soon to be three boys and I will do all the necessary car pooling but please, oh please don't make me get a mini van!

Wolf Pack

It's Alex's turn to bring treats to Cub Scouts tomorrow and since they are Wolf Scouts and it's so close to Halloween I made these from the "Hello, Cupcake" book. I've used the book twice after telling the PTA mom at the book fair that I would probably never make any of the cupcakes. My favorite part-they recommend canned frosting! The kids don't care and it's SOOO much easier.


On Saturday Allan cleared out Alex's room and moved David in. When it was bedtime, David kept making Alex laugh and they were definitely keeping each other awake. I had to bribe Alex with a dollar but once he rolled over and ignored the, "Addis! Addis! ADDIS!!!!" and fell asleep David decided to get up and dig around in the closet. Eventually he went to sleep but ended up in our bed until morning. Last night Allan had to stand in the room between the beds and lay down the law but it worked. David slept through the night. And when I went to bed at nine the nursery had a freshly vacuumed floor but when I woke up the double bed had been set up. Yay, Allan! Now I just have to sit back, relax and wait for the nesting instinct to kick in and I can clean out the closet, wash the newborn clothes and bedding and find all the other baby stuff that is buried in the basement.

Milk II

Local warehouse club pricing:
1/2 gallon organic skim milk $3.29
gallon hormone-free conventional milk $2.89
I got a guilt-trip email from Allan after my last post with a cut and paste slew of info from Consumer Reports proving that paying more for organic is worth it especially when it comes to kids. And David drinks a lot of milk. And he's little. And I recently switched Allan to warehouse brand coffee saving 40% so he told me to use the coffee savings to buy the milk. So I did.

Ten Ten

*We hired a landscaping company to finish our yard depression. Hopefully the little grassers are germinating as I type.
*David and I are meeting his playgroup at an orchard to go apple and pumpkin picking. And we get to go on a hayride!
*Tomorrow Allan is going to set David's bed up in Alex's room and as of 8pm they'll be sharing a room.
*I have 6 more weekends to work and then I start my leave. It's getting to be quite a challenge to be on my feet for 12 hours but my doctor supports whatever I want to do.
*I got a haircut last night.
*Alex is ready to go down the stairs now, I have to go spot him.
*His appointment is 10/17 for the short cast. He can't wait!

She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain

David's music class has She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain on the CD this session. So we all had chicken and dumplings for dinner last night. Not that he ate any of it.

Mums the Word


Compound Bug Words

Alex was assigned to list as many compound bug names that he could. With the help of Ranger Rick magazine, here is what he came up with:
daddy longlegs

Apple Picking



From Dad:

From David
From Thomas

From Mom:

From Nugget:


From Dad:

From Mom:

From Nugget:

From Thomas:

From Alex:


From Dad:

From Alex:

From David:

From Mom:


I Fold

I quit buying organic milk today. It used to be $2.99 for a half gallon. It has crept up to $3.69 which is more than a whole gallon of regular milk. I hope the kids like the taste of recombinant bovine growth hormone.

Married Again

Last night we picked up Allan's new wedding ring. Actually, he went into the jewelry store while I waited in the car with the kids. I didn't feel like tackling the huge winding staircase with a kid on crutches and then sit with a bull in a china shop while he collected, tried on and paid for the ring. He got in the car and handed me the box. I got to, "with this ring I thee wed" again. I was 20 when we got married. I let my Mom make almost all the wedding decisions because I really didn't care.

Speaking of our wedding, Jim & Arlene gave us a very nice set of knives which until yesterday had not been sharpened in 12 years. I took them to a fancy kitchen store and paid $3 each for a professional sharpening and I get to pick them up today. I can't wait to use them again and I vow to bring them back once a year as recommended.

Today is our niece's first birthday. Happy birthday, Allie! I hope they let you at some cake and I can't wait to s…

Itemized Bill

Wow! We got the bill for our copay for Alex's broken leg and it lists the itemized charges on the back.
Splint, long leg $150
injection morphine sulfate $3
IV push, therapeutic drug $130 (the delivery of the morphine)
injection ondansetron $63 (Zofran, anti-nausea, we didn't even know he got this)
IV push, subsequent drug $131 (why is the second one more?)
hydration, initial up to 1 hr $285 (they kicked us out before the bag was even half empty!)
Xray, tib fib $305
There were more charges, a total of $2328 and our insurance paid $2303. The next time I push Zofran at work I'm going to have to bite my tongue to keep from telling the patient that he better really need it because it costs $193!


I won't say I'm overwhelmed with life right now, but I'm darn close. Allan isn't sleeping well, he tosses and turns at night. Alex is pretty good. David has been waking up and screaming at night. During the day David is a challenge to say the least. Nugget desperately needs some exercise. I'm slow, ungainly and tired. The laundry, cooking and cleaning is barely getting done. I need a vacation yet I know the only break I'm going to get anytime soon will come in the form of maternity leave and then I remember that a newborn baby is part of that deal. I very much want this baby but there are many reasons why I would never have planned his arrival for this fall!

My List

Wii fit. I can't upload a picture.

Ipod transmitter, family of 5 bear ornament, YSL touche eclat #2, hand mixer