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I had Fudd's for lunch. If that doesn't do it I don't know what will.

Black Friday

You won't catch me in any retail establishments today. Okay, maybe the grocery store. We had a very nice Thanksgiving. My mom invited some old friends who have recently moved to New Hampshire. They have twin 7 year old girls. It was the first time our dining room table wasn't big enough for everybody but David's chair has a separate tray so we just pushed him into the corner. We had:
Mashed Potatoes
Cornbread Stuffing
Green Bean Casserole
Butternut Squash
Dinner Rolls
Cranberry Sauce
Fruit Salad with Citrus Sauce
Pumpkin Pie
Cranberry Cake w/Hot Butter Sauce



Mom's Night Out

My friends took me out for dinner as a baby shower gift last night. I had a wonderful spicy Italian dinner complete with (gasp!) most of a glass of red wine. We then shopped for two hours. And I had not a single sign of labor the whole time. I had an old lady tell me I'm not 'going soon' because I'm 'too high' and that really ticked me off. I probably look high to a person who is five feet tall but I'm definitely not too high and I'm definitely going soon. I hope!

The Moms change guard today. I hoped I would deliver while Allan's Mom was here because she so graciously dropped everything and came to help out and be here in case of an early arrival but it doesn't seem like it's going to work out for that. Unless I give birth on the highway between airport trips but I doubt that will happen.

David Naming the President-Elect


For two hundreds, one fifty, 325 twenties, 36 tens and 18 fives.

One Thing

There is one thing I'd rather do than have the baby today. SELL THE PILOT! Someone is coming to look at it now with cash in his pocket. Someone else is coming at four o'clock. Please, oh, please!

My Gift to Me

I get a $100 gift card from the hospital for Christmas every year. This year I'm spending it all on me. I'm going to get:
Flat Marvel hair straightening balm, Touche Eclat concealer, Lash Out! mascara, Bare Vitamins skin prep and Sebastian Shaper hair spray. My Mom introduced me to the last four. Expensive but oh, so worth it.

Labor & Delivery Mix

Mamma Mia*Abba
Head Over Feet*Alanis Morissette
When I See You Smile*Bad English
Let Me Be the One*Blessid Union of Souls
Crazy Love*Brian McKnight
Oh Very Young*Cat Stevens
Mrs. Potter's Lullaby*Counting Crows
With Arms Wide Open*Creed
Come A Little Closer Baby*Dierks Bentley
Cowboy Take Me Away*Dixie Chicks
Close Your Eyes*Edward Bear
Apron Strings*Everything But the Girl
Only Wanna Be With You*Hootie & the Blowfish
How Sweet It Is*James Taylor
Where've You Been*Kathy Mattea
Laid*Matt Nathanson
Wonder*Natalie Merchant
Puff (The Magic Dragon) Peter, Paul & Mary
Love is a Beautiful Thing*Phil Vassar
Forever and Ever, Amen*Randy Travis
I Am a Rock*Simon & Garfunkel
Kiss Me*Sixpence None the Richer
My Three Sons*TV Theme Music
Can't Help Fallin' In Love*UB40
Love is All Around*Wet Wet Wet


Last week I laughed at the notion that fresh pineapple can trigger labor. This week I asked my Mom if I am likely to find a fresh one in the store or if I'll be forced to wait for it to ripen at home. Desperate times...

Fall Sunday School Picture

Grades 1-2_txt
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No Gifts Please

When I had David I put a little tag in the birth announcement that said 'no gifts please.' We had absolutely everything we could need since we already had a boy. Our house is not huge and as it stands our basement is full of rubbermaid totes loaded with clothes of all sizes and toys of all variety. And that is still the case. My Mom bought us a new car seat since technology has probably improved in the last 7-8 years and a new stroller that sports a toddler jump seat. I went on Craigslist and got a fancy thing called a 'Bundle Me' which is like a winter coat for the car seat. I have a stash of cloth diapers. My breast pump is still working well. I washed all the adorable 'blue jean teddy' nursery decor that we got at our baby shower before Alex was born. Allan's Mom sewed a full set of nursery linen included embroidered burp cloths, receiving blankets and enough quilts for an Eskimo babe and they are all still in great shape. So my Mom is again wor…

Okay, Kid

Grandma is here. It's safe to come out now. I'm waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Tap, tap, tap.

The First Lesson

From church today: 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11
"....then sudden destruction will come upon them, as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and there will be no escape!"



I retired this morning. I got up, showered and realized that I felt awful. My pulse felt like it was over 200 so I laid down and called in. And they were actually glad to hear from me as they'd been trying to cancel someone and she wasn't calling back. They assumed that I would want to work because for the last 12 weeks that has been my answer. So I feel a bit less guilty. I decided it's not worth going into labor today and that I should listen to my body and slow down. So today I'm doing just that. After I do a few loads of laundry and get some grocery shopping done. The nice thing about being home is that I can nap between tasks.


If I make it through one more weekend I'll be on leave until February 15th. I've heard much whining and complaining from my coworkers about how I'll get all the holidays off and I just have to gently remind them that I'll have all the holidays off with THREE KIDS. Not to mention that I've worked either Christmas day or Christmas eve and/or all the days flanking them thus rendering me unable to visit my family for the last nine years. It's called hospital nursing. The closest I've come to home for the holidays was in 1996 when I scrambled to spend Thanksgiving in North Dakota. Fortunately my Mom comes here every other Christmas and every other Thanksgiving and Allan's parents are coming for Christmas this year. Even with my leave and fancy minivan I can't imagine hauling two kids, a newborn and their gifts to Pennsylvania. I'm so afraid that I'll need a c-section and be stuck on a clear liquid diet on Thanksgiving day. Gravy is not a …


I found our missing cordless phone. It has been missing for weeks, long enough to completely discharge the battery rendering the 'search' function useless. It was in the grain silo of the little people farm.


Alex is still limping, over a week after his cast came off. And his ankle is swollen. I'm taking him in to the orthopedist today and I wonder if we'll walk out with a prescription for physical therapy. As long as we walk out without a cast I think we'll be okay.

David's First Movie

We went to Madagascar 2 yesterday. Since I had a midwife appointment I dropped Alex off at our friend's before the show and David and I met them there. So by the time we got there the popcorn line was too long. And now I kind of feel bad that he didn't get popcorn at his first movie. He enjoyed the show and sat still for the most part.

Eleven Eleven

I have several things that I've been putting off on my to do list for this week:
*Clean under the pad and chair of David's high chair-I did this yesterday and it should have been done a year ago and then weekly ever since.
*Transplant my jade plant. It's slowly dying. I need to pick up potting soil.
*Address my Christmas cards and print the pictures. Allan shot the picture this morning, it's our mantle with all five of our stockings hanging on it. No one needs to know that the youngest member was still in utero when the picture was taken.
*Remove my new stroller from the box, figure out how to fold it up and attach the car seat and put it in the trunk of the van.
*Clean out the diaper bag and add some newborn diapers, clothes and blankets.
*Put the jogging stroller in the basement. It's in the way every time I go in the garage and get in the car. And I'm, um, not really jogging anymore. In fact, the last thing I exercised was my right to vote and look at how t…

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to the love of my life!

Twenty Thirty Five?!

I bought Allan a book for his birthday. I knew by putting it off and buying it at the bookstore meant I paid more. I was okay with that until I got home and looked it up online. I paid $20.35 more. It qualifies for free super saver shipping. Honey, you're going to have to wait a few days to get your gift. I hope finding out early what the gift is will help alleviate the pain.

Migraines cut breast cancer risk 30 percent

I'd much rather have migraines than breast cancer!


Last night I had such bad heartburn I was nauseous. I'm also so huge that I can't eat much. So Allan made the boys dinner and I put the ground beef for burgers in the freezer. And sauteed the mushrooms anyway. For dinner I had a pint of sauteed mushrooms, a key lime pie yogurt, a fun size pack of Starbursts and a fun size pack of Sour Patch Kids. I can't wait to be normal again.


Last night I laid awake for two hours worrying that I would go into labor before my Mom gets here and Allan would miss the birth. I hate asking for help. It's admitting defeat and what if I get told no? I caved in and agreed to Allan's suggestion that we ask his Mom to come for a week before my Mom comes. And she agreed! And now that there is a plan in place I just know the little stinker is going to stay put until December. But I promise I won't regret asking for help. This time.

2.5 Hours

The two and half hours between getting Alex off the bus waiting for Allan to come home are unbearable. I'm tired, they're tired, we're all hungry and lately it's been getting dark before five. Hurry home, honey!

If My Dad Had a Grave He'd Be Rolling Over in It

Last night, watching election coverage.
Alex: "Ooh, I like that guy. He's a Republican!!"

Two Legs & a Piece of Celebratory Ice Cream Cake



I'm taking Alex to get his cast off today!