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Dirty Clothes HELL

It's snowing outside so the appliance store called to see if we wanted to reschedule our delivery. NO! The dirty clothes are piling up. Then an hour later they called back to tell us that they cannot deliver but they're giving us 15% off our purchase. As cheap as I am I still would rather have them today. But it looks like I'll have to wait until Friday. They sure do love to cancel things because of the snow here, if Alex had school we would probably have gotten a 5am phone call from the administration canceling it.

Two Cavities

It's been over 9 months since my last dental checkup, the last time I went I had two children and NONE on the way. I have two flippin' cavities. I finally confirmed with my dentist that I'm genetically predisposed to them because I floss every day and brush twice yet still get cavaites. Hopefully I didn't pass this on to the boys, Allan has only had 1 cavity in his whole life.


Thomas' poop smells so much like buttered popcorn that the thought of going to the movies makes me sick.

To Do For Two

Allan has this whole week off! His company decided to force everybody to take vacation time so they wouldn't have to heat the building. Um, hello, if you want to save money stop providing free bottled beverages to your employees. That must cost thousands of dollars. Anyway, we've (I've) created a collective to do list for the week:
take down the tree
dentist (me)
annual dog checkup (Nugget)
fix the bouncy seat (Allan)
take care of end of year charitable giving
calculate witholding to include our new dependent
schedule appointment with electrician for generator assist
return library book
quality time with Alex
seal countertops
do our will paperwork
laundromat for clean clothes through Wednesday
make a cake on my birthday (anyone other than me)
It should make for an exciting week!

Crisis Averted

At 6'1" we sprung for the pedestals. Too bad I'm too cheap to pay extra for red. I agonized over getting a dryer too since ours still works but the capacity of the new washer is much higher and our existing dryer is 2 years older than the dead washer so we got the pair.


Family of five....including a spitty newborn....two butts in cloth guessed washing machine died. Spam me with your love/hate stories including type and brand specifics.



The Stockings Were Hung...



Last night I went to the grocery store in Allan's car. Relax, everybody, you all have a good supply of your favorite yogurt again. I discovered a box from Amazon on the floor of the passenger side and I didn't peek inside. I've already discovered what my main gift is because a box was delivered from Cambridge Soundworks with a big 'MP3 Sound dock' stamped on every side.


I met Sue and Brenda and their baby boys when Alex was 4 days old. Since then, we have celebrated Christmas with them every year. With six boys in total it gets louder every year!

From left to right here is Alex (7), Brendan (5), Derek (7), Thomas (7) holding Thomas (2 weeks) and David (2).


How on earth did it get to be December 22nd? We finally got our tree decorated. Just in time to take it down next week!
Allan is supposed to be wearing a special boot for his foot injury (he has some inflammation right next to the bone, caused by running last summer) but it hurts his knee so he's noncompliant.
Alex has a two hour delay for school today, he's already had four snow days this year. At the rate he's going he'll be in school until the fourth of July.
David is tolerating Thomas quite well. We've started putting him in timeout for hitting and kicking and it seems to work well. I use whatever corner is closest. Last week he was counting them, "one timeout, two timeouts, free timeouts...."
Thomas is starting to fill out in the face. He weighed 9 lb 4 oz at his last checkup. I used to look forward to Alex's doctor visits. With David I tolerated them and now I'm looking for ways to get out of them. He's fine! How many times do you…

Mostly Good


Jesus Take the Wheel

David was playing with the Little People Nativity. It reminds me of the Rescue Hero Nativity Scene from two years ago.

Stay Tuned

For a post about Allan's podiatry visit and fancy new walking boot. I will need the boys' help to hold him down for a picture first.


We never told Alex the whole Santa lie. And in his opinion we should do the same with David. Besides, the last time David was on Santa's lap he wasn't too impressed.


Somehow we failed to collect a newspaper for the day Thomas was born. I meant to ask a friend to see if she had it in her recycling bin but forgot. I considered picking up a Newsweek for the week but the week slipped away. I just ordered one from the Globe's website for $4. Yay!

First Snow of the Season


25th Anniversary Cabbage Patch Kid

The year was 1983. The Sears catalog had a collection of ugly dolls called Cabbage Patch Kids. "They're so ugly they're cute" was what my sister and I kept repeating. My Grandma did her shopping in September. Shoppers were beating each other up trying to get the dolls in November. My best friend kept insisting that Santa could get her one. I think he did come through for her. I didn't care, my precious Ashley was under Grandma's tree. She looked something like this one:

Too bad Alex isn't into dolls!

Thomas, David


First Day

Thanks to the school cancellation yesterday was my first day home alone with all three kids. We had two errands to run-one to the copy shop for a Christmas gift and one to my doctor to get my short term disability paperwork signed. Fortunately I was not on a schedule because these days everything takes an extra 30 minutes. I pulled up to the copy shop, got Thomas out in his car seat, got David out and grabbed him by the hand. We got towards the door and I somehow opened the door and hit David in the face with it. He screamed and I had to put Thomas down, pick him up and console him in the entryway, thus gathering the attention of everybody in the building so they all stared at us when we finally walked in. I have become the overwhelmed mom of too many that I used to pity. Lucky for us there was a drive through Dunkin Donuts nearby and three chocolate glazed donuts made everything right as rain.

Now today will be interesting as my big helper has school again. Today I am truly …

Blood Types

Alex is O negative, David is O positive and Thomas is A negative. Since I'm O negative and Allan is A positive I've deduced that Allan's parents are either both A or one A, one O and both positive or one positive and one negative. In other words, Allan is heterozygous for both A and positive therefore I only needed rhogam after delivery for David. Thanks guys, rhogam hurts!

Back On

Due to an ice storm we were without internet since Friday morning. Not that I'm complaining, many of our friends were without power. And many people across the state still have no power.

My Mom left this morning. So far Allan and I have managed to keep them not only alive but fed and reasonably clean. So far. Tomorrow is my first day alone with them all and the school district decided to cancel school. Good thing I stocked up on my new discovery-Dove Ice Cream

It comes in handy single-serve 16 ounce containers. Okay, four-serve containers for normal people but I'm not exactly normal.

The Missing Ingredient

When Aunt Elda's cake came out looking more like a pancake Allan went back and realized they forgot the sugar. My Mom & I were laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. Of course, I'm such a fine baker that I never make mistakes.

Dad & Lad Cake

Originally uploaded by jsslotter Allan and Alex are making Aunt Elda's chocolate cake to raise money for St Judes for Cub Scouts. I hope they will bid on their own cake, it smells delicious!

Click on the picture to view the whole set photographed by my Mom.

Tax Deduction


Push Present

It turns out I worked a lot harder than I'd planned. So instead of a mushroom melt from Fuddruckers I got this new purse.

The Big Big Brother

December 2008
August 2006

Spelling Words



Me: "Alex get in the shower"
Alex: "I don't stink!"
Me: "Let me see (lifting his arm)"
Alex: "Don't smell the armpit. Armpits always stink!"
Allan: "Do you wash your armpits good with a soapy washcloth?"
Alex: "No, I just let the water hit them"


Ah, yeah, especially since it's my first precious ounce and a half of freshly-pumped breast milk. I thought by letting him try it he'd be so disgusted he'd never ask again but it seems as though he liked it.


I am taking it easy. Which is hard for me, especially when there are so many things to do! My Mom did all of our laundry today and has been cooking all week. I learned that by over-doing it I just stretch out the recovery period and make myself miserable. We will have an outing tomorrow though. It turns out there are just a couple of things that this baby needs.

David is adjusting well. He likes to hold Thomas and point out his features. Alex is already such a good big brother and now he's just added another 'sidekick' to the mix. Nugget is doing his best to expose the baby to dog hair to get his immune system going.

I have found myself completely head over heels for this unplanned baby. Who could have known that he is just what I would need at this moment in my life.

Thomas & Bros



Thomas James was born December 2nd at 12:04 am. He weighed 8 pounds 7 oz and measured 21.25 inches. I'm dog tired but will post some pictures soon.

December Baby!

I was sitting here thinking what to post today and I went downstairs to find Sesame Street on TV for David water broke!
Yay! We're on our way to the hospital.