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Roll-Out Sugar Cookies

1 cup butter, softened
1-½ cups sugar
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
3-½ cups flour
2 tsp cream of tartar
1 tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
*Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time. Add vanilla. Add all dry ingredients gradually. Chill dough 3-4 hours. Roll out to 1/8” thickness. Cut with cookie cutters. Bake at 375˚ 6-8 minutes. Makes 5-6 dozen.

1 stick butter
¼ cup Crisco
1 tsp vanilla extract
4 cups powdered sugar
*Beat together adding 1 or 2 glugs of milk until desired consistency.

Eat @ Home February

Since dining out is bad for my weight loss and my budget I'm going to set the goal to eat in in February. It's a short month. I will miss Dunkin Donuts the most but I feel terribly guilty when I pull into the drive through and David starts yelling for a doughnut. What am I teaching him?


In case you were wondering, six servings of Lorna Doone shortbread cookies will cost the Weight Watcher 20.5 points. And that is only 24 cookies. And to make up for it, six ounces of baked tilapia is only 2.5 points.

Snow Day

Alex is enjoying yet another snow day today. This puts his last day at June 30th! And the teacher contracts prohibit going beyond that date so if they have another snow day they will either have to go to on Good Friday and then either Spring break or Saturdays. We have travel plans for Spring break and I'm philosophically opposed to school on Saturday. Perhaps I should homeschool him today to keep him safe.



The Kiss

Tommy is eight weeks old!

This Week

This week is that week. The week that my dad would tease my mom because she was born 1/24/53 and he was born 1/31/53. I think he's teasing her from heaven now because he stopped at age 52.

This week I'm getting an IUD. After I drag my reluctant self in the day before to the lab to get a pregnancy test so they'll have the results on file for my appointment. I hate doing such completely pointless things. What a waste of time, money and urine.

This week I'm going to get caught up on laundry. My machines-Juliette and Roy-think they've been delivered to a laundromat and I'm still not caught up yet.

This week is week one of trying a two week menu plan. My mom used to do it this way and I've been meaning to try it. I did the shopping by myself on Saturday and it took me half the time to get twice as much and now I'll just have to make a few quick fresh produce runs.

This week marks week ten of my twelve week maternity leave.

This week marks week one o…

Man Boy

Alex is 4'8" and seventy pounds. He has hair on his legs. His feet are a mens size 6. When I ask him if there are any cute girls in his class he turns red and says, "MOM!" He's growing up so fast my head is spinning.


In the wake of the bad press that the peanut has been getting I'm going to have to come up with a new nickname for Thomas. Although perhaps he is growing salmonella under his spit-up encrusted multilayered chin.

And speaking of peanuts, David is going to a preschool open house tonight. Yes, with food allergies on the rise the entire building is nut-free. I'm wondering how expensive their 24/7 session will be.

A Gallon

I have a gallon of pumped breast milk in the freezer! I wonder how many gallons I've expressed into this fat little baby. Mooo!

Hodge Podge

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment so Allan stayed home in the morning and let David watch Dora the Explorer so he could try to get some work done. When I got home I was about to turn the TV off but decided to watch the inauguration. David threw a royal two year old fit, screaming "No Wok Oh Mama!" like he did here and I thought sweetie you are not the only one who feels that way today. But I caught a bit of the hopeful fever after listening to his speech.

And while I had my pap done my doctor's lovely nurse held and magically soothed a screaming Thomas. Which was very very nice. Until I got him back and discovered that she had scented him with her perfume. I can still smell it this morning. I feel like a mother robin who is rejecting her baby bird because a stinky human being got into the nest. You are getting a bath today, bud.

After I get my VCR.

From Craigslist. For ten bucks. I'm meeting the suspect in the parking lot of the house of pizza. It …

Thomas' First Cold

And he's starting to show signs of intelligence. When he sees this he starts screaming.

Bad Baby

People have been asking if Thomas is a good baby. He's not. He's usually okay if he's being held. He sometimes lets us put him in the swing for up to twenty minutes. Does that make him a bad baby? I think he's pretty smart. Because if he let us put him in the swing for hours at a time we would and then we'd miss out on holding his sweet little self.


I'm both dreading and looking forward to going back to work. I miss my coworkers and being around adults all day. I will enjoy getting out of this house where there is always something that needs to be done. I miss the cute old men, especially the ones that appreciate anything you do for them. I miss the biweekly paychecks!

I will miss the family weekends. Today we all slept until eight o'clock. Later I'm taking Alex to a play. Allan is going to have a chance to put the new snow tires on the Accord. We can eat dinner before 7pm. None of this would happen without maternity leave.

So I'm going to enjoy this last month of weekends with my family just as soon as I get my fat ass off the computer.


It was below zero overnight and bitter ass cold today. But I got a seed catalog in the mail!

I'm Drying! I'm Drying!

It. Was. A. Short. In. The. Cord.

I Never Knew

I just got back from Babies R Us. They have so many things I never knew I needed:

Itz been-a timer to tell you how long it's been since you fed the baby or changed the baby. My nose and my ears manage this task just fine and I don't have to remember to push the button! The video baby monitor-c'mon, hearing the kid scream is enough but now I'm supposed to watch them scream too? And the light up wipes warmer-I prefer to use cold, dark wipes on my babies. Next is the prenatal education device-sorry, kids you'll have to learn the traditional way-in school! There's also the designer pacifier bag-because the pockets in the diaper bag are not good enough. Soothing breast wipes? I always knew my breasts were missing something! And finally, my personal favorite-the penis blocker. After three boys I can tell when they're about to fire and I use my lightening quick reflexes to get the diaper on before it squirts me. Amateurs!

Dryer Fiasco Part 7

The brand new different model dryer ALSO tumbles but does not heat up. Allan thinks it may be an electrical problem. Meanwhile I fear another trip to the laundromat is in order.

In Case I Miss Being Pregnant

My newest baby carrier.


Maybe it's because I've been in the same job for eight years. Maybe it's because I've been on the Mommy track for seven years. Maybe it's because I can't remember the last non-fiction book I've read. But I feel like my brain is getting soft. Smooth? Allan was telling me about a documentary that he saw that proves the 'use it or lose it theory' in regard to brain matter and I feel like I'm losing mine fast. So last night I went to a lecture by an allergist on food allergies. And I checked out a nine hundred page book on the history of the American people. And I signed up for a book group discussing Barbara Kingsolver's book 'Animal, Vegetable, Miracle' in which she eats only local food for an entire year. I'll see if I can't turn this stagnation around and develop my ability to talk about anything other than laundry, legos and poop.

To Do

I have to get Alex's hair cut today before the state of Illinois impeaches him.


He mostly slept through it all but stirred a bit when the water was being poured on his head. Our pastor pointed out that he smiled after he was given the blessing. David stuck his finger in his nose up at the altar and Alex carried the (lit!) candle back to the pew.


If you have to run errands around here it's best to go alone. If you have to take one kid, it's best to take Alex. Then Thomas. Then David. If you have to take two kids it's best to take Alex and Thomas. Then Alex and David. And finally David and Thomas. Of course, the worst is all three of them. Then you're better off putting off your errands until you can go alone.


The repairman came on Wednesday and discovered a damaged cable which had to be ordered. Allan called and complained yesterday and they agreed to come and swap out the dryer for a new one. Next Tuesday. The nice thing is that the dryer we bought came from their 'outlet' so it was over $200 cheaper than the brand new one and they're going to eat the difference.

So I made another trip to the laundromat last night and *hopefully* that will be the last one for a long while. I do like that I can wash, dry and fold six loads in about two hours but I hate that it costs $20 to do so!


I got a call on my cell phone from our pastor on Tuesday. He wanted to know if we were still interested in having Thomas baptized and the next date is this coming Sunday. Since our family is all out of state and I would like to get it taken care of while I'm on maternity leave we agreed. And now I have to figure out what we're all going to wear!

Top Baby Names

We definitely didn't pick an overly popular name. The top five boys names are really interesting.

Certificate of Neuter

Every year I'm required to send in a copy of Nugget's rabies and neuter certificates to the town for his dog registration. The rabies certificate is understandable but once I've sent in the neuter one we should be good, right? It's not like they are going to grow back!

One Month

Tom: 11 lb 5 oz 23.75"
David 11 lb 1 oz 23.5"
Alex 12 lb 1 oz not measured
Mom 7 lb 12 oz 21.5"
Dad 11 lb 4 oz 23"


I just pulled these puppies out of the oven. C'mon over, Mom. They're dairy free!

Dairy Free

I cut all dairy out of my diet about a week ago. Thomas was very fussy in the evenings. Alex had green poop so I cut dairy and it went away. David was fussy, I cut dairy and it went away and now here we go again. We've both noticed a big improvement. When I went out one day Allan fed him some frozen milk that I had pumped while I was still on dairy and he was a big crab again so that pretty much confirmed it. It's hard! I'm living on Junior Mints and Lorna Doones.


I spent the afternoon at the laundromat because my new dryer doesn't heat up. And Yale can't come and look at it until Wednesday. Grrr!

And on Tom/Thom-Allan suggested Thom but after seeing it typed out voted Tom. I've always been for Tom. It looks like Thom the other way. Then again so does Thomas but I'm used to that.


I just added the appliance store to my Facebook friends list. Now we'll see if they come through with an 8-11 am delivery TODAY. If not they are so not my friend anymore. And if I don't get some clean clothes soon nobody will be my friend either.


This year I'd like to see:
Myself say goodbye to those last ten pounds.
Myself say hello to meeting our joint financial goals this year.

Thomas say goodbye to requiring night time feedings.
Thomas say hello to holding up his own head and progressing to walking!

David say goodbye to diapers.
David say hello to a nice smooth transition to preschool in the fall.

Alex say goodbye to his molluscum!
Alex say hello to a little more self-control.

Allan say goodbye to his foot problem.
Allan say hello to new paint on the last portion of our house ;)