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Last week I used a coupon for $1 off cream but I forgot to buy the cream. Sure enough, they credited me the dollar and I didn't notice until I had all the groceries and boys in the car. I asked Allan to pick up some cream on his way home from work to make up for it. He ended up going on Saturday and buying the cream, some baby carrots and some other groceries. But since he had Tom in the car seat taking up the majority of the shopping cart real estate the cream and carrots were hidden and he accidently stole them. So we got $1 off a stolen carton of cream. Which I paid for yesterday just so we all could sleep last night. Which Tom-Tom decided was unnecessary and cried and cried until 1:15. I think he's upset that we thwarted his plan to steal cream. It's that or a tooth.


It's raining out so Nugget's play date with Ziggy had to be postponed. He is taking it like a man though.

Double Bath

Allan took Alex to another nerd convention a Scouts event and left me with the littles. I bathed them together and it worked pretty well. Not well enough for me to have two free hands to snap a picture so I took this one afterwards.


David listens to his Music Together CD at naptime. On the days that he doesn't sleep I've often felt that if that CD was just a bit longer he would have fallen asleep. So I burned a new copy with a few extra songs thrown in. It didn't work today, the last song came on and he gleefully announced, "My nappy is all done! I can come in! My yousics all done!" I better go free the prisoner.


Allan took Alex to a nerd convention lecture for middle school students called 'Advanced Motors in Advanced Robotics' last night.

And What a Year It's Been

One year ago tonight I went to bed blissfully unaware that I would discover that I was pregnant the next day. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out and poor Allan got the phone call at work. I spent the next three months puking my guts out followed by a down syndrome scare and Alex's broken leg and David's terrible twos and then the miserable last weeks of pregnancy followed by a tough adjustment with a baby who still does not sleep through the night. Fortunately the road ahead looks much smoother.

Grandma Phyllis


They're Both Napping!



Tom went to bed with me at 11. He was up at 1:15, 3:30, 4:00, 4:45, 5:45, 7:00, 7:25, 7:35, 7:50 and then I gave in and got up for the day. 'Cry it out is in our future.'


Mom, you were the last one to bathe Tom. We loved your lasagna and I had leftovers for lunch. I redeemed my free milk coupon today.

Allison, your crock pot chicken recipe is in my crock pot.

Lady at the grocery store, thanks for telling David he's a good boy for picking up the box he dropped. He's been repeating, "I a good boy" ever since.

Frozen Assets

My mom and grandma left yesterday. They left two lasagnas, a dozen english muffin pizzas and a huge batch of buns in my freezer. Allan made some of the pizzas while I was at the airport and both boys loved them and Alex complained that he didn't make enough.

Funny story about those english muffins. I noticed one store had them on the front page of their ad for $1.99. I bought them at the store I usually go to (they have the best prices all around) and there was no visible price on the shelf. I got two six packs for $3.39 each. I got in the car, read my receipt and marched back into the store to take them back. When I went to store #1 I discovered that the sale was on the 12 packs so I saved $4.79 on that little maneuver. Now every time I walk down the bread aisle in any store no matter where I am I'm going to be checking the price on Thomas' english muffins.

I Carried a Watermelon

My mom, grandma and I left the boys with Allan and went into Boston and saw Dirty Dancing the musical last night. It was great!

Grandma Roll

Grandma Roll will turn 101 on March 29th. Here is a quote that was relayed to me by Grandma Phyllis and said to the nursing assistant at the nursing home after she showered Grandma Roll:
"Give me that washcloth. I want to wash my snatch. You know I like to keep it clean."

Who Needs a Man?

My washer was taking over two hours to wash a normal load. I called the appliance company and they told me to check the drain, that sometimes a baby sock or something small can get sucked into it and that will cause each cycle to reset. Today is laundry day and I couldn't wait for Allan to get home and take care of it so I asked my lovely assistant to hold the bucket because he warned me up to two gallons of water can pour out and look what we extracted from the drain. It consists of two washable breast pads and a pile of lint. But we fixed it!

3.5 Months


Play Date

Alex had a friend over after school today. It was a half day. The kid had to leave after 2 hours to go to a doctor's appointment. His mom called and said she was coming early because "it's hard to leave a friend's house after a play date." Well that was the understatement of the year. She came in and the kid ran and hid. She found him and spent 10 minutes negotiating with him. He cried. She begged and pleaded. She threatened the dad who was waiting in the car. Then the dad came in. And he negotiated, begged, pleaded and allowed the 8 year old to hit him and his only response was, "that's not okay." The kid wanted me to reschedule another play date and I was vague. He wanted to schedule a Saturday. I blamed my work schedule. And when they finally left at the exact time of his doctor's appointment I was so embarrassed that I was sweating. Alex was embarrassed. And I'm going to find an excuse to avoid having that kid over again…

Date Night

Allan and I are so excited that my mom and grandma are coming for a visit. We are going on a date. Dinner and a movie. We will both be able to enjoy an entire meal from start to finish without cutting someone else's meat, correcting poor table manners, forcing someone to eat his vegetables, or trying to eat one handed because Tom Tom doesn't like to be away from the action. I don't even care where we go.

I thought it would be funny to put 12 bottles in the fridge before we go and tell them that I *think* that should be enough for the time we're planning to be gone.


He won first for his den and third for the whole pack. And his car is called 'The Flaming Strike.' I sat through the 90 minutes of racing and thought, "I could have up to ten more years of this!"

Pound Cake Derby


Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

The Cub Scout Pinewood Derby is tonight. The 'Flaming Streak' has been educationally engineered and polished to perfection. Alex is beside himself. And my camera is fully charged.

Fresh Air

Mom was right about fresh air making babies sleep. We took a short walk today and it paid off...they're both asleep!

Don't Eat the Cookies

David helped me make oatmeal craisin cookies this morning and while he licked the spoon I turned my back and when I looked back he had put the spoon back in the bowl. Later when I was scooping cookies onto the cookie sheet Thomas was in the front carrier and he spit his binky into the bowl. Three hundred and fifty degrees for 15 minutes should kill any boy cooties, right?

Bread Machine

My bread machine usually lives in the basement. I brought it up and a couple of weeks ago and instead of bringing it back down I 've been using it. Like crazy. I made mixes in quart sized Ziploc bags including everything but the water and put them in the fridge. When I want fresh bread in three hours I dump 6 oz warm water and a bag of stuff into the machine and turn it on. It makes my house smell so good and the 1 pound loaf lasts less than 12 hours at our house. If only I could get used to the big ugly white machine cluttering up my counter.

I Love It!

My mom sent me a thread with recipes in it from one of her online forums. I saw this in someone's signature line and I absolutely love it:

*We have enough youth. How about a fountain of smart?*

Why Allan Will Have No Yogurt Tomorrow

I had a list for the drugstore and a list for the grocery store. I had both boys recently fed and in clean diapers. I parked at the grocery store and we walked to the drugstore. When we got inside I told David he would have to sit in the stroller. He said, "I want to walk" I said no. He threw a fit. I insisted. He threw himself on the floor and kicked and screamed. I spanked him. He didn't even flinch. I tried to force him into the seat and buckle him in but his legs were all wrong and he was limp like a noodle. I pushed the stroller anyway, running over his feet in the process. It wasn't working so I grabbed him around the waist with my left arm while he kicked and screamed and I pushed Tommy in the stroller with my right hand and we made our way to the car where I had to use all my force to get him in and buckled into his car seat. On the way home I called my mom and got all the moral support I needed. I did the right thing. You can't give in. …


Of course, if I got paid for the time I put into this transaction I'd probably break even.

Guess My Total

10 yogurts
2 boxes of gogurts, 16 tubes total
1/2 gallon milk
1 box baby cereal
1 box of 8 oatmeal packets
1 box of milk bone dog biscuits
2 frozen pie crusts
1 cylinder of frozen pink lemonade
6 jars Ragu spaghetti sauce (one went in the food pantry box)
$1 donation to the March of Dimes

My Girl

My great grandma gave me this. The globe lights up when plugged in. I know absolutely nothing about it except that my grandma remembers seeing it at her grandma's house. I had her on my dresser but it's time to bubble wrap and hide her so my kids don't break it.

One Thousand

Sometimes I feel like this blog is like Seinfeld because it's about nothing. But I have managed to crank out a thousand posts about nothing so really it must be something. I started it in the summer of 2005 and mostly posted pictures of my bread baking experiments. Then my dad died and I went on a cruise and shut it down for 6 months and lost all my original posts but when David was born I missed the mass communication so I started it again.

And in honor of my first 4 figure post I'm having a giveaway. Since I don't have big advertisers and get ad revenue it's going to have to be modest. I will chose a random number commenter and mail them a Starbucks gift card with around $5 left on it. Don't forget to include your email address, this could be your lucky day!!

Hip Hip Hooray!

I got cancelled today! And it's 58 degrees outside.

Baby Shower

My friends from playgroup threw a baby shower for Thomas & me today. It was so sweet! He got a lot of new clothes and toys and I got a gift certificate to a spa that I can't wait to use. I got the boys dressed in matching big/little brother shirts for the event and realized that it was only the second time in his life that Tom has worn separate pants and shirt-his usual uniform is a onesie and sleeper.

Moved Out

I got so sick of them calling and asking for money that I told the University of Cincinnati that Allan had moved out.


Tom-Tom can roll from belly to back. Well ahead of both brothers and considering that he gets much less floor time than either of them did it's pretty remarkable. Now quit growing up so fast!


How can three boys from the same two parents be so different?

Here's An Option My Mother Didn't Have

I just called Alex on his cell phone and asked him if he could walk himself home today. He's going to call me when he gets to our street and then walk directly home. His brothers are both asleep.

When Allan got his blackberry I inherited his old cell phone and threw mine in the junk drawer. Alex spent $20 of his allowance on minutes for it, spray painted it blue and calls it his. And apparently he turns it on when he gets on the bus.


I made a dozen scrambled eggs for dinner yesterday and when they were gone Alex wanted more. I wonder how many eggs I will have to make in ten years when I have a 17, 12 and 10 year old!

The Bottle

I tried to give Tommy a bottle yesterday. I'm not ready to wean him but I had a bottle ready for my canceled due to snow mom's night out. He was hungry and crying. I put the thing in the warmer and it seemed to take FOREVER. I gave up and started to feed it to him cool. It kept oozing out of his mouth and he kept losing his grip on the nipple and turning his head toward my chest. It was such a mess/disaster that after less than an ounce I gave up, set the bottle aside and nursed him. I looked up and David had drank the remainder of the bottle.


I was telling my mom how cool the iPod touch is and how much I wanted one but we're trying to be smart with our money lately and she ordered it for me as a surprise! It came engraved with 'Who Loves Ya??' on the back. I am so excited to use it and can't wait for Allan to get home so he can connect it to our wifi.