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Best Bear

After two years in the first/second grade multi-age classroom Alex has finally made it to his turn as best bear. Best bear gets to bring in pictures, toys and books to share and be the classroom helper for their two week period. They also get to have a special best bear lunch with the teacher.

Here is what Alex brought:
the Lego X-wing fighter that he & Uncle Bryan built over April vacation (this required a ride to school)
his Pinewood Derby trophy
a Harry Potter book
the picture of himself, David and Thomas on my sidebar
a picture of him in front of a waterfall in the Puerto Rican rain forest from our cruise
a picture of himself as ring bearer in Aunt Aimee's wedding
a picture of himself, David and Allan riding an elephant
a picture of Allan & I
a picture of Nugget
a picture of himself on a battleship from scouts
a picture of himself at the armory with scouts
and he filled the estimation jar with Mike & Ike candy (he wanted Hot Tamales but I convinced him that some kids wouldn&…

Hint Hint


May 28th

Fourteen years ago Allan & I had our first date. We saw Braveheart. We ate dinner at Applebee's. And now we're repopulating the earth with round faced boys.

Our Day Off

On Monday we all had a day off together. We started by getting up early and finding a parking space near the parade route. Then we ducked into the local grange hall for a pancake breakfast. Then Alex marched in the parade with the scouts while Allan, David, Thomas and I watched. Alex and his friends threw gobs of candy at David which he much enjoyed.

We stopped at the nursery where I picked up tomato plants and a basil plant. The boys each chose a geranium to go in our blue ceramic pot on the driveway and then they each picked a packet of seeds to plant.

After a lovely lunch of chicken on the grill we planted our plants. Alex planted canteloupe seeds and David planted parsley. I planted the tomatoes, basil and carrot seeds. We played with the hose. It was beautiful outside.

Alex called his friend to play and the friend invited him to go to the pool. David napped. Allan finished painting the trim on our house. I spent an hour cleaning the house. After David woke up he and…

Grandma's Book

David loves to help me bake. He especially likes to find Grandma on the cover of the cook book.

Second Grade Boys

This is a picture that's been sitting on my desktop since Good Friday. It's a picture of Alex's friends at the egg hunt waiting in line for the egg and spoon race. The boy in the black shirt is the boy in the red sox shirt's little brother but the other boys are all in second grade. It shows just how tall Alex is compared to his peers. He's going to be big and expensive to feed!

Soma Bed

May you never end up in the hospital so confused and such a danger to yourself that you end up in one of these beds.


#1 is playing catcher
#2 is playing in the dirt
#3 is pretty much immobile...for now


I've grown quite attached to our email address over the last six years. We have to change it. We are getting the Verizon bundle since Allan's employer no longer pays for our internet (I think they caught wind of the fact that I use it more than he does!) So don't send us email to the charter address after June 10th. I'll post the new one when we finish arguing over what it's going to be. Scissorbill doesn't appeal to him.


David's latest trick is to crawl on the floor and say, "I'm walking like a turtle!" It's very cute. Not so much when he does it in Walgreens. Although there was a couple of little old ladies there that sure thought so.

Baby Shower

I'm hosting a baby shower for two pregnant girls at work. One is pregnant with twin boys and the other a singleton boy. I've invited over forty people but am expecting 20-30. I have three weeks to prepare. Time to put my coupons to work. I've printed two coupons for AC Moore to make favors. One is for 20% off your entire purchase and the other is for 40% off one item. I'll see what I need to make cute favors for the least amount of money out of pocket. And next week our grocery store is having Coke 12 packs on sale 5/$11. I have several dollar off coupons so if I drive to NH (no bottle deposit, it's only 15 miles away) I can get five for $6 which is cheaper than two liter bottles and plastic cups. If I have time tomorrow I'll make a big batch of chocolate chip cookies to throw in the freezer. And you can bet I'll use some of that bargain sour cream to make a dip. I also have a 55 cents off hummus coupon that will double at a certain grocery stor…

My Aiken Foot

Yesterday I was holding Tomtom in front of me near our kitchen island. He reached out and grabbed the strap on my purse which was sitting on the island and yanked it. It fell and knocked over one of our heavy metal barstools. And that landed right on the top of my foot. I guess he was paying me back for not protecting him on Monday when David dropped a Nerf gun on his forehead.


Now, what to do with all that sour cream? Too bad my brother in law lives in Texas.


Thomas puked huge volumes four times on Friday evening. I thought about it and remembered giving him some peach oatmeal banana baby food and that's the first time he had eaten more than a teaspoon of solids. We didn't feed him solids over the weekend and he was fine. Yesterday before dinner Allan gave him some plain baby oatmeal which he ate and seemed to enjoy. Then after the big boys went to bed Allan gave him a taste of his M&M ice cream sandwich (a very, very tiny taste) and a half hour later he puked again. Allan gave him to me and changed his shirt. He puked on me, I handed him over and changed my shirt and he puked one more time after that. Oatmeal? Coincidence? M&M cookie and peach or banana? Try again? Wait? What?!

Toys R Us Complaint

I have a comment about a recent shopping trip to your store in Nashua, NH. I had my two children with me and was purchasing two items. The cashier started by asking if I was a member of your rewards program. Next she asked me if I needed batteries. Then she asked me for my phone number. Then she asked me if I would like to donate to some children's charity. Then she asked if I'd like to save ten percent and open a credit account. Finally she gave me my total and accepted my cash and gave me my receipt. It is extremely irritating to have to answer five questions to buy two things all the while keeping an eye on my kids. Please, bring back the smooth transactions and limit the questioning to "did you find everything today?"
I submitted this online. Up next: Jiffy Lube. I've started walking in and saying all I want is an oil change. And then when they start their spiel I repeat myself. Again and again until they get the hint.

Binky Back

Two months ago we took away Thomas' pacifiers hoping he would start sucking his thumb. Or fingers. Or wrists.

Over the weekend he got one back. I found it under the crib (that he never sleeps in) and Allan had to use it. Then today I bought a two pack at Target and put one to use right away. He was tired but couldn't fall asleep without nursing and I'm just sick of it. Allan probably is too because he has to do an awful lot of walking and soothing while I'm at work.

So he's back on the binky. I *should* wean him while I'm at it but he's my last baby and I'm just not ready.

Move Over Helper


Toy Swap

A friend of mine had the brilliant idea to host a toy swap last night. We each brought bags and bags full of outgrown/disinteresting to our kids toys to her house. She set them up on display and her living room looked like Christmas morning. We pulled a number out of a hat and took turns selecting. I brought home four big toys and two little ones. I went with the intention of getting rid of more than I brought home but there were some great toys there! Alex and David are giving our Little People the ride of their lives on the Little People Fun Park as I type. The many, many leftover toys are being delivered to our preschool's yard sale. Last year they had a book swap but I was too close to my due date with Thomas to attend. I think we should do a bath and body swap, a household decor swap, a kitchen swap and perhaps a kid swap. Nah, I fear my kids would be leftover and delivered to a yard sale.


At 33 months David is speaking in full sentences. His grammar is pretty good, he is great at all the male pronouns but often refers to his friend Katelyn as 'he.' This is no surprise as he lives in a house with four other males and calls me nothing but 'Mommy!'

Here are my favorite David words:
'Doggit' our dog, Nugget
'climbup' a stepstool
'fiske it' fix it
'nunch' lunch
'pasketti' spaghetti
'yoosic' music
and any word that starts with 'L' because he substitutes 'W'
'pupcake' is a cupcake but oh so much cuter
'die die droid' is either Lego: Star Wars Wii or beating our bushes with light sabers

He can certainly get his point across. This morning he was yelling at Nugget and aside from the voice I would have sworn it was Allan because he had the same words and inflection as he exclaimed, "Get out of here you dumb dog!"

Red Velvet Cake

Recipe from Joy of Cooking. I have a friend at work that asks me to make this cake at least once a month. I've made it for her once in the last 8 years we've worked together. She tried to make it herself and couldn't get it right. I made her a tutorial a la Pioneer Woman. Boy do I have a new respect for PW, it's hard to take pictures of stuff while you're working with it. Especially when you have a helper.
2 1/3 cups cake flour
1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
½ teaspoon baking soda
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
¼ teaspoon salt
1 ½ sticks butter, softened
1 1/3 cups sugar
3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup buttermilk
2 tablespoons red food coloring
Frosting ingredients:
1 8 ounce brick cream cheese
4 cups powdered sugar (1 lb box)
5 tablespoons butter
2 teaspoons vanilla

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Add 2 1/3 cups cake flour to a medium bowl.

Add 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder.

Add 1 tablespoon cocoa.

And a half teaspoon baking soda.

Add a quarter teaspoon salt.

Mix well. This is your flour…

Fifteen Minutes

I had a rough day yesterday. I was doing laundry but never got a chance to fold it during the day. We had a nice sit down family meal at 8:15 pm. After baseball and half of us had scrounge and half had leftovers. So while Allan put the boys to bed I decided to spend just (I'm back now...heard the lawn mowers followed by David opening the front door, had to put a not done nursing Tomtom down, chase the dog and carry a kicking and screaming David to time out.) Anyway I decided to spend just 15 minutes folding the 4 loads strewn on our bed. I put two baskets on the floor, one for the foldeds and one to use to store the ones I didn't get to and guess what?! I finished it in 14 minutes and was so thrilled I put it all away.

I decided to try that trick on the dishes. In just 8 minutes I emptied the dishwasher, refilled it and wiped the table and counters. Do I really spend so little time doing these chores that I detest? Not when I'm in charge of kids!


I hate laundry days.

Cherry Picking

I took both boys to:
Burger King (for milk, I forgot David's sippy cup)
Shaws (grocery)
The Post Office
Market Basket (grocery)
Gas station
in a whirlwind shopping trip from ten to one today. David and I are tired. Tom is full of energy because he slept in his car seat most of the time. I could have gotten what I got in about three fewer stops but I had to get all the deals which is why I call it cherry picking. Unfortunately cherries are not yet in season so we didn't get any actual cherries.

Stamp Out Hunger

Don't forget to put out some nonperishable food for the mail person to collect tomorrow. If you don't have anything to put out try this deal with your CVS extra care card:
Print coupons for Frosted Flakes, Special K, and Frosted Mini Wheats here. Buy three for $10 at CVS, use three $1 coupons, pay $7 and get $5 in Extra Care Bucks to use next time. My CVS only had Frosted Flakes in stock but I was lucky enough to have three of the FF coupons on my person. :)


It's a good thing my boys don't have exzema because bleach baths sound like fun.


We've tried twice a day since Monday and he's just not that into it.

Happy Mothers Day



I nuked some sugar snap peas, Allan got home. We ate. He put Alex and David to bed while I did the dishes. We are both computing. I'm feeding Tom (again!) and we shall soon convene in front of The Biggest Loser, The Tudors, then off to bed. "Today is gone. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.*"

*Free KFC coupon to the first person who can name the source without the help of Google.


Pork tenderloin and crescent rolls in the oven. Baseball practice was cancelled due to rain. Printed free KFC/Oprah coupons. Folded jeans and put away everybody's clothes except for Allan's. Waiting for Allan to come home. Feeding Tom again.


Reds dry but sitting in the dryer. Jeans wet in the washer. David failed a nap. Tommy napped in the bouncy seat. Talking to my mom on the phone. Realized that it's raining and we had to pick up Alex from the bus stop. Went to the post office because mother's day is looming. Grabbed our mail and got a class action lawsuit info from Honda regarding our Pax tires. Must read.


We got home from Music Together and I gave David a cup of milk and a dry diaper, put a sleeping Tomtom on the table, dumped the dry whites on my bed, put the mediums in the dryer and the darks in the washer. Had to clear the table of breakfast dishes, made and ate lunch. Now I'm feeding Tom. Skipped the post office after class because it's raining.


It's 9:00 am. Laundry sorted, whites in the wash. I've showered, breakfasted and am drinking my coffee. Allan has gotten Alex off to school. Both little boys have had breakfast and diaper changes. I need to blow dry my hair, get dressed and brush my teeth. So goodbye for now.

I Don't Need a Nappy


H1N1 vs AK47

I'm not one to discuss current events but this picture tickled my funny bone. Mexican drug lords are taking precautions against the swine flu.

And the Sunday post today is because I'm on call. Sorry, Allan I can't do anything but sit by the phone. :)

May Baskets

On May first when I was a kid we would put baskets of candy on our neighbors' door steps, ring the bell and run. I decided to bring the tradition to our neighborhood and I realized that delivering them is the fun part. Alex will have fun this afternoon.

Put the Camera Down & Get the Car Off My Shoulder