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Hip Hip Hooray

Tomtom slept from 11pm to he's still sleeping at 8:15 in his own crib! I woke up next to Allan well rested, engorged and a little concerned. He's sawing logs in there. Now we just have to move his bedtime to 8 like the other two boys and we're golden.

The Orthodontist

I wish I could post the picture of Alex's overbite that they took at the orthodontist. They used clear lip retractors and zoomed in from the side. It looks like there's an inch wide gap between top and bottom teeth. He will first need a rapid palate expander and that phase of treatment lasts 6 months. When he's closer to puberty he'll need braces. The dentist said that David has the exact same bite even though he never sucked his thumb.

Let's see, phase one and two times boy one and two (it's too soon to tell on Tomtom because he has no teeth!) equals quite a chunk of change. No wonder they bent over backwards to woo us at this office. Nice coffee, internet ready computers for the adults, video game terminals for the kids, an incentive program for the kids that they can use to get gift cards and Alex even got two mylar balloons and a baseball cap for having an appointment in his birthday month. When I had my braces the cool thing for me was the flavor…

Grandfather Owl

I remembered why I got all teary eyed. They sang "The Garden Song" made famous by Arlo Guthrie. It must've touched Allan too because he's been singing "2.54 centimeters by 2.54 centimeters" instead of "inch by inch."
Today is Alex's last day of second grade.


David had a great time. When we got there I gave him the cup of animal food and told him it was animal food. The next time I looked at him he had eaten at least two handfuls. I gave him his sandwich early after that.
Tell Allan to hurry and sell his crap on eBay so he can get me a zoom lens. :)

Grandfather Owl

We're just back from a stirring performance of Peter Rabbit by Alex's class. He made a fantastic Grandfather Owl. Since when did I become the mother who gets teary eyed at things like this?


Allan took last Friday off and in the morning brought David to the Children's Museum. One of the highlights of David's day was the green dinosaur stamp on his right hand.

I was glad they were able to go, David needed some one on one time with a parent. I just wish that parent was me!



Water Park

Alex took a friend to a local indoor water park as his birthday party on Friday. The kid was in our car from school to our house, from our house to the park and from the park to his house. He was at our house for less than fifteen minutes. He left his jacket in Allan's car. He left his party favor on my island. He left his Lego guy on our kitchen table. He left his water bottle on our dining room table. Makes me wonder what he left at the water park!

Where Have You Been All My Life?


Winding Down

Scouts was over as of the 13th. The last day of Sunday school was the 14th. The last baseball game was last night when the Rays were defeated by the Cubs. (Alex caught a fly ball!)

Today is field day and school gets out on the 26th. It will be very nice to have some relaxing days around here.

The Left and The Right

There are two computers on our desk. On the left is a Dell PC. It has as it's homepage. On the right is an iMac with as it's homepage. I think we've got it mixed up. The mac should be on the left with msnbc and the pc on the right foxnews. Okay, Allan?


Yesterday Allan called me at 5:45 to ask where Alex's baseball game was. I had totally forgotten about it since it's the championship game and I subscribed to the iCal rss feed and they didn't put the championship games in the calendar and around here if it's not on the calendar it doesn't get done. So we rushed over and he made it at 6:07 for the 6:00 game and it's a good thing. They won 6 to 5 with Alex getting two RBI's including the game winning run. Unfortunately I missed it all because when the phone rang I had just put dinner in the oven and Thomas fussed the entire way to the field and screamed the entire way back. But tonight's another game and yes, it's on the calendar.

Superhero David



One nice thing about vaccinations is they make my kids sleep well the next couple of days. Must be all that mercury.

Ice Cream

When did the half gallon of ice cream become the 1.5 quart? Photo credit:
This week at Target: buy 5 Breyers vanillas for $12.50 get a $5 gift card. Since it's Allan's favorite kind of ice cream I stocked up on the $1 off 2 coupons when they were in the newspaper so I got 6 packages for $7. That's half the price we paid for four cones at our local ice cream stand on Saturday. Now to find a deal on cones...



6 Month Stats

Thomas 19 lbs 2 oz, 30"
David 16 lbs 11 oz, 28 1/4"
Alex 18 lbs, 29"
Allan 18 lbs 14 oz, 27 1/2"
Sarah 15 lbs, 27 1/2"
Nugget 47 lbs


Here are the gift opening shots.


Eight years ago right now I was getting checked into the hospital to have my labor induced. I had no idea how much my life was about to change. It seems like yesterday.

Thanks, Apple

I got Allan Aperture 2 for our anniversary. I paid $199 plus tax. Last week he sent me a screen shot showing that Amazon had it for $152.99 with free shipping (and no tax.) I sent Apple a complaint email. I got a phone call from a manager offering to price match it for me and refund my $46. I feel so much better! I decided it wasn't worth trying to buy it from Amazon and bring the new one back to Apple with my receipt and this way I didn't have to do anything shady.


We got this for Alex's birthday and hopefully while I'm getting my pedicure tomorrow morning and he tags along Allan can set it up and the weather will cooperate enough for him to try it out a few times. I took tomorrow off for a scout event but in the end we have too many things to do so we are going to skip scouts, get a few things done and celebrate Alex's birthday and Father's day all in one shot.


To really appreciate the picture of my boys in the sidebar you have to see the whole set.

This Was Fun

Eighty eight cents! Rite Aid has candy bars on sale buy one get one free. I had a buy one get one free coupon from the newspaper and I got a coupon for a free bar in the mail (thanks, Linda!) So I bought one and got five free. Too bad they won't last 24 hours in my house.

I Can Row a Boat...Canoe?



Me: "Quit that! it will make you sick."
David: "It won't make me sick. It makes me happy!"

He was picking his nose and eating it.


Plus I earned a $10 off your next purchase for buying the right stuff. Which I will need to buy meat, produce and milk!

Baby's First Molluscum

Tomtom has it. If you're not familiar check out here, here and here. Alex's went away a few months ago and Allan and I are still free.


David did great at his first visit. Alex went first and just as they were kicking us out for the Xrays I smelled poop on David. So I took him to the bathroom, dumped the turd in the toilet, used toilet paper moistened in toilet water to wipe him and put the same only slightly stained diaper back on, washed up and we got back in time for him to witness Alex's cooperation which was crucial. I simply did not have time to go to the car and get the diaper bag yet didn't think I should let him sit on that turd and force everyone to smell it. Anyway it worked and he did fine.

Which Hurts More?

When someone orders you a shirt, doesn't ask your size and present you with an EXTRA LARGE.


When you put that shirt on it fits perfectly.

Canadian Quarters

When I was a kid my dad and his friend cooked up a money making scheme. We lived near the Canadian border and in our town Canadian quarters were accepted at face value. I can remember riding with while my dad went to a bank in Canada and bought bags of quarters paying (Mom, do you remember how much? Today it's 22.9 cents) per quarter and then driving them back to our local bank and making a profit. After several trips there was a notice in the paper: due to the large influx of Canadian quarters the exchange rate will now apply.

The best part is that we got to have lunch at the A&W and that always included a root beer float.

On that note, I have to make one more granola bar run today and then I can rest. Until next week's ad comes out on Friday.

Granola Bar Week

Our local coupon doubling store has Quaker granola bars on sale for $1.49-$1.99 per box. I happen to have won an ebay auction for 20 save 75 cents off two boxes coupons so after doubling I paid 74-99 cents per box. (Plus the $1.75 total for the auction.) I typically drop our food pantry items in the collection box on my way out of the store but this haul is getting personally delivered for the receipt. I got the mac & cheese buy one get one free and each 5 pack had a coupon on it for a free 10 pack of Capri suns. So-10 boxes of mac and 20 Capris for $5.49 which will make for 20 lunches. The store has a limit of 6 doubling coupons per day so this has been a busy week and I'm not done yet. I have to get some stuff to keep.

Mom-please share the canadian quarters scheme that Dad did. I can remember getting to ride with and stopping at A&W for lunch. What a treat! David got to pick out some candy today since he's been such a good helper.

Baby Shower Menu

Teriyaki Chicken Skewers
Jalapeno Appetizers
Chips & Onion Dip
Triscuit Crisps & Hummus
Veggie Tray with Ranch Dip
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Peanut Butter Cups
Congrats Cake

Anniversary Gifts


Happy Half Birthday

At 12:04 am Thomas turned six months old. He goes to the doctor on Alex's birthday for the official weigh in but I think he's close to 20 pounds!


Alzheimer's patient fell at the nursing home and (you guessed it) broke her hip. She wasn't getting up, wasn't eating well at all. On Sunday we had a victory. She got up and sat in the chair and then we put her dinner tray in front of her. She ate everything on the tray. Including the napkin.

Anniversary Dinner

NY strip steak, grilled
dry bay scallops, seared
broccolli, roasted with oil, fresh lemon and nature's seasoning
crash hot potatoes with fresh rosemary
carrot cake with cream cheese icing
3 little boys alternately wreaking havoc


We got an email this morning.
"I’m sorry to let you know that Alex did not make the U8 Summer Baseball Team. We had a lot of boys turn out for the evaluation, but we could only have one team. I was impressed by his maturity and promising swing.

Next year, as an 8 year old, Alex is eligible to try out for D1 instead of Coach Pitch. D1 consists of:
9 year olds
10 year olds that elect not to play Cal Ripken
8 year olds that are moved up from Coach Pitch (typically, 10-20 children).

To prepare Alex for next year, help him practice fielding hard ground balls, catching long fly balls, hitting live pitching, and playing long toss to build arm strength.

Be sure to tell Alex he is a great baseball player and will have another chance next year!

If you have any questions, feel free to call me."

As much as this will hurt him I think it's important to learn to deal with disappointment at a young age. I just hope he doesn't quit baseball. They let him pitch on Friday and he looked…