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3 Days

David made three days without having an accident. And then this morning he pooped his pants and since he wasn't wearing any underwear a turd fell out of his shorts and Stella ate it. And then Nugget was mad because she got to it first.


Allan and I went out to dinner last night.
I had a wine flight with three 2 oz wine samples, he had a glass of merlot.

We shared: Jonah Crab and Spinach Strudel
With buttered, smoked tomatoes and balsamic syrup.

I had: Roasted Shallot Crepes
Stuffed with goat cheese, shiitake mushrooms and asparagus; topped with sauteed oyster mushrooms and a grilled tomato vinaigrette

He had the tuna special with saffron rice and corn fritters.

We shared: Strawberry Lemon Crepes
Filled with marscapone cheese and sliced strawberries. Served with a blackberry-honey coulis.
And we shared a hot tea with lemon and a shot of something or other.


Grandma's Memory Card

Ice cream at Cold Stone, chips at the Lilac Blossom, My favorite bumper sticker, David & Stella


My mom and I took the boys to Cold Stone Creamery this morning. I must have put my wallet on top of the car as I was buckling Tomtom's seat into the car and left it on the roof. We went to BJ's next and when I reached into my purse it wasn't there. I called Cold Stone and they didn't have it. I searched the car and went back to Cold Stone just in case. I told my mom on the way home that I have good karma and I bet I would get it back somehow.

When we got home there was a message from a lady who'd picked my wallet up lying in the street not far from Cold Stone. She was a fellow nurse and said that she hoped someone would do the same thing for her. Yay!

Nugget must also have good karma. My mom cooked up 42 breakfast sausage links from a big club pack. We ate 7 of them and she had the remaining 35 cooling on my island to be put in the freezer. When she and Stella came downstairs after taking a bath there were 7 left on the plate.


Popularity of names starting with ALEXANDER

Popularity of names starting with DAVID

Popularity of names starting with THOMAS

Poops in the Potty Party

Yeah, that title just about says it all.


David wore a pullup to the mall and announced that he had to go potty then held it until I could get him to the bathroom. So I let him pick out some new big boy girl underwear. Heck, I'd buy him a red leather thong if he promised to keep it dry.


Allan had a job interview with a fabulous company in Connecticut. One hint: they make Alex's favorite toy. Lots of colorful bricks.

Anyway, I really don't want to move. If I have to be away from my family I'd like to stick to one spot. We have friends here. I could pick up my phone and call a neighbor to drive me to the hospital and another to watch my kids. I have a Mom's night out date this week. That's how settled we are.

But, if the deal is sweet enough, if I don't have to work, if we could sell this house for enough and pick up a nice one there, if Allan could switch to east coast working time, if they have a Taco Johns, if...if...if...maybe.

Half the Dog I Used to Be



He leaned too far forward while fishing and fell in the lake.


I got $24 worth of town trash bags (required, not discountable) 10 boxes of oatmeal (a 50 day supply for Allan) and what you see here for $104.09 and I saved $107.48 plus earned 20 cents off per gallon of gas. For the first time I saved over $100 while spending less! I'd frame the receipt but I need it to mail in for a rebate!!

I never buy stuff that I either can't donate or won't get eaten and I always share-either by dropping things into the food pantry box on the way out the door or hauling over in person. They liked my granola bars last month! I also am scrupulous about using coupons as intended-I never try to use them on unintended products or past their expiration date.

Two Weeks Notice

Thomas, if you are not sitting unsupported by 8 months I'm calling early intervention.


I hope he left some dirt at that camp.

Guess Why

The scouts at camp collect beads for various accomplishments. Alex came home today with a buoy. Can anyone guess why?


Thomas has slept through the night in his crib every night since 6/29. Now can somebody push that button for David to be potty trained?


Look what Allan found in our tree bush green thing.

Imperial Star Destroyer

Alex finished building this Lego ship yesterday and he was so excited that he called me at work to tell me about it.

Catching Up



I called in sick this evening. I took the boys out for ice cream after the baseball camp finale and came home feeling awful. I called Allan and since he's very busy at work and covering for his boss he came home and tried to finish his workday here while I rested. I had two boys in bed with me until David jumped on the bed more than once and got kicked out. Then he proceeded to stamp our address stamp all over the desk while Allan tried to distract him and finish up. Allan made dinner and I ate and started to feel better and realized that I hadn't had anything non-caffeinated to drink all day and probably felt awful from dehydration. I'm much better now and after a week full of boys and craziness I'm actually looking forward to work tomorrow.

My point (and I do have one) is that I can't even take a sick day. I now have five loads of laundry to fold because I took the afternoon off!

Down Came the Rain

It has taken me two days to laugh over this. On Tuesday David was attempting to nap and it started thundering. He's afraid of thunder so I put him in our bed and laid down with him. After an hour of wiggling, kicking, etc. he fell asleep TEN MINUTES BEFORE I HAD TO PICK UP ALEX. And of course, Tomtom was sound asleep as well. David was so out of it that I put Tom in the car first and then brought a sleeping David down and put him in his car seat and away we went. In the absolute pouring rain. And I failed to notice that David didn't have any shoes on. I pulled up at camp and had to park far, far away. I got the golf umbrella and Tomtom's car seat on my left arm and an awake but shoeless David on my right hip. And I navigated the puddles into the building with a good sixty pounds of kid and car seat weighing me down. And as I fought cramped up arm muscles, jeans wet up to my calves and competed with Alex for umbrella coverage on the way back I saw a lady park …

Eternal Optimism

When I enter a contest I truly believe that I'm going to win. So last night when I went online to answer the Walmart survey on the bottom of my receipt to win a $1,000 gift card and Allan needed the computer he was teasing me about not winning. Well, honey when I win that thousand and the five thousand I entered to win from the bottom of your Home Depot receipt I'm not sharing any of the money with you! I'm going to buy nothing but AIR FRESHENER too.

The Breakfast Thief

Poor Allan has had to share his breakfast since 2002. Don't worry, honey, soon Tomtom will be like the big kid in the background and make his own breakfast.

School Supplies

Alex needs:
1 small pencil box last year's leftover
1 dozen #2 pencils
2 art erasers
8-12 colored pencils
8-12 fine line markers
2 glue sticks
4 2-pocket folders
100 page composition book

wish list:
paper towels
ziplock bags
antibacterial wipes


This week is baseball camp. Next week is scout camp. Then Grandma comes for two weeks. Then Alex goes to ND for 1 week with Grandma. Then David, Tomtom and I go to Minot for a week. Then Allan joins us for 5 days. Then we all come home and have a couple of days here and school starts again. And the weather is finally starting to look like summer.

David is on occasion asking to go potty and we are putting him in pull-ups sometimes during the day. At fifty cents apiece I think I'm going to deduct them from his future allowance. Actually, if he'd make some serious potty training progress I'd pay fifty dollars apiece for the things. Two in diapers is no fun.

I ordered Tomtom 3 new sleepers because he had poop stained all 3 of his existing ones. I swear the minute I hit send he grew an inch and now I'm going to have to exchange them for a bigger size.

From the Archives

Seven Months

Tomtom is seven months old today. And he has slept through the night in his own crib for the last three nights. Yay! He is still toothless. He can roll very well and is putting everything in his mouth. You have to be careful with what you have in your hand while you hold him because he will make short work of eating it. Speaking of eating, he's still not a fan of solids. Especially the pureed variety. He does seem to like little pieces of table food and I'm going to have to get out the tray that goes to his high chair.

He is not yet sitting on his own. He can tripod for a few moments before slumping down in a puddle of chins and arm rolls though. My, how the time is flying. Soon he'll need braces.

Is Their?

From Alex's report card: "I don't think their is a word he can not spell."


Want to test the kindness of strangers? Just bring a baby with one shoe out shopping.

Duluth, MN 1981