I got $24 worth of town trash bags (required, not discountable) 10 boxes of oatmeal (a 50 day supply for Allan) and what you see here for $104.09 and I saved $107.48 plus earned 20 cents off per gallon of gas. For the first time I saved over $100 while spending less! I'd frame the receipt but I need it to mail in for a rebate!!

I never buy stuff that I either can't donate or won't get eaten and I always share-either by dropping things into the food pantry box on the way out the door or hauling over in person. They liked my granola bars last month! I also am scrupulous about using coupons as intended-I never try to use them on unintended products or past their expiration date.


Mother Goose said…
I hope that ice cream is meant to be shared with me. I like it in sugar cones. Got a coupon for them?
scissorbill said…
Right under the crystal light. Ten for $10.

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