Allan had a job interview with a fabulous company in Connecticut. One hint: they make Alex's favorite toy. Lots of colorful bricks.

Anyway, I really don't want to move. If I have to be away from my family I'd like to stick to one spot. We have friends here. I could pick up my phone and call a neighbor to drive me to the hospital and another to watch my kids. I have a Mom's night out date this week. That's how settled we are.

But, if the deal is sweet enough, if I don't have to work, if we could sell this house for enough and pick up a nice one there, if Allan could switch to east coast working time, if they have a Taco Johns, if...if...if...maybe.


Grandpa said…
Taco Johns is mostly a mid-west chain. There are zero TJ's in the entire northeast, including New York. Guess you'll have to try Taco Bell??

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