Down Came the Rain

It has taken me two days to laugh over this. On Tuesday David was attempting to nap and it started thundering. He's afraid of thunder so I put him in our bed and laid down with him. After an hour of wiggling, kicking, etc. he fell asleep TEN MINUTES BEFORE I HAD TO PICK UP ALEX. And of course, Tomtom was sound asleep as well. David was so out of it that I put Tom in the car first and then brought a sleeping David down and put him in his car seat and away we went. In the absolute pouring rain. And I failed to notice that David didn't have any shoes on. I pulled up at camp and had to park far, far away. I got the golf umbrella and Tomtom's car seat on my left arm and an awake but shoeless David on my right hip. And I navigated the puddles into the building with a good sixty pounds of kid and car seat weighing me down. And as I fought cramped up arm muscles, jeans wet up to my calves and competed with Alex for umbrella coverage on the way back I saw a lady park in the handicapped space and jaunt in to pick up her kid. Of course, she didn't have handicapped plates. In my mind, no one was more handicapped than me at that moment but I still would not park there. I think that trip was the one of my worst moments yet as a mom of three. I felt so literally burdened by them all.

Today David will most likely nap after skipping it yesterday and Monday and only getting ten minutes on Tuesday. I'm taking the phone off the hook and napping myself so if you need to get ahold of me call my cell phone and somebody better be bleeding.


Mother Goose said…
Oh, the joys of motherhood! :)
Just think, when I get there, you can leave them napping and I'll stay with them.

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