My mom and I took the boys to Cold Stone Creamery this morning. I must have put my wallet on top of the car as I was buckling Tomtom's seat into the car and left it on the roof. We went to BJ's next and when I reached into my purse it wasn't there. I called Cold Stone and they didn't have it. I searched the car and went back to Cold Stone just in case. I told my mom on the way home that I have good karma and I bet I would get it back somehow.

When we got home there was a message from a lady who'd picked my wallet up lying in the street not far from Cold Stone. She was a fellow nurse and said that she hoped someone would do the same thing for her. Yay!

Nugget must also have good karma. My mom cooked up 42 breakfast sausage links from a big club pack. We ate 7 of them and she had the remaining 35 cooling on my island to be put in the freezer. When she and Stella came downstairs after taking a bath there were 7 left on the plate.


Grandpa said…
Did he smile when you accused him? Our old Golden would do that on the few occasions he helped himself to a goody or two.
Linda and Bill said…
Smart dog - he knew you only would eat seven!

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