I called in sick this evening. I took the boys out for ice cream after the baseball camp finale and came home feeling awful. I called Allan and since he's very busy at work and covering for his boss he came home and tried to finish his workday here while I rested. I had two boys in bed with me until David jumped on the bed more than once and got kicked out. Then he proceeded to stamp our address stamp all over the desk while Allan tried to distract him and finish up. Allan made dinner and I ate and started to feel better and realized that I hadn't had anything non-caffeinated to drink all day and probably felt awful from dehydration. I'm much better now and after a week full of boys and craziness I'm actually looking forward to work tomorrow.

My point (and I do have one) is that I can't even take a sick day. I now have five loads of laundry to fold because I took the afternoon off!


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