This week is baseball camp. Next week is scout camp. Then Grandma comes for two weeks. Then Alex goes to ND for 1 week with Grandma. Then David, Tomtom and I go to Minot for a week. Then Allan joins us for 5 days. Then we all come home and have a couple of days here and school starts again. And the weather is finally starting to look like summer.

David is on occasion asking to go potty and we are putting him in pull-ups sometimes during the day. At fifty cents apiece I think I'm going to deduct them from his future allowance. Actually, if he'd make some serious potty training progress I'd pay fifty dollars apiece for the things. Two in diapers is no fun.

I ordered Tomtom 3 new sleepers because he had poop stained all 3 of his existing ones. I swear the minute I hit send he grew an inch and now I'm going to have to exchange them for a bigger size.


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