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Monday Morning Reclamation

To 'reclaim' my car on Mondays I have to:
put down the armrest
take the parking brake off (it's in the GARAGE!)
change the radio station
put the seat forward a hair
adjust the temperature from 'barren frozen tundra' to 'crisp fall afternoon'

Big Brothers

Alex as he is fully supporting Tomtom and helping him 'walk':
"Tomtom is pretty much walking."

David as he curls up next to Tomtom on the floor. "THOMAS! You're so cute!!!!!"
He refuses to call him Tomtom

Daddy Was Right

Early intervention screened Thomas today. He is at the 10 month stage for social interaction and is not at least 30% delayed with gross motor which means that he does not qualify for services. And Mommy feels better knowing that. $250 well spent.

Math for Moms

$0.64: Six ounce jar Gerber peach baby food
$1.00: Eight year old's fee for spooning it in while I get some vacuuming done

Prima David

David is obsessed with clothes. He has three favorite shirts:
His dog shirt (faded blue with a bulldog and 'are you talkin' to me?' printed on it)
His John Deere shirt
and His big brother shirt (there are two of these, I found them on clearance after it became a favorite)
Unfortunately the first two are hand-me-downs from my sister and have seen better days.

Right now he is fixated on Spiderman underwear and 'clothes shorts' which are cotton elastic waist shorts that I bought with potty training in mind. Fortunately I bought two pair in brown and two in grey. He likes the grey ones best. He has other grey shorts but they won't do.

His favorite pajamas vary.

If an item of choice is not available he opens the washer and dryer doors looking for it. 'It's dirty' is not an acceptable excuse.
He loves to change his clothes. And if you leave him alone for his nap he'll change into pajamas and then try to change into different clothes upon waking.

I …

Yay, Tom!

Somebody heard that early intervention is coming and decided he better get going in the gross motor department. Allan discovered that a usually off-limits item will focus his attention enough and allow him to keep his balance for a bit. That's plum perfect nail polish he's chewing on.

Before & After: Vacuum Bag

In case you are considering getting a Golden Retriever. Downstairs only. I've always wanted to do this. Twenty minutes well spent!

Square Day

Today nobody in our family has anything on the calendar. August 21 sticks out like a sore thumb as there are no empty squares for months before or months after. There is plenty to do, however but no appointments or work to work around. We just crawled out of bed. Nice!

10 Brown Eyes

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The Good:
Allan took David and I took Tomtom and we left at 11:00 am.

The Bad:
We sat on the runway for an hour awaiting clearance from Minneapolis to fly because they were backed up due to a planned runway closure. Planned? Why did they even mention that?!
David at first called it Minneus Apple and by the time we were ready to take off for Boston it had morphed to Apple Ileus.

The Ugly:
We got home and our downstairs was 87 degrees and unbelievably stuffy. It was even worse upstairs and after two hours of a/c it was down to 83. And Allan had taken apart our master bathroom planning to paint but ran out of time so the toilet was unhooked and the fixtures were spread all over the upstairs. And both Tomtom and David are sick. Tomtom was overtired and screaming and required me in bed with him and then David woke up at three with a croupy cough and ended up in bed with Allan.
Thank God I decided to come home Wednesday and have today and tomorrow to put my life back together before re…

In a Pinch

Charmin wipes remove makeup.


I had a dream that I was talking to a Subway restaurant owner. He said he got the franchise as a holiday gift. I asked him if it was from Santa Claus or Hannukah Harry.

Our Trip

The Good: They both slept the entire one hour flight from Minneapolis to Minot. I read the inflight magazine!

The Bad: David had to poop twice, once on the plane. Imagine me balancing Tomtom in my left arm and trying to wipe David's butt with my right all in a microbathroom. Not fun.

The Ugly: The airline temporarily lost my stroller. I got off on 'G' concourse (late)and had 10 minutes to haul my baby, preschooler and two heavy bags to 'D' concourse for our next flight with no stroller. Needless to say it was not going to happen so they put us on the next flight extending our trip another two hours. But we made it here in one piece and everyone is sleeping well again. Amen.


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8 Months

A bit late, sorry Thomas.
He sleeps through the night, usually 12 hours and takes two nice naps all by himself in the crib. He eats baby food but much prefers fruit. He can feed himself table food, he especially likes ice cream. He can travel by rolling and scooting but not yet a full crawl. He says Ma Ma Ma and Da Da Da but not exclusively. He loves his brothers.

In Case Spending $5 A Day Isn't Enough


For a limited time, enjoy any Grande (16 fl oz)
cold beverage for only $2* after 2pm at
participating U.S. stores. Just bring in the
receipt from your morning visit to Starbucks.

From scrumptious Frappuccino(R) blended beverages
to great-tasting, good-for-you Vivanno(TM) Smoothies
to our refreshing Iced Coffee and Tazo(R) Shaken
Iced Teas—there's never a shortage of delicious
cold treats to choose from. And each is a great
value at only $2.

So treat yourself as the summer winds down.


Happy birthday, David James! This kid has been getting me up early since 2006. He was born at 7:24 am. I'll post party pictures later today.


We leave for Minot at 6am on Monday morning. My mom and Alex left at 7:55. Allan leaves at 6am. Everybody is complaining and reminding me that I am the one who booked the flights. And let me tell you why they are so early.
1. Allan is flying on a frequent flier ticket so there was little choice.
2. It was either leave early or get in after midnight.
3. It was either leave early or leave at 9am from Logan during rush hour and still have a 6 hour layover in Minneapolis. Not fun with two little ones who probably won't nap.

As it is I'm suffering too. My flight gets in before Taco Johns opens.

Ack! Ack! Ack!

Tomtom has a funny laugh/throat clearing/cartoony cough that is so cute. I wish I hadn't lost my charging cable for my little digital camera or I would try to capture it on video. Ack! Ack! Ack!

Orange Hair

Allan took the boys to get their hair cut on Sunday. The stylist put a little orange gel in David's hair. It washed out but discolored his hair. Yesterday he had orange hair and a purple penis. Today they both look a little more normal. Thank God.

Purple Penis & Camp Grandma

David suffered a penis injury yesterday. The toilet seat fell and crushed him. Fortunately it has not seemed to affect his potty training. He has been clean and dry all day since Friday. He is still wearing a diaper at night but now has one more excuse to get out of bed after bedtime.

And this morning I took my mom, Stella and Alex to the airport. I almost cried after I dropped them off. Alex will enjoy a week of being spoiled and David, Thomas and I will join him next Monday and then Allan will come on the fifteenth and we'll all return home on the 19th. I wish I was going to spend a quiet week of being spoiled at Camp Grandma!