The Good:
Allan took David and I took Tomtom and we left at 11:00 am.

The Bad:
We sat on the runway for an hour awaiting clearance from Minneapolis to fly because they were backed up due to a planned runway closure. Planned? Why did they even mention that?!
David at first called it Minneus Apple and by the time we were ready to take off for Boston it had morphed to Apple Ileus.

The Ugly:
We got home and our downstairs was 87 degrees and unbelievably stuffy. It was even worse upstairs and after two hours of a/c it was down to 83. And Allan had taken apart our master bathroom planning to paint but ran out of time so the toilet was unhooked and the fixtures were spread all over the upstairs. And both Tomtom and David are sick. Tomtom was overtired and screaming and required me in bed with him and then David woke up at three with a croupy cough and ended up in bed with Allan.
Thank God I decided to come home Wednesday and have today and tomorrow to put my life back together before returning to work.


LBJ11 said…
Yikes! Welcome home? Travel really is hard on everyone.

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