Prima David

David is obsessed with clothes. He has three favorite shirts:
His dog shirt (faded blue with a bulldog and 'are you talkin' to me?' printed on it)
His John Deere shirt
and His big brother shirt (there are two of these, I found them on clearance after it became a favorite)
Unfortunately the first two are hand-me-downs from my sister and have seen better days.

Right now he is fixated on Spiderman underwear and 'clothes shorts' which are cotton elastic waist shorts that I bought with potty training in mind. Fortunately I bought two pair in brown and two in grey. He likes the grey ones best. He has other grey shorts but they won't do.

His favorite pajamas vary.

If an item of choice is not available he opens the washer and dryer doors looking for it. 'It's dirty' is not an acceptable excuse.
He loves to change his clothes. And if you leave him alone for his nap he'll change into pajamas and then try to change into different clothes upon waking.

I do the laundry around here and I'm simply not putting up with this. And when preschool starts I'm going to try my best to get him to wear something that looks decent.


Mother Goose said…
How about giving him two choices? And having him pick out his clothes for the next day before he goes to bed at night?

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