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Ick.  Yes, I knew 8-10 hours before dinner that I would not have time to make something real for my family so I made this.  They ate it but not without complaint.  And I will never make that mistake again!  Ew!

On another note, 'not so interested' lady wants a second showing on Friday during her lunch hour.  Okay.  But after that you can show me the money.

The Contact Curse

Allan called me at work on Saturday morning to ask if I was having trouble seeing. It seems I had taken his contacts. We have identical cases. I had taken out 'my' first lens and saw a tear in it so I threw it away and got a new pair since I was close enough to the first of the month when I change them anyway. So he had to get a new pair.

Saturday night I unknowingly put my new lens on top of my old dried out lens (since I had left the stem on the counter all day) and Sunday morning I could not separate the two lenses and had to get a new one.

This morning Allan noticed a tear in one of his new lenses. That is six contacts in four days for two people.

Spiffing it Up

Allan and I cleaned and spiffed from 8:00 PM to close to 2:00 Am on Friday night. Here is the feedback we got from the showing:
I spoke with Sandi this afternoon. I know she saw you at the house yesterday as well. Her client did like the property. She really liked the kitchen. Felt larger than some of the others she saw. House also felt "small enough" where she would be comfortable if she lived there herself. Initially she was a little put off by the conservation access - but it seemed to grow on her.

The other two properties she kind of liked were 117 Hill Rd (2136 sqft 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, no a/c) and 242 Martins Pond Rd (2781sqft, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a/c).

She is not yet in decision mode.
So most of it was for naught, it sounds like this person is a professional looker. But we both agreed that we should take some time to spiff our house up for ourselves once in awhile when we are settled into a new place. Get rid of clutter, paint the rooms before 6 years hav…

Two Weeks' Notice

Allan's boss took it well and was appreciative of the notice he's giving. So it's official!


Allan is resigning today. Here's hoping they escort him out and reject two weeks' notice.

We met with another realtor last night. We are picking him for several reasons. Aside from that he has a potential buyer who would like to see the place before we put it on the market. She wants a walk out basement in which she can put an in-law suite with a kitchenette and that requires a septic system built for an extra bedroom and it just so happens that our house fits the bill. It's too unlikely to hope that she'll buy this place that quick but we can't turn down a showing, especially to a pre-screened buyer so we are going to work like dogs today and show it this weekend. Unfortunately I'm working and in charge so it's not an option for me to stay home and help. I have to get as much done today as I can and hope the pigs kids don't undo too much.

We also paid $150 to a stager for her to tell us that we need new flooring, countertops in the bathroom, mo…


Our temporary apartment (paid by the company for 60 days) includes 1500 sq feet, 3 bedrooms, a full kitchen and an indoor pool. They are providing a king sized bed for Allan and I, a twin each for Alex and David and a crib for Thomas. Cable, internet and laundry expenses are covered. There is a library within walking distance. Sounds like a nice little vacation! My point of view shifts a bit when I have that to look forward to.

We're meeting with a home stager this morning and another realtor this evening. We had our fall yard cleanup done by landscapers on Tuesday and Allan is making some serious progress on cleaning up the basement. Each day I take a room and fill a few boxes with the excess stuff. My best decision to date was cleaning out 75% of the toys in the play room so now when David makes a mess it can be cleaned up in under two minutes. However, he is clamoring to go downstairs every time the door opens because he knows there are toys down there.

Allan &…


Thomas just pulled himself up to a standing position. On a moving box.

Laundry Day

Yesterday was laundry day. As I dump the 4-5 days
worth of the boys' clothes onto the floor to sort the smell of stinky boy hits my nostrils and I can't help but smile and appreciate that I have three of them.


Thomas is nine months old.  He is content to play in his play yard and babble and chew toys for long periods at a time.  He has slept through the night every night for the last three months and takes a good long nap each day.  He eats his own packet of Quaker oatmeal in the morning as well as a full lunch and dinner.  He loves his brothers and our dog.  I think the reason that he has no teeth yet is because he knows we are too busy to brush one more set right now.

Fruit Gushers+Rapid Palate Expanders=Problem

I got a call from Alex's school nurse.  He had somehow managed to get a fruit gusher stuck in his orthodontic palate expander and she spent a good ten minutes helping poke it out.  She wanted me to deliver some floss picks for next time.  He was specifically told to avoid sticky and chewy food choices and he packs his own snack.  I bet he'll pick pudding for tomorrow!

God bless school nurses.

Stop The Ride I Want to Get Off

I feel like someone has has hit the fast forward button!  We're T-minus 30 days until Allan's new job starts and our house is nowhere near ready to put on the market.  We're waiting for two prospective realtors to come up with market analyses.   We need to have the exterior power washed and the porch painted.  We need the interior decluttered and scrubbed and our bedroom, main bath and stairway painted.  And our three kids have the nerve to require feeding, bathing, entertainment, recreation and education while we try to get it all done.  I see many 2do lists in our future.

8 Year Stats

Alex: 57.5" 76 lbs
He grew 3.5 inches in a year.

Group Effort

Let's make a list of situations that deserve their bad reputation.  I'll start:

1.  Moving

3 BR 2.5 Bth 1 Dg

Six hundred dollars a month is what Nugget's breeder charges for in home boarding. I think we'll have to include him with the house.

2Do 2Day

Fax dependent care FSA forms

Start withdrawal process for school, preschool and extended day
Gather yard sale stuff
Wash boy sheets
Take Alex to the doctor for his physical
Buy Alex new jeans




call USAA and get Mover's Advantage realtor list
call said realtor and get them over here
call Mikki to see if she can board Nugget
return signed employment contract
fax signed moving policy
put in for Oct 2nd off you are taking Alex to the Red Sox game
get boxes

plan meals for the week
clean and declutter downstairs bathroom
grocery shopping
wash sheets and jeans
take Alex to soccer
gather and price stuff for Sue's yard sale (ongoing)
put up new shower curtain liners

My boys...

...fighting over acorns underneath an oak tree.

Cherry Pie

Some days are just wear jammies and make cherry pie days.  Today was one of those days.


Somebody is already screwing with my 'after' pictures. And it isn't even baseball season around here.

Public Education

Ten Nineteen

Allan starts his new job on October 19th. The freakout has officially begun. We need to clean this place up and get a realtor over ASAP. I can just picture it now...he's in a cozy two bedroom apartment in Enfield and I'm here...with three boys and a dog and a mortgage and have to be ready for a showing at a moment's notice. I don't want joint custody!

Fox Hill

I was reading a review on an apartment complex near Allan's new job.  The last line in this one made me chuckle:
First off, here at Fox Hill you pay and pay and pay for EVERYTHING. You pay rent, then you pay for all utilities, then you pay for WATER, the you pay for TRASH, then you pay for extra storage, then you pay for pets and I imagine that in the near future you may pay for's about the only thing left! The rent is a little high for the area, our renewal rate was quoted at $925 for a 1 bedroom. We called and found that the off-the-street price for a new tenant is only $800! That is almost criminal in my mind. We actually get a monthly bill for around $30 to $40 for water and trash. Our utilities monthly were a little high I think due mostly to the old windows and slider sucking out all our heated/cooled air. All the glass is double pane and all of it is fogged inside indicating leaks. The pool is OK but only open in the summer, the tennis courts are just blah.…

David's First Day

There were some tears and some leg clutching this morning but he was all smiles when it was time to pick him up.  And my guilt about extended day melted when I realized how much I got done today.


Jim & Arlene are probably half-way home to PA by now but they spent the entire weekend watching boys, doing laundry, collecting money at my yard sale and helping all around.  I hope to be the kind of mother-in-law that is helpful like that instead of a pain in the ass.  Well, even if I'm a pain in the ass there will probably be three of them to spread the love.

Up next, David's first day of preschool.  His pack-pack is waiting.


If I'm going to be living in some sort of temporary housing I don't want to spend $2.25 times two for decent coffee in the morning.  I bought the Keurig single cup brewer and I LOVE it!!!! I brewed some nice iced tea yesterday afternoon and a cuppa hazelnut this morning.  So far my two drinks have cost just $78 each!  Now that's a bargain....

Happy Birthday, Dave!

It's Dave Ramsey's birthday today. I had to give him a shout out because he's changed my financial life.  After attending Financial Peace University in Jan '08 I can now move with the confidence that when our house sells our only debt will be our car loan and we have the money in savings to pay it off but are waiting until the storm clouds clear and we have a fully funded emergency fund.  Debt will no longer be a way of life for our family.  If you are interested his Total Money Makeover Live Event sounds like a great way to learn all you need to know and the Sept 19th one is being simulcast all over the country.

If I Weren't Moving I'd Buy These



Nine Months Thomas 20 lb 11 oz, 30 1/4 inches
David 18 lb 10 oz, 29 inches
Alex 20 lb 4 oz, 29 3/4 inches
Mom 19 lb 2 oz, 29 inches
Dad 22 lb 5 oz, 29 3/4 inches

Three Years David 31 lbs, 37.5 inches Alex 40 lbs, 41.25 inches

First Day of School

And he went off with the idea that we are going to be moving this Fall.