Fox Hill

I was reading a review on an apartment complex near Allan's new job.  The last line in this one made me chuckle:
First off, here at Fox Hill you pay and pay and pay for EVERYTHING. You pay rent, then you pay for all utilities, then you pay for WATER, the you pay for TRASH, then you pay for extra storage, then you pay for pets and I imagine that in the near future you may pay for's about the only thing left! The rent is a little high for the area, our renewal rate was quoted at $925 for a 1 bedroom. We called and found that the off-the-street price for a new tenant is only $800! That is almost criminal in my mind. We actually get a monthly bill for around $30 to $40 for water and trash. Our utilities monthly were a little high I think due mostly to the old windows and slider sucking out all our heated/cooled air. All the glass is double pane and all of it is fogged inside indicating leaks. The pool is OK but only open in the summer, the tennis courts are just blah. Our 2nd floor deck has rotted wood. They just re-did the laundry areas with new floors and new HE machines, BUT they often let the machines get too dirty and let the trash overflow. They need to pay more attention to the laundry areas given that each cycle costs $1.75 per machine. Two loads of laundry is 7 bucks. To top off this blah experience is a manager intent on collecting every penny owed exactly when due.


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