Allan is resigning today. Here's hoping they escort him out and reject two weeks' notice.

We met with another realtor last night. We are picking him for several reasons. Aside from that he has a potential buyer who would like to see the place before we put it on the market. She wants a walk out basement in which she can put an in-law suite with a kitchenette and that requires a septic system built for an extra bedroom and it just so happens that our house fits the bill. It's too unlikely to hope that she'll buy this place that quick but we can't turn down a showing, especially to a pre-screened buyer so we are going to work like dogs today and show it this weekend. Unfortunately I'm working and in charge so it's not an option for me to stay home and help. I have to get as much done today as I can and hope the pigs kids don't undo too much.

We also paid $150 to a stager for her to tell us that we need new flooring, countertops in the bathroom, more/different furniture, outdoor furniture and several pots of mums. Everything else that came out of her mouth we already knew from watching HGTV. Oh well. I am taking one piece of advice and buying some luxurious bedding for the master bedroom. With a 20% off coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond of course.

Gotta go!


Grandpa said…
Here's hoping the potential buyer likes the property as much as several of the garage sale people. Several of them said how much they liked the property and the private, but not too private, location.

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