If I Weren't Moving I'd Buy These


Mother Goose said…
Why can't you buy them even if you are moving? Am I missing something? Want me to buy them for Christmas?
LBJ11 said…
Yeah - Connecticut doesn't have a football team. Maybe you're switching to another team? Bill hopes it's Dallas (gag).
HappilyDomestic said…
I saw that you entered in to win a Baby Dipper Bowl at "Thrifty Minnesota mamas" blog and wanted to invite you to come to my blog "HappilyDomestic" and get a chance to win one again. My giveaway ends on the 8th of September, but there is many ways to enter. Here is the link:

I hope that you stop by and enjoy my blog as well. I have a lot of great giveaways lined up. Sorry, to leave a comment for this..I am trying to get the word out.

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