Spiffing it Up

Allan and I cleaned and spiffed from 8:00 PM to close to 2:00 Am on Friday night. Here is the feedback we got from the showing:
I spoke with Sandi this afternoon. I know she saw you at the house yesterday as well. Her client did like the property. She really liked the kitchen. Felt larger than some of the others she saw. House also felt "small enough" where she would be comfortable if she lived there herself. Initially she was a little put off by the conservation access - but it seemed to grow on her.

The other two properties she kind of liked were 117 Hill Rd (2136 sqft 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, no a/c) and 242 Martins Pond Rd (2781sqft, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a/c).

She is not yet in decision mode.

So most of it was for naught, it sounds like this person is a professional looker. But we both agreed that we should take some time to spiff our house up for ourselves once in awhile when we are settled into a new place. Get rid of clutter, paint the rooms before 6 years have flown by, etc. Yeah we'll see how that works out!


Grandpa said…
You're probably right about her. She likely doesn't need to work so she entertains herself at others expense (realtor and home owners).
MonkeeMommy said…
Wish that's all I had to do all day!
LBJ11 said…
What a goofy client! Hope you next and all future "opportunities" are more serious and mor successful.

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