Our temporary apartment (paid by the company for 60 days) includes 1500 sq feet, 3 bedrooms, a full kitchen and an indoor pool. They are providing a king sized bed for Allan and I, a twin each for Alex and David and a crib for Thomas. Cable, internet and laundry expenses are covered. There is a library within walking distance. Sounds like a nice little vacation! My point of view shifts a bit when I have that to look forward to.

We're meeting with a home stager this morning and another realtor this evening. We had our fall yard cleanup done by landscapers on Tuesday and Allan is making some serious progress on cleaning up the basement. Each day I take a room and fill a few boxes with the excess stuff. My best decision to date was cleaning out 75% of the toys in the play room so now when David makes a mess it can be cleaned up in under two minutes. However, he is clamoring to go downstairs every time the door opens because he knows there are toys down there.

Allan & Alex are going to the Red Sox game on October 2nd and I already have Six Flag tickets for our first weekend in Connecticut. Having those two things to look forward to has really helped him.


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