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Big Bro

David-Alex was reading at your age.

Thomas-Alex was walking at your age.

Halloween Snack

Alex handed me a half sheet of paper just as we were about to walk out the door for school this morning.  It was a note from his teacher asking each child to bring in a special Halloween snack to share with the class.    Fortunately for him I happened to have bought a big pack of Starbursts and Skittles to bring back to Groton for any potential trick or treaters.  Now I have to replace them.  We are looking at houses here tomorrow morning and then heading back to the old house for one last Halloween in our neighborhood.  Not to mention pick up the ever growing list of essentials that we either forgot and forgot again or didn't know we'd need.

Lego Crackers

For one night only we can play with our food.  I hate getting used to a new oven.  These got a little hot.


We are scheduled to close on November 23rd!  I can't believe that we are selling the house to the first person who looked at it.  She looked at it twice before it was even on the market and it went under agreement the first day we went active.  We have some mold to take care of in the attic, the previous owners had the bathroom fan venting into the attic.  Allan fixed it 6 years ago when we moved in and it took care of it but the mold is still there.  We sign the purchase and sale agreement on Monday and then just wait for her final mortgage commitment which will probably be so close to the close that we won't be in a position to put in an offer on a house here until close.  I'd ideally like to have a place in mind and be ready to do that but I kinda want the check in hand first before I can focus on buying.  Things are going so smoothly!

Nugget is doing well at his breeder's house.  He has settled in with some of her female dogs.  Perhaps even he gets an overload of …


Here are the boys getting ready for the Halloween party.  And since I had to upload pictures, here is the snake. 

Menu Plan Monday

Mon: Halloween Party (I guess...PIZZA!)
Tues: Roast Beef
Wed: Chicken & Crackers
Thurs: Leftovers
Fri: Quesadillas
Sat: Swiss Steak
Sun: San Francisco Pork chops

Now I'll just head on over to Peapod and order my grocery delivery.  They take coupons.  The prices are the same.  They deliver.  I tip.  Well worth it!

The Snake

Last night I was returning to our repartment after taking out the trash. I spotted a long snake-like thing on the floor just outside our entrance.  I thought to myself, "There is no way that is a snake because I really, really hate snakes and that just can't be has to be a Halloween joke."  Of course I was wrong and it was a real snake.  And it stuck it's snakey tongue out at me.  I ran in and thank God Allan was home.  I didn't want to scare the kids so I had to drag him away discretely.  When we got there the snake was nowhere to be found.  I started getting the creepy crawlies and we searched around.  And found the bastard IN OUR REPARTMENT.  He took care of it and called animal control because it had a funky red pattern on it and we were afraid to release it into the wild if it was dangerous and I was too freaked out to even look at the thing and reiterating this is giving me the creepy crawlies again and while there is a picture of the bastard on Al…

Birthday Cake

I thought I had at least another week until Halloween.  David has his heart set on being a birthday cake.  Allan came home last night to report a company family Halloween party on Monday.  I better get cracking.  I'm thinking a small box connected to a bigger box, spray painted white with 'happy birthday' lettering.  And a candle headband.  Thoughts, suggestions appreciated...


The boys & I had lunch with Allan today:

Our Repartment

David keeps calling the apartment a 'repartment' and I'm doing it now too.  In my mind it's  a 'relocation apartment' so repartment works fine.

We are in the ground floor of one of six restored carpet mill buildings.  You walk in our entry:

And there are is a large coat closet on your left.  Then it's the boys' bathroom with a linen closet across the hall.

Straight ahead is Alex and David's room.

Back to the entry if you turn right you see the kitchen and great room:

And between them is another hallway with Tomtom's room on the right and a bathroom and linen closet on the left:


And finally, the master bedroom.  It's huge!

Apartment Laundry

The Good:  I just did five loads of laundry in two hours.
The Bad: I had to fold five loads of laundry all at once.
The Ugly: It cost me $20.25

Back Again

The boys & I are heading back to the old house today to pick up a laundry list of things we either forgot or didn't know we would need.  Our kitchen package contained table service for four and when you have between 12-15 individual person meals a day that doesn't work very well!

Gotta run the drama king just informed me he's 'starving' it's never just hungry with that one.

The Offer

We are under agreement on the house. Yahoooo!!!!!!!! After three looks and a few back and forth negotiations professional looker lady made us an offer we couldn't refuse. And we get to keep our washer and dryer and extra freezer which were all on the table at some point. We hope to close December 11th. It's a big step in a long journey but we are celebrating on this end!

Home Sweet Home

Our apartment is so nice! Three bedrooms, two baths and over 1500 square feet. We have everything we need and the wonderful relo coordinator stocked the kitchen. We have beer, wine and enough groceries for a full day of meals. And Allan hooked up the wireless internet so I'm all set. The boys each got a wrapped LEGO toy on their beds.

I dropped Nugget off at his breeder's house today. She made me sign his AKC papers in case we don't pick him up. She is very odd but I doubt she'd steal Nugget. He's so rambunctious I doubt I could give him away.

We had a showing of the house today. And the professional looker lady is coming for a third showing tomorrow. After that is our open house!

Can't wait for the sun to come up so I can see what this area looks like in daylight.

Happy Birthday, Nugget

Yes, yes I did spring for Frosty Paws ice cream for dogs. He loved it.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer-I've always wondered.

See Ya!

I started working at Lowell General in January of 2001.  I was 5 months pregnant with Alex and so relieved that they hired me anyway.  After taking just 6 weeks maternity leave after he was born I returned and worked three evenings a week until he entered preschool.  Then I started working every weekend, two twelve hour shifts.  After 4.5 years of that minus two more (longer) maternity leaves I'm done.  I will miss my coworkers and some of the patients.   But I will definitely enjoy spending some time as a family again.  I didn't let the door hit me in the ass on the way out.


Placeholder for the picture of Alex and David with their Bibles.  David: "I got a Bible book at church!"  And Alex is half-way through Genesis already.

Student of the Week

Placeholder for Mr. Alex's picture with his student of the week certificate.  "When the principal called my name it felt like someone punched me in the heart."

The Littles


House Updates

So far we've had a Fall yard cleanup, a professional staging consultation, a carpenter fix the house cancer (areas of rotted wood around the windows), new exterior lighting and a massive decluttering.   On the docket for next week is a septic inspection, exterior pressure wash, painting of our bedroom, main bath, hallway, front porch and front door.  Allan will also replace our dated bathroom light fixtures and I am going to tackle the heavy cleaning.  I considered hiring that done but I've never been happy with the job that they do and it is a way to save money, burn some calories, relieve stress and get a break from the kids all at the same time.   I also think we need new carpet upstairs so I'm trying to talk Allan into that.  Our house looks likes a couple of adults live here now!

Poor Pluto

Alex has a test on the solar system today.  Apparently they've demoted Pluto and it is no longer a planet.  "My very educated mother just served us nine pizzapies" has been changed to "My very educated mother just served us noodles."  I wonder if the dairy board has been informed.


I signed up when Alex was 3 months old.  You link your store reward cards and
debit/credit accounts with Upromise and different retailers give you money towards
college.  We've earned $543.36!  That should buy a book in 2019

Going Away

My friends at work threw me a very nice going away party on Sunday and gave me an assortment of K-cups and a coffee gift basket.  Allan got a nice card from his San Jose coworkers (my favorite inscription: "Keep those shelves stocked with Legos or I'm giving the kids your cell phone number!") and he is having a lunch with his local coworkers today.  Alex is getting together with his neighborhood friends on Friday and his baby playgroup friends on Monday.  And I'm going out with David's playgroup moms on Thursday.  It's bittersweet to have so many examples of how great the being left behind are.

Red Sox Game

Alex is holding Grandpa Aiken's binoculars in the first picture.  Picture #3 is not where they ended up sitting but it's near Pesky's pole.  And #4 is a great shot of Dice-K warming up.  The Sox won 6-2.

All Grown Up

This is our playroom all grown up.  Is it neutral enough for you?!