Home Sweet Home

Our apartment is so nice! Three bedrooms, two baths and over 1500 square feet. We have everything we need and the wonderful relo coordinator stocked the kitchen. We have beer, wine and enough groceries for a full day of meals. And Allan hooked up the wireless internet so I'm all set. The boys each got a wrapped LEGO toy on their beds.

I dropped Nugget off at his breeder's house today. She made me sign his AKC papers in case we don't pick him up. She is very odd but I doubt she'd steal Nugget. He's so rambunctious I doubt I could give him away.

We had a showing of the house today. And the professional looker lady is coming for a third showing tomorrow. After that is our open house!

Can't wait for the sun to come up so I can see what this area looks like in daylight.


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