House Updates

So far we've had a Fall yard cleanup, a professional staging consultation, a carpenter fix the house cancer (areas of rotted wood around the windows), new exterior lighting and a massive decluttering.   On the docket for next week is a septic inspection, exterior pressure wash, painting of our bedroom, main bath, hallway, front porch and front door.  Allan will also replace our dated bathroom light fixtures and I am going to tackle the heavy cleaning.  I considered hiring that done but I've never been happy with the job that they do and it is a way to save money, burn some calories, relieve stress and get a break from the kids all at the same time.   I also think we need new carpet upstairs so I'm trying to talk Allan into that.  Our house looks likes a couple of adults live here now!


Bill said…
Doesn't it make you crazy that it takes moving to get all the important things done!

Linda (not Bill - but from Bill's computer)

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