The Offer

We are under agreement on the house. Yahoooo!!!!!!!! After three looks and a few back and forth negotiations professional looker lady made us an offer we couldn't refuse. And we get to keep our washer and dryer and extra freezer which were all on the table at some point. We hope to close December 11th. It's a big step in a long journey but we are celebrating on this end!


Mother Goose said…
Fantastic! That tells me your move was meant to be.
Grandpa said…
Well all right!! Now for finding a new house before breeder lady sells Nugget.
Anonymous said…
An answer to prayer! So happy for you. As Mother Goose said this move was meant to be. Imagine all the good things yet to be seen. Love you all. Mom
LBJ11 said…
Great News! Bill would say "Tells me you bought right!" I say "So happy for you!" (Of course, he is happy for you too - he's just more likely to evaluate the sale first)
Julia said…
We are so Happy for you all. From the pictures I saw of your old home it loked beautiful and I was sure the right person would come along and buy your home.

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