Our Repartment

David keeps calling the apartment a 'repartment' and I'm doing it now too.  In my mind it's  a 'relocation apartment' so repartment works fine.

We are in the ground floor of one of six restored carpet mill buildings.  You walk in our entry:

And there are is a large coat closet on your left.  Then it's the boys' bathroom with a linen closet across the hall.

Straight ahead is Alex and David's room.

Back to the entry if you turn right you see the kitchen and great room:

And between them is another hallway with Tomtom's room on the right and a bathroom and linen closet on the left:


And finally, the master bedroom.  It's huge!


Mother Goose said…
Where's the Mother-in-law suite?
MonkeeMommy said…
Nice! Is the front door wrapped in something?
scissorbill said…
The MIL suite is a studio apartment four buildings over! And no the door is unwrapped. But it does have a SLOTTER sign!

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