We are scheduled to close on November 23rd!  I can't believe that we are selling the house to the first person who looked at it.  She looked at it twice before it was even on the market and it went under agreement the first day we went active.  We have some mold to take care of in the attic, the previous owners had the bathroom fan venting into the attic.  Allan fixed it 6 years ago when we moved in and it took care of it but the mold is still there.  We sign the purchase and sale agreement on Monday and then just wait for her final mortgage commitment which will probably be so close to the close that we won't be in a position to put in an offer on a house here until close.  I'd ideally like to have a place in mind and be ready to do that but I kinda want the check in hand first before I can focus on buying.  Things are going so smoothly!

Nugget is doing well at his breeder's house.  He has settled in with some of her female dogs.  Perhaps even he gets an overload of testosterone at our place!


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