The Snake

Last night I was returning to our repartment after taking out the trash. I spotted a long snake-like thing on the floor just outside our entrance.  I thought to myself, "There is no way that is a snake because I really, really hate snakes and that just can't be has to be a Halloween joke."  Of course I was wrong and it was a real snake.  And it stuck it's snakey tongue out at me.  I ran in and thank God Allan was home.  I didn't want to scare the kids so I had to drag him away discretely.  When we got there the snake was nowhere to be found.  I started getting the creepy crawlies and we searched around.  And found the bastard IN OUR REPARTMENT.  He took care of it and called animal control because it had a funky red pattern on it and we were afraid to release it into the wild if it was dangerous and I was too freaked out to even look at the thing and reiterating this is giving me the creepy crawlies again and while there is a picture of the bastard on Allan's camera I just can't bring myself to see once again the snake that was in our reparment so you'll have to google 'king snake' if you want to see it for yourself.  But I don't recommend it.  The end.

And today we went to Six Flags and they wouldn't let me ride an adult ride because I'm too tall.  If this is what weekends are going to be like then I might as well go back to...nevermind.


MonkeeMommy said…
OMG! Ick, I have the creeps now too! How did it get in your apartment? Did you leave the door open?
Grandpa said…
A king snake isn't poisonous. What you need is a golden retriever to attack it.
Linda and Bill said…
Look at it this way - if everything had started perfectly - there would be no way to go but down.

Just so you know: Kingsnakes get their name because of the fact they eat other snakes. They are thought to be immune to the venom of some viper species, such as rattlesnakes, and copperheads. It is known that they will eat these snakes if given the chance.

So if you have to find snakes - king snakes are a GOOD thing.
Grandpa said…
Maybe the King is really Donald Trump on a bad hair day??

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