I signed up when Alex was 3 months old.  You link your store reward cards and
debit/credit accounts with Upromise and different retailers give you money towards
college.  We've earned $543.36!  That should buy a book in 2019


Jim said…
I've been a member for 6 years and have over $2,300 saved. Just another 8 years before the first one is in school.

Remember to shop online through the Upromise site to get more savings or download Turbosaver.

The credit card has been a huge help, but you need to decide if you want another card.

Then I've made another $100 in the last two years through the eRewards surveys.

I just missed out on a restaurant I went to. If I had used my Upromise Credit Card I would have got $29 back for the meal. It's a great service if you use it right!

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