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One Year Stats

31.5" 21 lbs 8 oz

David 1 year 30" 21 lbs
Alex at 1 year 31.75" 23 lbs 11 oz
Me at 13 mos 32" 24.6 lbs
Dad at 13 mos 32" 25 lbs 10.5 oz


Originally uploaded by jsslotter We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and celebrated Thomas' first birthday with Grandpa & Grandma. Click on the picture to see the whole set.



Bionicle, Remote controlled Lego car, Lego snow groomer, Hess cars, Mindflex


Cape, Hess cars, Duplo Construction Site, Duplo Zoo, Leapster 2


Wipes, pacifier wipes, bananas, diapers, binks

Harry Potter: The Early Years

Alex had a sheet over his head pretending to be a ghost to scare David and he cracked himself in the skull on the bedframe. He's grown tired of being called Harry Pottter.

The Step

I was driving Alex home from school and after standing outside for a few minutes without a jacket I was cold. We drive by the local food pantry on the way to our apartment and I noticed a man standing in line wearing only a tank top. Normally I would have felt a pang of sadness and guilt and then done my best to forget it. Or perhaps I would send a check to the food pantry (which I've already done. There's nothing like rushing home to meet the grocery delivery van and passing a group of people waiting in line for free food to make you feel undeservedly blessed.) But today I took a step outside of my comfort zone.

I remembered that Allan has a thick heavy sweatshirt that I had given him. I thought of how nice it would be to give that man the shirt. And instead of passing off the idea as inconvenient or dangerous (you never know how people are going to react.) I took the step to go home and get the shirt and approach the man with it. He accepted graciously and thanked m…


Alex just excitedly told me he just saw two mourning doves outside his window. And he keeps telling us that there are bald eagles nesting near the Connecticut river so he is on the lookout for them. He knows a lot about birds and is very interested in them (particularly 'birds of prey') while neither Allan nor I know much about them. He must get it from my dad and I think that is so cool. He inherited my dad's binoculars and when he's a little more responsible I can't wait for him to have them. They can be seen in the Red Sox game photo a few months back. I'd find it but I need to get myself and three boys ready for church and then spend at least five minutes stamping my foot so Allan gets ready.

Science Center

Originally uploaded by jsslotter We figured out what families with weekends off do: fight off other families with weekends off at places like this. Mom has sharp elbows so the boys got their turn :)


No amount of optimism will turn this mountain into a molehill.

Fun Fun Fun

And if I walk in such a way that David can drag in between my feet I can push the stroller with one hand and make a phone call with the other. Provided that Thomas keeps a good grip on those dryer sheets that is.

Move Out

The movers came, packed and loaded. Allan disassembled and cleaned. I arrived. We ate at the Lilac Blossom. We both packed and loaded liquids and gases. Alex and David swept the garage floor. I had a great idea for a small business: move out service. I'd come in after movers and remove all the gas cans, liquids, etc. and broom clean the place. Imagine the huge collection of lighters and bug spray I'd amass. Our realtor said he has a basement full of the stuff.

I kissed our house goodbye. I felt a twinge when I said goodbye to the beautiful custom kitchen knowing that I won't have something similar for many years if ever but that's okay. I'll happily trade it for laminate counters and builder grade cabinetry if it means I get more time with my family and a golden dooger ever on guard for something food-like to hit the floor.

Anyway, it's time to move on and we are all okay with it!

Big Girl

I was twenty when I got married. I didn't like to make business type phone calls. I let Allan handle all that. Slowly over the years I've gained confidence and a particular interest in our finances. It's difficult to call and get information when you are not the primary account holder and while I'm pretty good at impersonating Allan online sometimes you need to talk to a human being.

Yesterday I called and set up a home inspection and a septic inspection. Today I hired a real estate attorney. I feel like such an adult. When we close on this home I'll have a pretty good understanding of what's going on.


We are verbally under agreement! Waiting for the fax. Closing December 30th.


David. Six o'clock in the morning after being awake and crying at one and three. After being told to go to sleep:

"But my eyes just can't close."

Me. Ten o'clock in the morning after being awake at one, three and six.

"But my eyes just can't stay open."


On the house. They countered. We're thinking.

Movers are coming tomorrow to start and our close in Groton is scheduled for Monday.

Giddy Up!



We found another house that we like better than the one last week. It's a divorce situation which means that they need to sell quickly. It's been on the market for a month and they've dropped the price significantly in two stages.

We're submitting our offer this morning.

We may be fighting a couple from New Jersey who've seen the place three times. Or as I chose to believe, there is no such couple. I think the selling realtor made them up!


Here's a smattering of what we saw yesterday. #1 smelled so much like a litter box that it made us all shudder and then there was the squishy floor in the master bedroom that made me suspicious.

#2 was nice but the kitchen was too small and there was no way around it. The stove in the island had a vent in between the burners which made me curious.

#4 was nice and big but in a terrible neighborhood. The glass door you see was taped up with packing tape?

And the last was small allover, and dated with ugly wallpaper.

Three cancelled because of the flu. Flu schmoo. We need a place to live! We are looking at four more today.

One Month

On Thursday I celebrated a full month without a job. Not a full month without work, mind you but a full month without a paying job. Full time mother, overtime required.

The benefits are absolutely fabulous. My bosses can get a bit demanding from time to time.

And I can't escape this feeling that Allan expects me to do everything around the house because it is now my job. I just made a big breakfast. Homemade cinnamon rolls, eggs, bacon, toast and orange juice. And all the dishes are sitting there waiting for me to finish this post because he's tired, he worked all week and he hasn't had a proper weekend in four years. Yet, strangely he hasn't said a word to that effect, it's all in my head.

I will get to those dishes in a minute.

We are looking at seven houses today and hopefully at least one will distract us from the cream puff I saw earlier this week. I need options.

Mommy's Little Helper

David is all business in the laundry room. I put a Shout color catcher sheet in with a load a few weeks ago because it had a new orange shirt in it and I didn't want it to bleed so now when I put a dryer sheet in the dryer he announces, "So it doesn't get all orange!" Now if I could just get him to carry a load or two back to the repartment.


I just realized I have too many Thomas pictures. Here's Alex enjoying our apartment's pool.

A Bink In the Mouth is Worth Two in the Hand

He has a bink tethered to his shirt at all times and yet he still felt the need to steal and taste another boy's bink at our new playgroup on Monday.

Menu Plan Monday

Yeah, it's Thursday. Between Allan's birthday dinner out, grabbing quick sandwiches before seeing a house, and Chinese takeout we are off a couple of days. This afternoon my friends from Peapod are delivering the fixin's for:

*Honey Glazed Chicken Legs, Green Beans, Pasta Side
*Steak, Crash Hot Potatoes, Corn
*Baked Mac & Cheese, Green Beans, Crescent Rolls
*Spicy Orange Shrimp, Rice, Sugar Snap Peas
*Beef Brisket, Butternut Squash, Rolls
*Cheese Ravioli with Marinara, Garlic Bread
*Assemble Your Own Pizza
*Pork Roast, Carrots & Potatoes
*Inspire Me Chicken
*Inspire Me Pork Chops

Hey, Mom!

"Can you get my Galactic Enforcer down?"

Yeah, I knew in general what he was talking about. But if he'd said

"Can you get my Barbie Dream House down?"

I would have dropped everything and played along. But only if I got to be Barbie.

The Dumps

Yesterday I hit rock bottom. I hope it was rock bottom anyway. We found out awhile ago that the monthly cost to rent this apartment starting Jan 1 is $3900. It is furnished and short-term. The short term upcharge is $2100 alone. Then yesterday Allan found out the storage of our stuff will cost $146 a day starting 12/19. And boarding Nugget is another $500 a month. Don't add it up, it's too depressing. Add that to the fact that we've not seen a single house I'd consider buying and I began to panic. It's a good thing my mom was home.

On the bright side Allan saw a house last week that he loved and I'm seeing it tomorrow. My only concern is the seller is selling it himself and doesn't even have a sign in the yard so I question his motivation. I kinda doubt he'll be ready to move in 30 days and that's what we will need.

Our house sale is going so well-we are just waiting to close, the buyer has her mortgage committment and providing she doesn…

Four Oh!

Don't you think he looks pretty good for a homeless man?

Happy Birthday, Allan

I wish I had a LEGO pan to make you a cake. I wish I had a regular pan to make you a cake.

First Haircut



I've taken some shit for comparing David and Thomas to Alex. I think it's funny because clearly it makes no difference at what age these milestones are met. I didn't talk until I was two and according to my mother I have not shut up since.

David can't learn to read because then he won't bring a book to me at the most inconvenient times and ask that I stop what I'm doing and pull him onto my lap and read while I snuggle with him.

And Tom can't learn to walk because he's the last baby and when they start walking they're officially toddlers and I don't believe I'm ready to face that. Lately he's been recruiting Allan to do the hanging on walk in the evenings and he's getting pretty good at putting one foot in front of the other.

Don't grow up too fast, boys. Learn to struggle and not always be the best at an early age because it's a tough lesson to learn when you are in college.

The Seasonal Assualt

'Tis the season where every cashier is asking if you want to donate $X to cause Y. I hate that! I am a giver but I do it on my own terms and often anonymously. Stores need to stay in the business of selling merchandise not guilt trips. And while I'm at it NO I don't want your extended warranty, loyalty rewards membership or store credit card. But do SuperSize it!

First Halloween

I just realized we didn't have any pictures of our little gorilla. He was not pleased to wear his costume on November 4th but what can you do?


Alex is feeling a bit better and his fever is gone. Thomas is doing okay too. David is starved for attention or so he thinks.

We are all set for movers to come on the 19th and as of today all contingencies have been met except the appraisal and my fingers are crossed on that one. We need to get going in the looking department and our realtor is unavailable this weekend.

I have a Peapod delivery scheduled for tomorrow and we don't have anything for dinner tonight. I need to find a nice Chinese takeout place.

We are all missing Mr. Nugget. His breeder checked his stool and he had a tapeworm. I'm so grossed out that I'm glad she has treated him and he'll be normal by the time we see him. But I think I'm going to have to quit kissing his snout for good.

Allan seems to like his new job. He goes in early but is home by six and I love that.

Hopefully Alex will be able to go to school on Friday because he has an evening field trip to look at the stars scheduled an…

Needy Boys

Alex has the full blown flu-fever, sore throat, body aches, can't get off the couch. David has a cough, runny nose and is stuck to me like glue. Thomas is teething, cranky and feels warm but won't let me take his temp. And I want my Mommy!

Menu Plan Monday

Cornmeal Waffles & Bacon
Shake & Bake Pork Chops, Edamame, Rice
Fried Chicken, Biscuits, Green Beans
Black Bean Soup, Cheese Quesadillas
Steak Fajitas
Seafood Linguine
Patty Melts & Roasted Potatoes


I tried to capture Thomas pulling up but he didn't do it in the video and as usual David stole the show.

George Suit

I found the George suit! Just in time! If I wait until we're in our new house we'll have boy one at house one,boy two at house two, and boy three at house three.

Cash For Candy

We heard this on the news this morning, "Connecticut dentists offer cash for candy." You should have seen my money hungry eldest son perk up. Sorry, kid you'll have to find your own ride. I am above stealing your money but not your candy.