Alex is feeling a bit better and his fever is gone. Thomas is doing okay too. David is starved for attention or so he thinks.

We are all set for movers to come on the 19th and as of today all contingencies have been met except the appraisal and my fingers are crossed on that one. We need to get going in the looking department and our realtor is unavailable this weekend.

I have a Peapod delivery scheduled for tomorrow and we don't have anything for dinner tonight. I need to find a nice Chinese takeout place.

We are all missing Mr. Nugget. His breeder checked his stool and he had a tapeworm. I'm so grossed out that I'm glad she has treated him and he'll be normal by the time we see him. But I think I'm going to have to quit kissing his snout for good.

Allan seems to like his new job. He goes in early but is home by six and I love that.

Hopefully Alex will be able to go to school on Friday because he has an evening field trip to look at the stars scheduled and he does not want to miss it.


Mother Goose said…
Double your efforts in finding a Chinese place, I want Chinese when I come!

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