The Dumps

Yesterday I hit rock bottom. I hope it was rock bottom anyway. We found out awhile ago that the monthly cost to rent this apartment starting Jan 1 is $3900. It is furnished and short-term. The short term upcharge is $2100 alone. Then yesterday Allan found out the storage of our stuff will cost $146 a day starting 12/19. And boarding Nugget is another $500 a month. Don't add it up, it's too depressing. Add that to the fact that we've not seen a single house I'd consider buying and I began to panic. It's a good thing my mom was home.

On the bright side Allan saw a house last week that he loved and I'm seeing it tomorrow. My only concern is the seller is selling it himself and doesn't even have a sign in the yard so I question his motivation. I kinda doubt he'll be ready to move in 30 days and that's what we will need.

Our house sale is going so well-we are just waiting to close, the buyer has her mortgage committment and providing she doesn't go charge $20,000 on furniture we are good to go. And here I thought selling would be the hard part!


Mother Goose said…
I've got my fingers crossed for you.
I wonder if you like and want to buy the house Allan loves, and if the seller accepts an offer from you, if the he would consider letting you guys move your stuff into the garage until he's ready to vacate?
Grandpa said…
Tell your agent that your offer is contingent on whatever settlement date you want. Better still, have your agent simply ask what the earliest settlement date can be if you make (and he accepts) an offer.
Of course all the above is relevant only if YOU like the house as much as Allan does.

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